Yoo what’s popping loyalist welcome back
to the channel, this is Dimez ENT aka
glitch guru and this is GTA 5 online
video I’m gonna be showing you guys how
to easily get some really sick modded
outfits anybody can get these my tat
outfits so you guys can do this with
your male character or your female
character it really doesn’t matter so
we’re gonna be doing a solo director
mode glitch and we’re gonna be getting
pretty much any modded outfit we want
with this let you guys can get the white
joggers the black joggers the red wants
the blue ones pretty much every color
jogger you could one so let’s get this
video started first hit that like button
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and let’s get started with this glitch
so the very first thing you guys want to
do is come over here to this time trial
put your spawn location or last location
make sure you’re wearing a parachute to
right after that so you can force the
game to save and then we’re just gonna
start this time travel up hit right on
the d-pad to start it and hold down on
the d-pad to switch to a story mode
character so we can get into story mode
from here we’re gonna open up the
interaction may you go into director
mode now and usually before we start
this glitch we make sure that we have on
a standard outfit and no accessories
like goggles glasses or a hat but I went
ahead and I did it without doing that so
we’re just gonna roll with it so once
you guys get hair into the rectum oh you
want to go into your shirtless and make
sure that there’s nothing there if
there’s anything in your shirtless
remove it once you guys have everything
removed from your shirtless you guys
want to go into actors animals and you
guys want to shortlist your bird by
pressing triangle or Y here on Xbox
after you guys do that back out go to
online characters and shortlist your
online character that you’re going to be
doing this glitch with so you guys can
shortlist your first character or your
second character it really doesn’t
you can do it with either one so once we
have both of those actors shortlisted
we’re just going to back out go back to
our short list
and we’re gonna switch between our
online character and the bird that we
have here the only birds that will work
are the ones that can fly so the chicken
does not work guys but the chicken hug
does work so the hen will not work all
right so we’re just gonna switch back
and forth between our online character
and our bird for approximately twenty
six to thirty minutes all right now if I
bird does not duplicate if you notice
your bird isn’t duplicating just back
out exit the story mode like I’m doing
right here and then just go right back
into director mode and then we’re going
to go back to our shortlist and we’re
gonna switch between our online
character again and our bird and this
time we should see our bird duplicating
if you guys still don’t see your bird
duplicating at this point then you guys
just want to go back to story mode start
up a invite-only session start the time
trial up again and then come back to
story mode come back into director mode
go to your shortlist and switch between
your online character and your bird and
you should have your verse duplicating
so this is gonna take approximately 26
to 30 minutes so I’m just gonna skip
ahead I’m not gonna make you guys watch
it for 26 minutes so you will have to do
this until your character spawns over
here on top of the haystack that’s gonna
take 26 to 30 minutes so you guys can
put your controller down and go afk and
you guys want to wait until this happens
when your character gets glitched out
and they’re now standing on top of the
haystack once that happens remove your
bird from the shortlist it’s gonna bring
you back over here and then you guys
just want to go into actors beach bums
bodybuilder or any one of these
categories it really doesn’t matter
and just press square to change your
outfit and make sure that you have
moderate outfits okay so once you guys
are sure that you have moderate outfits
all we need to do now is find the outfit
that we like that has an Christmas mask
on it so let me show you guys how to do
this without freezing the Christmas mask
these are all of the mess that you guys
could use to grab the outfit and just
walk straight out of the rectum oh with
it okay so all of the gingerbread masks
will work I found one that I liked that
had a Christmas mask on it that we know
will work the Krampus
so once we find an outfit that we do
like it could be one with white joggers
black joggers as long as it has a
Christmas mask on it as well then you
guys can just shortlist that outfit back
out go into your shirtless like I’m
doing right now once you guys going to
your shirt list select the outfit that
you like with the Christmas mask on it
and then we’re just going to take it
into director mode so just select it to
take it into the rectum mode now once we
get into director mode with the outfit
we’re just going to wait here for 30 to
40 seconds or so
so once you’ve waited around for 30 to
40 seconds hold down on the d-pad and
switch to any story mode character that
is available we should now load into
story mode with the outfit that we
wanted now we just want to way here in
story mode for 30 to 40 seconds again
remember you guys could get pretty much
any modded outfit you want all of the
color joggers will work just make sure
that outfit doesn’t have anything that
is black listed on it like a Christmas
scarf the Christmas sweater or the
Christmas pants all of those things are
blacklisted and when you try to load in
online with them the outfit won’t load
in so you’ll just load in with a
standard outfit on okay so once you guys
have waited around for 30 to 40 seconds
with the outfits you want in story mode
all you need to do now is press the
start button and start up a invite-only
now when you load online if it worked
you should see that you’re wearing the
outfit briefly and then you’ll get this
alert message once you get this alert
message it’s okay guys you just want to
hit okay to it we’re still gonna get the
outfit but it’s going to kick us back
into story mode and once it does we just
want to start up another invite-only
session so this time when we load online
we will have the outfit on and we won’t
have that alert message so we just want
to immediately go save this outfit
anywhere we want so you guys can save
this outfit and close this store the gun
store or you can go home and save this
outfit you can even teleport using your
Leicester job or job teleportation so
boom just like that I have the
juggernaut outfit and you guys could get
the juggernaut helmet as well I think
I’ll be posting a video on that how you
guys can get the juggernaut helmet so
just let me know if you guys really want
that let me know down in the comments
section below I know a lot of you were
asking if you were able to get the
juggernaut outfit using this the rectum
o glitch so I went ahead and I tried it
out and it worked very easily so you
guys can get this in 30 minutes it
doesn’t really take long and it doesn’t
take too long to search through the
office to get a juggernaut outfit
because they pop up very often so from
here I’m just gonna take it over to the
house and I’m gonna save it and when you
guys save the outfit make sure you do
save it more than once so I’m gonna save
this outfit twice
and even after you guys saved the outfit
I always like to switch my outfit and
then switch it back to a different
outfit and then I watch the rock star
cloud seamen hike on show up and
disappear once that happens I feel very
confident that I will have the outfit
when I load back online
also if you still don’t think the outfit
is gonna save and you don’t want to
close the app yet you still worried that
it won’t save you guys can also jump
sessions right after you do that so
right after you force the game to save
by switching your outfit jump to a new
session and that’s going to also save
the game again
so do that you guys shouldn’t have any
problems saving this outfit you
shouldn’t have any problem losing this
outfit when you jump sessions or
anything like that once you have it safe
so just be careful how you do save your
outfit and follow my instructions that’s
pretty much if it is video you guys if
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  1. Yo Dimez Ent how do I do glitch in DM where I could only get joggers and if you do know can you make a video about it?

  2. Waste of fucking time can’t even get the birds to duplicate no matter how manny times I re try this shit and do what this nigga says

  3. Yh the juggernaut outfit job is complicated you gotta go illuminated clothing spam right 20 seconds leave job then go to telescope do the telescope glitch and bam the helmet will transfer onto any outfit of your choice

  4. 2 questions…1-does the freeze elf mask still work? 2-can you post a complete list of what is considered as blacklisted components aside from xmas clothing? I.e. in invisible torso, invisible arms, etc?

  5. How do I avoid the game from fucking crashing everytime I do it when I leave director mode? error message keeps popping up

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