GTA Online: NEW Casinos, Properties, Stadiums & More! (GTA V)

GTA Online: NEW Casinos, Properties, Stadiums & More! (GTA V)

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100 thoughts on “GTA Online: NEW Casinos, Properties, Stadiums & More! (GTA V)”

  1. It's strange that ytb (rockstar) didn't bann the original vid like when people were posting leaked gameplay before the game came out

  2. Thank you soo much for posting this video I've really wanted to know what was coming to gta and this has told me so a big that you for that

  3. So much awesome stuff, Rockstar's problem is that they're too slow… They better give us a GTA5 on next gen consoles because I refuse to switch cables every time I want to play it. 

  4. I want the tow truck and i have the ps3 and if u help me get the tow truck i will help u get one of the cars that u want. Ps3 FLY_J305

  5. My gt is xjtizzle730x. I have michaels car, franklins car, clown car, space docker, and many more modded vehicles. I am willing to trade or dupe! Xbox only

  6. On the parachutes, you want to hit the inner arrow and not touch any part of the ring for max points (arrow=15, inner ring=10, outer ring=5)

  7. JAMES I Was Listening To The Audio Files , And One Of Them Said , Make Sure You Invest Or Something , So There Might Be Stocks That We Can Invest In

  8. I have the
    -Space docker
    -Buffalo (it sells for $126,000)
    -Sultan Rs
    Looking for
    -Undercover cop car
    -Rancher X (snow)
    -Any cool car
    I will give these cars away but I'd greatly one of the above cats in return as it would be nice to expand both collections. I also ask that you continue to share your car's so that we can tell R* to suck it.
    GT: ARSxSham

  9. I really really want franklins car…can somebody give it to me…

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  10. Could anybody duplicate me Franklin´s Buffalo, if you had time or like to do it. 
    Please send me a message at PSN: Fueller12
    I would be happy 🙂

  11. they should add more clothing packs such as 
    Buisness man pack (suits and fancy stuff) , gangster pack ( bandanas over mouth etc), hipster pack (snap back etc), army pack (soldier clothing etc) good ideas?

  12. Xboxgt:Matheuzim26
    I have:space docker, snow rancher, sultan rs, franklins car, rat-loader,car stickers,
    I want: tow truck, clown van

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  16. I have

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  17. And I want want hourly income,like similiar to saints row the third did,but GTA style,
    I know saints row is not all great ,but certain things were nice

  18. I hope rockstar going to put the casino for single player too. I also hope they make more story line. All I ask is 10 new story lines for single player. Also I hope the add more cars, weapon, ect for single player and online. I really hope they make a lot of DLC for single player and online

  19. I have : fully modded Sultan Rs , Sandking XL , Sabre Turbo , Adder , Z-Type , Stinger , Stinger GT , Entity XF , Cheetah , JB 700 . 

    Looking for any rare cars or fully modded cars . The main vehicles im looking for are Merryweather Jeep , Prison Bus , Franklins Buffalo , Space Docker , TOW TRUCK , Police vehicles , Riot Van , Rat Loader , Clown Van , Stickerbomb , Snow vehicles

    Xbox GT : FightingIrish63

  20. A real shame this isn't being converted to next-gen, kinda a shame for us who had to be forced to sell our PS3's in order to get the PS4 🙁

  21. Oh yeah I would love a better camera-IF I COULD TAKE PICTURES EVERY TIME: Online Service is disabled on your account!- I haven't taken any pictures since before online even came out!

  22. I remember coming across these audio files a while ago, while trying to find news on GTA Online in regards to new updates on the content creator/online heists.. sooo cool! With Rockstar announcing that they are working on future single player DLC, I have a feeling that this is when all these multiplier features will come into play. Bring on the Online Heists thou 😀

  23. All the people who want a gta 5 on PC, will most likely get a crappy port over that things won't work well and will have crashes and such as consoles are more stable for crashes.

  24. Has there been any more information on this? It's been about 2 months, I'd think we would have heard some more about it by now.

  25. If i lose a pinkslip race or betting i'm turning off my ps3 cause it really works when i got put in bad sports i turned off my ps3 in 19 seconds i turned it back on i was good sport so if u get that turn off yo console if u don't want it

  26. Go and Google Candid Cash Code to see why some people always make a lot of bucks at home, and others do not.          

  27. i already sold my ps3, only reason i played gta online was because of the so called heists they were supposed to put in gta online.

    bye rockstar. never purchasing anything from you again, u are lying to us . we bring u where u are and u lie to us?

    please rockstar, everyone in rockstar die. please just die u lying faggots.

    rockstar is the new bf and cod. milking the fans.

  28. btw @ mrjames

    when are them casinos gonna be in gta online?

    they are not gonna be in online lol. at least not untill gta 5 is on ps4.


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