100 thoughts on “Guess That Car Part (GAME)”

  1. This was by far one of the most GMMores. I love seeing them analyze stuff like they’re back in their engineering days. Link is such an analytical mad scientist. Hahahaha.

  2. Link was so shocked Infiniti is made by Nissan. You should have found some Land Rover, Volvo or Aston Martin parts stamped with FoMoCo (Ford Motor Co) to really confuse him!

  3. 2020 should be the year you give link the easy stuff! Rhetts head is too big with how much he wins, and I wanna see him be the crotchety old man we all know he is!

  4. objects only appear farther in the passenger side mirror because the driver is further away from that mirror than they are from the driver side mirror. The difference in those distances is what makes object in the passenger mirror appear father than they do in driver side mirror. has nothing to do with field of view.

  5. The first minute was PRICELESS!

    OMFG xD "Honestly, I don't, I don't, I can't…….." "We Can't Help You." could not stop laughing for like 5 minutes…… Lol

  6. @ LINK & RHETT! I swear this is an honest question….Odd question… but an honest one. Was there ever actually another Orbee stuck in Links ear?

  7. That was the gauge cluster, not the dashboard. The dashboard is where the gauge cluster, switches, radio, etc. are placed.

  8. Rhett on catching the 55lb fish:
    "Its one of my greatest achievements!"
    Nevermind that he got MARRIED and has been married for quite some time or the fact that he has 2 children. lol!

  9. Also…if you are buying a brand new vehicle…read the VERY small print on the contract! G M claims that you don't own the new vehicle that you've just purchased because of the proprietary software in the computer.

  10. If your production staff has questions about anything I have knowledge about many things. Automotive. Antiques. Collectables ( anything from tobacciana vintage kitchen equipment , cufflinks, slot cars, ) music (all formats from 8-track to reel-to-reel) FOOD (especially herbs and spices.. I exp eriment in spice combinations)
    I think Josh could use some help on occasion!

  11. "As you can tell we don't want this to end." Thanks for thst acknowledgment. I don't. Merry Christmas everyone.

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