GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort

GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort

Finally open for business.
Premium grade, utterly unique luxury.
A wonderful place to relax and entertain.
This is Mr. Chang, our owner.
Tommy boy!
Eh, Mr. Chang.
I’m gonna lay my cards on the table.
You’re going to sell us your casino.
They want to buy this place…
But first they mean to destroy it.
Do I look like I make appointments, bro?
I am the appointment!
Champagne anyone?

100 thoughts on “GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort”

  1. I wonder how many try-hards are going to try to take peoples IP address and boot them offline for winning there money!!!

  2. wholy $/!< if you can actually play black jack and bet on horse races in this dlc. …. I may loose my $&/! because that will be awsome

  3. This game is legendary I even still play it to this day , 6 years later and rockstar is still promoting online incredible

  4. Seriously, what happened to you Rockstar. Stop with this online crap. This trailer makes me feel nauseated. Back in the PS2 era it wasn't like this.

  5. Nobody:
    Me: Gets on gta
    —five minutes later—
    Call from Agatha
    Agatha: OSOSJKWISHDJAH check this casino out now!!
    Every time I join in gta
    Agatha: check this casino out!! X1000000000

  6. If y’all gonna need help on the casino heist I’m available until the end of summer Baconman_Games (PC ONLY)

  7. You need to grind a lot for this update I was about 200k 2 days ago now i have around 2 mil i am going to save to at least 5 mil

  8. But guys, lets not forget one thing…

    The Declasse Vamos is now available to purchase on

  9. Why couldn’t the casino just be a place you go to and just everyone can go and gamble instead of us having to own it?

  10. Imagine if this becomes ONE of the best money making methods that would be hilarious but highly unlikely

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