GUN FIGHT • Smash Bros Gambling Tournament

GUN FIGHT • Smash Bros Gambling Tournament

yes you glad you should have 1100 I’ll give you you should have a lot of injuries if you want you to get them out of here yeah let’s do you try these money’s power and you start yeah the nice about to get tossed out oh my god this is brand-new let’s go admit it and three over my shoulder good about you can’t carry dead weight pussy you slippery man he’s like it’s covered in oil or something it’s that lotion you put somewhere DD yeah I watch my going to the ground because of me back me like releases hahahaha no no the ground the butter real oh shit fucking touch me dude you’re gonna pay $200 I’m here to win they don’t don’t tell me out don’t tell me out ah are you fucking playing on it we’re all okay with this yeah all right Julie I mean all right Joe okay I’m talking fixing these matches I’m Eric you did you kill them oh I think solving it hurt you’ll put it with the Pixies good oh fuck yeah a good idea oh yeah they put us all down you dumb fuck Georgia yeah yeah buddy sure all right I think I calculated you know eyeball meaning don’t do it they’ll hurt no don’t [Music] ah they’re so like little bees okay we on your neck or some shit what the hell happened over here sorry doing your leg example current standings are as follows in first place we have the man of mystery Trevor first plate no big money you got big money back I got you I want to buy quite a bit in second place we have steampunk Alec traveling a little bit behind you stick Donald play in third place we have a Inspector Gadget a sure go I lost but correct what I didn’t even bet that much I’ve got half my money mr. Cole Oh reservist luckily they’re misko you’re right how I see it world you fucking Kirk yeah he’s ever really hurt oh no I was right I actually had I had the money sign as a one we actually has two hundred dollars left oh you broke the clip yeah I’ll give you two hundred to take down your dick take that on my dick dick done your dick I can just shoot you on the crotch with it yeah oh good so like take off this up fork it up where’s the money I mean that was that dope dude this have democracy which I’ll give you you hundred if I can do a whole stack of Pixy Stix in your milk oh yeah this is the real game right here are you guys it’s doing my buddy you guys are getting each other right now is just 200 is work down and a lot of Pixy Stix oh we have to have like an intermission period before it legs before I actually tally this up go and go for it if you’d like I will reflect it now whatever hundred dollars for Israel don’t do it diabetes runs my family Anna I mean you need the money I’m the same if diabetes – on your fingers – Hot 100 I have a ton of money yeah all my money bad oh you’re going to do it out you should think of it are we giving you more money you bet you said 200 pants off that you’re a pervert man I am here will perv that fucking in how do you see a Harvard man how do you think I got here how do you think I got on you that’s true goes water how do you get your back you see [Music] pull it over 100 200 enjoy a nice dinner pal Oh see that I hear that’s called democracy they’re worth it no still in first place is man of mystery Trevor different way $200 a little a little lower now second place is steampunk Alexander we’ve got his money back I guess in third place is Jacob normal man Jacob fourth place is coming Nintendo Kid Joe in this place by just a little tiny sliver is the Inspector Gadget Asher and now in last place is plantation owner Anna the clapping permutation over us no to the position okay contestants today we are going to have a very special match we’re going to call this a big my match big money match here only D&C tears are going to be in this match which means you can have either x 20 your payout or x 10 at the least we have to seize and for all four DS make your picks very wisely which now how do you even make money from doing I said big money so how do you how do you make one are you talking about us the bankers yes money is a certain investment I didn’t bring you money investment how do I get this investment you’re losing a lot of money listen you’re all just fuckin pong you’re all part of my game this is my game to my entertainment I like watching this I’m gonna watch it back and I’m gonna feel up myself alright so he’s like oh he’s like a relay she’s like a pervert my fucking king who are you going for hey fuck up no you’re not you’re not voting for pay why not I will because no you’re trying to trick history I think captain’s talking shit I seen Ganondorf eat shit you know she did I think you go out is actually thank you read that first actually yeah you guys all down there with your wrap up over there that’s quite the stack of money you out of there young boy I’m going to bet 800 Tom fifty thousand any clean your daughters don’t tell anybody that’s one that’s two hundred two fifty six fifty seven but you spent 800 down nice I put one on during the oshi hey how much was that last bit that’s confidential who is the better um there’s no Captain Crunch know about that your diet know awful hard drop it okay yeah loud and clear sir thank you $400 okay how many – don’t give me on a on pit it’s performance to the CT ur uh it’s actually quite quite the contender I would say actually fared pretty well in my test project he does pretty well I think on a normal basis of the global basis yeah I would say I’d say it’s pretty ridiculous under you know what I’m going to go all-in on pit that’s one one five zero on pit wow that’s yes hello inspector tell me a little bit about Yoshi absolutely awful really raised in the slums a dear friend know very much a loner yeah it’s probably the were diet like seed watermelon seed it’s just watermelon seeds yes all right I went 200 on you we’re like yo shit ah yeah hello miss uh miss rosemary that’s that’s right yes rock what would you like to worry sure your your best today you know what do you think about this Rob it’s Robbie guy Robbie is quite the contender he’s uh he’s averaged a good like maybe around third place I would say on a normal basis I think he has a totally he has a shot he’s getting hurt I mean that’s what you can’t just