GTA Online: After Hours

GTA Online: After Hours

I ran the 1980’s…
I was the 1990’s…
I’m Gay Tony and I’m back.
We’re going back to what we do best…
A dance music paradise.
You can do whatever you want down here…
Set up a hub for your other businesses…
I know nothing.
But get me a DJ!
Let’s get to the disco!
Great music, great crowd.
Big up the London massive.
I love narcissism…
Make way for talent.
But there’s a limit here.
Spared no expense.
That was a cheap plane but whatever.
Tony, I don’t think you can say Gay Tony anymore.
It’s not PC. The internet will go crazy.

100 thoughts on “GTA Online: After Hours”

  1. Rockstar please give us monsters like in pacific rim to fight, you have given us the weapons now give us something to fight, this would be awesome

  2. GTA’s target audience are mostly kids. I wish they had a gta realistic mode separate from the non realistic mode people play on today. GTA is watered down now trying to appeal to the masses, like call of duty has been doing since modern warfare 2. GTA IV has better hit detection, when you shoot someone, the npc reacts to how they are shot.

  3. Man I can’t believe it’s already been a year since this update 😂but I can’t wait for the new casino update 🤩🤩

  4. So this trailer came out after weeks of the full teaser but the casino never got a trailer and we already in July 🤔 come on Rockstar you slipping gives us info!

  5. I don't who the people thinks but i know that only they should be drogadist and violent creators pieces of bullshits eatshits.

  6. Why does Tony look like his face is made of plastic that was melted with a lighter?
    The models in GTA V are seriously terrible

  7. Notice how the oppressor mk 2 wasn't anywhere in this trailer, but it was in the final update. And just because there's no crazy weaponized vehicles in the Casino trailer doesn't mean there wont be in the final update. Oppressor Mk 3 incoming.

  8. It's been one year of dancing, winning (barely any) money by doing almost nothing and running away from Oppressors Mk2, how time goes by!

  9. Can’t Believe Its Already Been A Year Since This Trailer Came Out Man Time Flies By Fast

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