GTA Online – The Diamond Casino & Resort | PS4

GTA Online – The Diamond Casino & Resort | PS4

Finally open for business.
Premium grade,
utterly unique luxury,
a wonderful place to relax and entertain.
This is Mr. Chang, our owner.
Tommy boy!
Mr. Chang.
I’m gonna lay my cards on the table.
You’re gonna sell us your casino.
They wanna buy this place,
but first they mean to destroy it.
Do I look like I make appointments, bro?
I am the appointment.
Champagne anyone?

100 thoughts on “GTA Online – The Diamond Casino & Resort | PS4”

  1. Future situation:
    What? Where are all the players? And whats happening there to have so much people? Oh the casino, witch i don't have money for! :'(

  2. I been waiting for 6 long Years For This. Now I can live happily ever after in Gta 5 world

  3. They better pay us at least 30k from retrieving that red car, I know this is easy but npc don't stop easily if our option is only to go thru bikes

  4. Guys the casino dlc is all free but you can get a penthouse in it for gta$
    For all who say I don't have the money for it 😛

  5. Its amazing how this genre, game is still going plus more people are coming back to it and blasting out new things and dlcs keeping it up dated

  6. No faltaba más …GTA V es uno de los mejor juegos …solo falta un nuevo GTA con CJ de nuevo y que se conociera con Lester y de ahí a groove street y que comenzara la nueva historia de el 😮😮💯🔥

  7. I will only appreciate this if you can make back the money you pay for it in more than a month of grinding unlike other DLCa

  8. Mr boss has already made 500 videos in a single week just speculating , imagine when this hit the consoles

  9. It’s either they’re dropping gta 6 in like 6 years or they’re throwing all game modes in to get ready for gta6

  10. Plot twist: This update costs $200mil and it’s a bait to lure all the cheaters and modded accounts so Rockstar can money wipe them

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