Yerrr, what’s popping loyalist welcome
back to the channel
this is Dimez E.N.T. aka glitch guru and
this GTA 5 online video I’m gonna be
showing you guys a ez solo card
duplication glitch you guys can make
millions from this glitch alright so
here’s the car I’m gonna be duplicating
the isie classic it sells for an
extremely large amount of money guys
this one here sells for 1.8 Milkha
so this is the card you really want to
duplicate guys or you guys can duplicate
a retro or something like that but let’s
get into it the requirements you guys
will need an arena workshop you guys
will need to have the car that you want
to duplicate stored in the arena
workshop also we’re gonna need to have
some elegy rh8 stored in here as well
and we’re gonna be an assistant name for
this one a sister named par shoot would
be best so if you’re not in a sister
named parsh you go back to story mode
also the last requirement you guys want
to make sure that you have your
matchmaking set to open once you guys
have all of that you’re pretty much good
to go one more thing we will need to
join a friend or somebody that is on our
friends list they have no idea that
we’re gonna be doing this glitch they
have no idea that we’re going to be
joining them so I would recommend that
you guys go to a public session and add
somebody there just to make sure the
person that you are joining is in a
online public session to make the glitch
go a lot smoother but once you guys are
ready to do the glitch come over here to
the spectators box and then you guys
just want to enter and we’re gonna wait
for the screen to go black once the
screen goes completely black we want to
wait here until it says loading plus the
loading icon so we can now see loading
plus the loading icon now we want to
wait for loading to disappear and for it
to only show the loading icon like this
once that happens you guys want to wait
for four to five seconds and then press
the PS button and join that friend who’s
in a public session and accept this
once you guys accept that alert you will
start joining your friend in a public
session it will take you a bit of time
to load into the session but not too
long once you guys finally do load into
the session you guys will be underneath
the mat like this and then eventually
you guys will fall so once you guys load
in and you’re underneath the map you
don’t need to do anything but just wait
until you fall completely through the
mat like so now what you guys want to do
is make your way over to your arena
workshop if you had a personal vehicle
out before the glitch started then you
will see it on the mat you guys can use
that vehicle to get over to your
workshop once you guys make it over to
the workshop you just want to drive in
or walk in
now once we get in here all we need to
do is drive one of the elegy RH eights
we will be able to drive this elegy rh8
around in the workshop since we’re
glitched out so when we go to drive it
it will drive around in the workshop and
you want to drive it right over here to
where I’m going as if we’re taking it
over there to the mechanic and then the
car is gonna disappear once the car
disappears you guys want to go over here
to your blue circle hit right on the
d-pad and then we’re gonna switch the
elegy rh8 with the car that we want to
duplicate so as you guys can see I
switched it with the Izzi classic and
now that Izzi classic is where the elegy
rh8 was and now the elegy rh8 is this is
e classic so we want to happen to this
vehicle right here which is where the
original vehicle was now what you guys
want to do is open up your phone go to
play quick job go to activity and you
guys can start up any one of these
activities like golf
darts something like that you can do it
with friends in a session or alone now
you guys want to try to drive the
vehicle around until you get pulled
outside eventually you will get pulled
out with the vehicle from here we need
to save the vehicle so you guys can save
it one or two ways you guys can either
take it over to the CEO office but you
must have at least one empty slot in
your garage so you guys can drive it in
and then you must have the my shop so
you can go into the my shop and change
something on the vehicle or you guys can
do it like I’m doing right here in the
video and just call up your MOC and
store it in the back of the MOC
once you guys store the vehicle in the
back of the MOC be sure that you wait
for the Rockstar cloud save an icon to
show up and disappear once that happens
you guys are good to go you guys can
start this glitch over from scratch this
is a really quick glitch a really fast
way to make money you guys can make two
million dollars every two to three
minutes with this glitch so it’s very
easy take advantage of this glitch guy
but it’s always I’m trying to get this
channel to 100,000 subscribers and I
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until next time this is your boy glitch
guru efficiently you piece stay low you


  1. how do we put biker gloves with that transfer glitch?
    edit: how do we merge multiple outfits like: top from A outfit bottom from B outfit

  2. After I see the underground screen my screen goes black and keeps saying “Loading” in the bottom right, any fixes??

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