Gta 5 Pacific standard Bank Heist new method glitch with helicopter

Gta 5 Pacific standard Bank Heist new method glitch with helicopter

Hey, before you continue watching…
I uploaded 2 more videos where you can find 2 more options how to spawn helicopter
Go check it in playlist GTA 5, it’s explained better than here

80 thoughts on “Gta 5 Pacific standard Bank Heist new method glitch with helicopter”

  1. Hi, I wonder if we can do this heist together because i really need money, and also I will have some expirience for my pacific standard job too !!!

  2. Can we do it together? Because I'm too dumb for this helicopter glitch😂 I will only do it for once it's enough for me and we can do it by my heist📍

  3. If anybody wants to do it with me add poormantyper87 (I know it’s a weird name I made this account when I was 7) psn

  4. Sadly kuruma method patched out it was way easier and more fun 😀 this prep takes too mutch time 😁 although havent tried this yet but i will someday 😀

  5. Guess it's been patched now. I got it to appear but it was a damaged chopper. Thought saving it would repair it but it didn't.

  6. Hey, I am just doing exactly same thing you did but there is no chopper spawn what can I do for that and I'm hundred percent sure doing same thing step by step.

  7. So in order to get this heli to spawn, how much of flight school in story mode do I need to complete and around where in the story do I unlock flight school?

  8. I know a glitches that the heli is there without driving rounds does not always work I have the heist too.

  9. hey, thanks for the video. I was doing heist finale's yesterday & some kid came in the lobby saying he knows how to do this & only wanted 20% cut- that the leader could keep 40% of the cut.. So does the host only leave the lobby at the end of the mission if they want to keep the final mission ready to play? & not have to do all of the setup's again? plus this kid got a black fighter helicopter not a police copter, though i guess both work obviously (seeing your vid with the cop heli & from my experience with the black fighter heli).

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