GTA Online – The Grand Opening of The Diamond Casino & Resort | PS4

GTA Online – The Grand Opening of The Diamond Casino & Resort | PS4


100 thoughts on “GTA Online – The Grand Opening of The Diamond Casino & Resort | PS4”

  1. Por qué no también mejoran el modo historia, hay personas que no pueden jugar el modo online por causas
    Porfas mejoren el modo historia 🙏

  2. Can't use anything as everything I locked out for gambling regions per country. Worst update ever . Rockstar pull your finger out or put gtav to rest and announce gta6 now

  3. Here in Portugal we can do almost nothing. Everyone is very upset. Even Mr. Cheng's missions are not working.😒😒😒😒😒

  4. Sadly if you live in Gambling Restricted Countries you cannot use any of the Features:

    Slot Machines
    Purchasing Private Poker lounge

  5. Porfavor si ustedes saben español loa de playstation por que obio tendrian que saber uno de ustedes porfavor que vuelva el gta online sin ps plus lo unico que pido

  6. "Available now!"
    (Unless you're in specific Countries that banned it for obvious reasons)

    Or so i've heard.

  7. I believe to those that can't access it. You can use a VPN to change region to play.

    I know people wanted the Casino to open but it's kinda stupid having it tied to RL money. After all this Loot Box stuff.

  8. We could have gotten Bully 2, Manhunt 3, the new IP 'Agent' and teaser for GTA 6 if GTA online didn't exist.

  9. Not sure why but living in HK all the casino games are "feature unavailable", so… I want a refund of my penthouse. Thanks. Lol

  10. Like, it's kinda cool, but something is telling me because of the servers I am always on I am just going to get killed AGAIN FOR THE 1000TH TIME.

    Seriously, it killed off any will for me to play GTA5 Online 🙁

  11. Totally rigged, ive lost every penny that i worked so hard to earn. This is a way for them to get you to buy shark cards. Beware people

  12. U mean casino grand opening only for the 25% of gta v players cause the other 75% do not have modded accs and all they can do is steal cars from the street

    PS: including me

  13. When I heard about this casino I was like I can't wait but then I learned I can't gamble cuz is banned on my country lol 😂

  14. We need midnight club 3 dub edition remex back to ps3 you will not lose any thing if you bring it back millions of people want to play it again why you removed it from ps3 store 😓😓 I try so hard to play it please we need it again on ps 3-4 store 😭😭

  15. Honestly there isn’t much to do. Other than the story missions which make you some money ig, but not enough. It also doesn’t give you payments like the nightclub and you can’t run any underground business in it. Just an apartment that you can gamble in, call a limo once in a while, and get champagne

  16. Sony why the playstation plus not free
    You will lost a lot of fans i warning you
    Or playstation plus can only be 20$ or less you can get money with this

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