Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to Tales of Monkey Island for more
point and click adventure game action. We
are about to kick off chapter 4 which is
called The Trial and Execution of Guybrush
Now that doesn’t that sound inviting god
knows what’s going to happen in this one
guys but I cannot wait to find out. So
let’s jump straight back in and see what
this brilliant game is going store for
us next.
I’d do a recap myself but I’m guessing
the Voodoo lady’s going to do it better
than I can so take it away voodoo lady I
guess. But don’t keep us waiting too long
please. While searching for a cure to the
pirate afflicting parks of lechuck the
fates of guy brush trooper Dan Morgan
the flames are blown off course when
they are swallowed by a love launder by
ofin much to Morgan and guy brushes
surprise an uneasy alliance to escape
the Beast blossoms into a genuine
friendship between a pirate and pirate
hunter a tidal shift that leads streep
word to the elusive
Fox curing a sponger grande but guy rush
learns too late that it is the wise
pirate who prepares for the inevitable
change in the winds as Morgan betrays
him and returns him to the scientific
clutches of the Marquis de Sarge
oh dear
friendships turned sour Thank You vue du
lady let’s crack on
how will we get out of this predicament
I don’t know we’re back I thought we’d
escaped flotsam island that night here
we are once more
feel bad because he should
yeah I mean the name of this chapter is
great crosses in Russia the difference
out of your fluffy wig I got an idea
why don’t you let me go and I’ll pay you
double what the Marquis is paid in Paris
you said spring boy did oh yeah I’ll pay
triple I’ve got money
I’ve got treasure oh yeah poor tree fool
Quinn super stop making that noise sex
too full oh no it’s just creepy
sorry would you grossly underestimate
the value of that which Garcia store
your buddy
oh I’ve got a pretty good idea why my
spit alone once one me eight thousand
pieces of eight on booty Island that’s
right for gold about that it’s very I
was thinking yeah it’s her new life from
our hand well and us now
oh why is he wearing that are they all
like boxed up
that’s a welcome back party hope the
broad ice cream cake some beauty stuff
then the scurry dog huh that doesn’t
sound good especially given the title of
the chapter is it look possible we’re
actually gonna die could this be the end
of guy brush I brought you three would
any painter hope not
we’re done here yeah just see about that
all the courthouse is open now well
we’re going to call here we go
never gets old that little bear music
does it it’s great I love it can you
believe we’re coming towards the end oh
my god rush three board is guilty of no
fewer than four firstly that he did
knowingly engage in a bar fight that
horribly injured the beloved feline of
local pirate elder and LOC McGee
secondly during this self-same fight
captain Threepwood spilled boiling nacho
sauce on the exposed leg of bosun
Catherine crepes hideously scarring one
of flotsam shape Lia stands
thirdly that he’s not looking good
Joaquin de Oro to craft and sell
counterfeit porcelain Power Pirates that
he folded spindled and mutilated this
previously pristine X belonging to flat
soms newest arrival Killick heart
charges are against you hopefully guilty
will I get out of here any quicker not
guilty by reason of insanity these
charges are stupid I plead not guilty
assless plead insanity I believe not
guilty by reason of insanity you don’t
know me now but any second I can start
using monkeys is needlenose pliers or
shooting myself out of trebuchet strange
things with rubber trees I’m crazy I
tell you it’s true
jano insanity defense okay these charges
are pretty stupid I must say these
charges are stupid and believe me I know
from stupid oh sorry
the plead guilty would I go there any
quicker plead guilty will I get out of
here any quicker executions by a kid you
don’t want to know okay then yeah I have
to know that one up or you guys let me
know in the comments below and it’s kind
of a shame they don’t have the original
well the normal standing this game
because I love his voice especially that
last one about the ex I want a public
defender can stand represent me I guess
I’ll represent myself let’s ask if Stein
come with us why don’t you represent me
for old times sake you mean those old
times when you swindled me out of a ship
stuck me in a coffin for three months
scammed my insurance company had got me
involved with high-risk doubloon
derivatives yes sorry kid nothing
personal but I stand to make a bundle in
