GTA 5 Solo Off Radar Buy All Clothing No Chips Glitch (GTA 5 Glitches)

GTA 5 Solo Off Radar Buy All Clothing No Chips Glitch (GTA 5 Glitches)

yo what’s up guys it’s your boy imrobertz1 coming at you with another Grand Theft
Auto V GTA 5 online glitches video in
today’s video I will show you a clothing
glitch on how to buy any casino clothing
in a regular clothing store after the
new update these shorts hit the pen icon
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miss any my latest uploads and hashtag
I’m represent in the comment section for
a shout-out okay let’s get right into
the video there’s a limit on buying
chips and if you want to purchase all
the clothing in a casino you’re gonna
have to wait a while but with the simple
glitch you’ll be able to purchase all
the clothing in one shot okay the first
thing you need to do is be at the casino
then call general and request the
mission once you get the mission head up
it to the penthouse elevate at the front
now pull up your phone then get ready to
accept the general mission and hold down
now while standing in front of the
elevator like all the star and quickly
accept the mission you should hear a
click and the Start menu should pop up
now back out of the Start menu and
quickly press a to go into the pin house
you should walk into the elevator and
the mission should start up at the same
time now back out of the mission you
should be falling through the map when
you land outside your mini-map should be
glitched now go to the nearest clothing
store and purchase all the casino
clothing this will save you a lot of
time when a new item cycle in and out of
the casino if you enjoy videos like this
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Twitter @imrobertz1 I upload all
the awesome showcase glitches tips and
tricks that’s all I have for you today
I’ll see you guys in my next video

14 thoughts on “GTA 5 Solo Off Radar Buy All Clothing No Chips Glitch (GTA 5 Glitches)”

  1. ♛ Text Tutorial ♛

    1. Go to the Casino and Request a Job from Gerald

    2. Pull up your phone get ready to accept job from Gerald

    3. Hold down Start and walk to elevator in front of Casino

    4. Let go of Start and quickly start Gerald job

    5. Back out of Start menu and quickly select Penthouse elevator

    6. Character should walk into elevator and Gerald job will start

    7. Back out of the job and you'll fall through the map

    8. Now you're off the Map and can buy Casino clothes at store

  2. I did this one time and haven't did it since I keep messing up when I click the start and th en back out its all about timing

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