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online video I’m gonna be showing you
guys how to get the paramedic outfit in
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and with that being said let’s get
straight into it to get started you’re
going to need your friend or yourself
start up the Doomsday heist act 1 setup
death courier
when you load up into the mission you’re
going to join the paramedic team and
you’re gonna put on the paramedic outfit
you want to save
now when you get outside you’re going to
have to fill the mission you’re going to
need to destroy the ambulance and once
you destroy the ambulance it’s going to
fail the mission now when you get to the
selection screen you’re going to tell
your friends to press a to continue the
mission now when the selection screen
disappears you’re going to disconnect
your controller
now when your friend load back into the
mission they should be glitched out they
shouldn’t be able to open up the pause
menu now tell your friend to send you a
message to reconnect your controller
after you reconnect your controller you
will know you’ve done this correctly if
you don’t have a mini-map and you cannot
open up your pause menu
now you want to destroy the ambulance a
second time and you want to get next to
it so it blows you up this will ensure
that you’ll be able to enter the
now when you spawn you want to make your
way over to ammunition
now once you have made your way over to
ammunation you’re going to put on an
now have your friend leave the job and
start up an invite-only when your friend
gets into the invite-only tell them to
press Start go to friends and go over to
your profile they should see your
character wearing the paramedic outfit
if you don’t have the paramedic outfit
on equip a different earpiece and then
tell them to refresh the page once they
see your character has the paramedic
outfit your friend is going to send you
an invite and you’re going to join their
now if everything was done correctly
when you load up into the session you
should have the paramedic outfit from
there you’re going to make your way over
to the clothing store and save the
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21 thoughts on “GTA ONLINE SAVE PARAMEDIC OUTFIT GLITCH 1.48! How To Save Paramedic Outfit GTA 5 GLITCH”

  1. 💎 Text Tutorial 💎

    1. Have your Friend start the Doomsday Heist,

    Act 1 – Set Up: Dead Courier (Lester)

    2. When you load in blow up the Ambulance, the mission will Fail

    3. Have your Friend continue the mission

    4. When you see “downloading” on the bottom right screen

    quickly turn off your controller

    5. Have your friend message you when the mission starts back up

    6. When you load back into the mission you should be glitched,

    you should see no mini map

    7. Now go to the nearest Ammunation

    8. Eliminate your Friend, then you should be able to go inside

    9. Select the LCD Earpiece in the Ammunation

    10. Have your friend leave the mission then send you an invite

    to his game through the party

    11. When you spawn online you’ll have the outfit

  2. How on earth did you start the glitch as a female character but end with a male character is this shit fake 🤔

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