GTA 5 Pnline Solo Benny’s Merge Glitch Xbox PS4 Modded Crew Colors (GTA 5 Glitches)

GTA 5 Pnline Solo Benny’s Merge Glitch Xbox PS4 Modded Crew Colors (GTA 5 Glitches)

yo what’s up guys it’s your boy imrobertz1 coming at you with another Grand
Theft Auto V GTA 5 online glitches video
in today’s video I will show you a solo
benny’s merge glitch workaround on how
to transfer benny’s rims modded crew colors
to any car for free after the new update
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out ok let’s get right into the video
the first thing I need to do is have an
arena workshop and an RC Bandito now
pick the car with Vinnie’s rims and
mount a crew color you want to transfer
to another car and drive it into the mod
shop now exit the car go into first
person then walk over to the RC Bandito
you should see the option to modify in
the upper left corner now inch to what
the blue circle until you see the option
to modify go away then inch back until
you see the option to modify come back
now hit up on a left analog stick and
right on a d-pad and eight at the same
time your character should spin around
now go back into the vehicle then make a
change in the mod shop I’ll be changing
the lights now sell your vehicle don’t
worry it’ll give you infinite black
now to get out of the black screen I’ll
show you two different methods for Xbox
one and ps4 now for Xbox go to the
dashboard then join a friend playing GTA
online in a different targeted mode for
ps4 go to the home screen recent
activities start GTA online start
playlists or start minigame you should
get to alert screens except the first
alert screen then the second alert
screen back out now go to the card you
want to transfer the customizations to
then drive it outside the Vinnie’s rims
Amada crew color should transfer to the
new car when you get out of the vehicle
it should disappear from here just go
back into the arena Wars workshop the
new car should have all the
customizations from the Vinnie’s vehicle
you can make some really sick modded
looking cars using this glitch take
advantage of it before it gets patched
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awesome showcase glitches tips and
tricks that’s all I have for you today
I’ll see you guys in my next video

34 thoughts on “GTA 5 Pnline Solo Benny’s Merge Glitch Xbox PS4 Modded Crew Colors (GTA 5 Glitches)”

  1. ♛ Text Tutorial ♛
    1. Pick Benny's or modded vehicle in arena workshop
    2. Go into mod shop and exit vehicle
    3. Walk over to RC Bandito in first person
    4. When you see option to mod the RC Bandito walk to Blue Circle
    5. Inch back until you see the option to mod RC Bandito shows
    6. Hit Right on D Pad, Up on Left Analog Stick and A the same time
    7. Character should spin and still be standing in front of RC Bandito
    8. Go back into the car then change lights or any item then sell vehicle, you should get a infinite black screen
    9. Xbox One Go to Dashboard Join Friend in Different Target Mode
    9a. PS4 Go to home screen recent activities start GTA Online,
    Start Playlist or Start Mini Games
    10. Wait for two Alert screens except the first decline the second
    11. Exit the vehicle, then get in the car you want to transfer mods
    12. Drive outside and exit the vehicle

  2. Great Video and i really like your Txt Tutorials. I'm not english and it helps me lot. Thanks for your help 😊

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