GTA 5 PS4 – Golden Neon Lights, Gold Paint Job On Adder in GTA 5 Online: Next Gen PS4! (GTA V PS4)

GTA 5 PS4 – Golden Neon Lights, Gold Paint Job On Adder in GTA 5 Online: Next Gen PS4! (GTA V PS4)

Hey everybody how’s it going my name is Usman
& today I’m very excited to bringing you guys
a paint job combination video for Grand Theft
Auto 5 Online and this is running on the next
gen PS4, that’s right guys so
today I will show you guys my gold adder paint
job with neon lights cobinasion as well, if
you guys don’t know neon lights is new customization
option that came in next gen version of gta
5, so yeah I will show you guys my
whole gold combination
on the adder in gta online, so of course you
wanna get every settings to the max just to
get your adder top notch, and have an upper
hand when comparing to other non customized
adders and even for some various vehicles
in the
game, so first of all headover to lights,
and you will notice something new, now we’ve
got headlights & neon lights, firstly get
xenon lights for your headlights & then for
the neon layout, pick the front, back and
sides layout
just to get your car stands out, now for the
neon lights, pick the golden shower just to
match that with the paint job, which I will
show you guys in a minute. For the plate,
pick the yellow on black, that will also match
with the paint job, and now for the paint
job go over to respray, primary color & then
metallic & pick the bronze as your base, then
back out & headover down to pearlescent & pick
the race yellow, this will give you a really
nice looking gold paint, you can also pick
yellow but race yellow is a lot better, you
can barely see the diference between yellow
& race yellow pearlescent on the previous
gen consoles, but on ps4, race yellow
is the way to go, for the secondary color
pick the ice white this will definitely give
your car a very nice look & it will defintely
stands out with the gold paint. And now finally
for the wheels
pick the supa gee from the high end category
& of course paint that with frost white & pair
that with custom tires, bullet prof tires
& with a orange tires smoke, or yellow tires
smoke or maybe even white tires smoke
what ever you like the most, just slap it
on, and your adder will defintely stands out
with this paint job, especially because of
neon lights, so of course I will bring you
guys more paint jobs & customization guides
in the near
future, so definetely let me know what paint
job combination you wanna see next in the
comments section down below,
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  1. Buggati veryon super sport world record edition :

     Primary color : Mettalic carbon black (don't change presceletant)
    Secondary color : Mettalic orange
    Wheels : Obey RS (sport category)
    Wheel color : Orange

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