ask the house who’s going to win this I think that’s that’s information I cannot give you you can tell me oh oh if I were to pick I mean I would say uh I would say tipple I think temple has done a pretty good job you know I should disagree with you on that I’m Lauren hey I was arsenic $10 so I’m okay what is this all in the entirety yes on Bobby yeah it’s a cute little friendly robot I don’t even know I’m talking to Bobby you’re going on Robbie unprecedented I was gonna start retarded but yeah $40 on Robbie thank you how the plantation going ah we’re not going to talk about that are you doing actually I’m not kind of offensive maybe you should I don’t choose our line of work but anyway you’ve heard that huh what do you have a pistol in your buttons blazer oh you do it’s cut the bullshit all in on it I don’t look too good a gun dude oh I’m a template there a lot of money here can you fucking like all I got a new fucking well I got it it’s going to be a good show fucking around I’m here it’s like oh my god start the dog what the fuck because two guns on you hose down all right what we doing calm down calm down look at you calm down use joke yeah [Music] my last piece where did that hate you Oh God what you did oh my god you need me fucking he’s fucking dying Jabba maybe you got a manager where’s my money though I went all innocent hey it’s also good to stress you another way you’re the reason I started hey don’t even him do it at me wait you could come with me I’m real nervous dude you don’t never supposed to man with where you live cross we have you always something like that well you look at this one get that’ll free going yeah Tom dude got him free gosh pumps yeah alright alright here we go great random negative no done that’s better knocking – sonic math woo no don’t lose it oh shit resigned as prime Captain Crunch can’t fucking find Sonic those tacos gonna mean even that way I’m also been not fit shit duty very speaking the right way well I know you got fennel Please Please Miss a worldwide yeah help you to go cook again for knowing ya in captain Chronos see hey hey oh yeah fucker glad you’re not ready be very present I’m good with that yo yo no jokes gamba Oh what you can’t crush come on don’t you do anything else we didn’t get out of here you’re gonna robot bad be too nice show you know was a genuine reaction oh dude oh listen I’m doing super hot man yeah I know oh my god are you – wrong three okay cap could snuff you feeling me when you should shit you should get it through those rough rocky for for you or your guy new night I don’t mean I want worry to be talking gay mash your skin in with them fuckers well c’mon man pick them back to the head holy shit the worst match I think of everything who are the super smash brothers oh I don’t feel so good especially will ya Oh Robbie doubt who you might win oh you did the Cap’n Crunch not a chance honking come on Oh get on out of wine repos fuck fuck fuck let’s go yo sure do is she’s going on oh she’s great and you just that like we’re Beauty so close right now I’m gonna have a fucking heart attack he was alone as a teenager he had more time to practice money on all Ahlers shape that was Roy Roy right on humans ow people come on stick to my jello please multiple yeah eat meat yeah be an egg too close now Oh No yeah I don’t see you got about the video shoot yeah yeah what yeah lucky yeah come on no no give up fuck oh no no let’s give fuck you Marty look give you the egg roll bro oh yeah Wow but yeah oh the safety was on fuck ha hey you’re right whoa oh well he was okay oh you okay dude I’m fucking rich yeah I miss when you were disabled fuck yes everybody doesn’t get away from me fuck am I gonna do have no money gonna call daddy up oh he’s disabled again quick anymore sugar open up get that away from me oh now now you’re fine why are you late holding people up with a gun if you’re a detective because that’s how you find the truth no one tells the lie we have a gun in their face Jesus Christ II did you and you don’t want you out no yo good stash money in your hat that’s smart I’d like to personally deliver this this is $8,000 thank you sir oh man I could do follow this money mr. Pethick ship you what what would you say seems due to the results of this we actually have two people that are declaring bankruptcy Reggie’s young boy is no longer wealthy and normal man Jacob I think he died okay I don’t think he would have lived anyway got shot well I mean he’s bankrupt so he has no money oh so they’re good of blood and everything clearly are you like here to Plus this thing or I’m getting clues getting clues yeah I’m getting close to my clues well we have the tally here obviously in in first place with well over $9,000 to his name we have mystery man Trevor Wow in second place we have steampunk Alexander in third place we have Inspector Gadget a sure and somehow finding $90 in her hat we have in last place currently is a plantation owner ana normal man Jacob and Nintendo boy Joe have been eliminated from competition they are bankrupt here $1 on your knees [Music] [Music] [Music] if you can get it ha ha ha I like watching it and they walk about myself all right bitch thanks for watching this or thanks for watching this episode of smash going to check out the where’s Andy is he is and then the subscribe button and then the links in the description

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  1. No wonder joe was able to take the gun away from Trevor's sweet pussi, my boi is wearin' a fresh pair of them O L L O

  2. 18:02 I CAN'T MAN I CAN'T 😂😂😂 I'M FUCKING DEADDD. Really guys I haven't laughed that hard in months!! Thank you for putting out such hilarious and quality content even if youtube fucks you over! I love you so much guys ❤❤

  3. Did ana try and steal money by putting it in her hat? it looks pretty real. Unless everyone is actually keeping the money anyways

  4. Is this the last one in this series or will we be getting more? I really really really really really like this for some reason

  5. Whoa. Reggie's son stopped a robbery moments before becoming bankrupt and then being killed by the robber. I wonder how Reggie Nintendo is holding up.

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