legal fees off these Hong Kong flotsam
i’ts a reason don’t like you
yeah I want a public defender then don’t
you have some sort of public defender a
public defender in pirate court that
says a stupid request that’d be a no
then I’ll represent myself then I guess
I’ll represent myself three-point are
you aware of the old pirate Court saying
the pirate who represents himself in
court has a soon yeah well I don’t have
any other choice use your briefs kid Oh
God okay witness kay hardtack charged
consonant abuse X cos plaintiffs charge
the defendant ruined his perfectly good
exes suspects but plausible court hopes
he’s not just making things up okay
witness cake reps charge saith I crimes
and misdemeanors discontinuation of club
forty ones nacho sauce makes proof of
guilt difficult the court deems are
unlikely that some other mix of fluids
could have caused Krebs distinctive burn
witness H McGee charge felonious feline
frightening plaintiffs pussycat seems
traumatized that court has seen far too
many crippled pirates miraculously
healed by the tonic of a cash settlement
if that Kitty moves an inch this case is
over witness Jade Oro counterfeit
collectables witness testified in
returned the lightest sights are lighter
sentence Court doesn’t trust all parents
their testimony his only as firm as
their last bribe so that guy’s done
something so we’ve got to turn them
against him witness Guybrush Threepwood
defendant arrested in possession of tiny
sea sponge which he insists will cure
the pox chorus skeptical burrs
confiscate artifact as matter of policy
defendant also in possession of
unremarkable wedding ring that will
likely be used to defray his funeral
costs so we’ve got a try and clear our
names we’ve gotta prove that a different
substance burn krebs I’m not sure about
that one we’ve got to get the cat to
move we’ve got a tournament store oh and
guess him okay so we have court roofs
and I thought what can we look at around
here give it an MP gibbet we cleaned it
out just for Geelong sweetmeat okay so
let’s take a look around
then what’s the right idea a knee right
why is this guy’s skeleton could you
read that last bit back for me
very interesting I don’t even remember
saying exsanguinating no no I’m not
questioning your professionalism it’s
just that I’m spilling it yes ma’am
sorry ma’am Oh try the cap they have
paralyzed caddies repealed its eyes and
that empty natural plate is making me
hungry okay last Vanja
why can’t somebody just write this the
thicker rice door Oh ever fell for that
okay Elaine’s ring so he won’t let us
touch it
there’s the X as well I isn’t always an
X we’re not T marks the spot it’s a good
can we talk to the hardtack sorry
sky is an idiot and pirates a dear it’s
common laws for common pirates laws
pirates don’t need no stinking laws on
the other hand maybe I could use a few
good laws right now
yeah can we actually learn an aggravated
L on the street what’s that that’s when
you waste the Court’s time with a bunch
of pointless questions screw you I
wonder if it’s something he carries on
common laws for common pirates laws
pirates don’t hide anything so who dis
well is this diet there was one whale of
a fender-bender while the winds were
blowing out that’s why I always fail
defensively and carry snake arm
insurance haha alright can we talk to
Stan hey Stan
if you want a gam call for a recess okay
so we can call for a recess and that
will let hook to stand well these
paintings right honorable justice DC
gross Cup 30 conviction zero acquittals
no survivors
Wow okay yes no gift for us the left
honorable justice KB pop nikkor lived on
the bench died under the table
fair enough right can we talk to the
jury it’s not a thing I don’t even know
if we can do that I don’t think we can
actually right let’s talk to the judge
Wallace P grind stump cool a witness I’d
like to call a recess to confer with my
client just a moment your honor
object I’d like to approach the bench
try this recess to confer with my client
all right so coming to it to stand now
let’s see what this does well at least
I’m not about to be dissected by a crazy
scientist let’s got to here find a late
and you slice bones a grande – hey what
am i cool blue sponge possessions will
be returned to the prisoner once he has
been cleared of all charges in the
likely event that the prisoner is not
cleared of all charges his property will
be distributed to his heirs but I don’t
have any answer they don’t know then
they’ll be auctioned off at eBay eBay ha
ha lease patch of plaster eh
interesting right this is bahir car
looks pretty loose this part of the wall
looks like it’s made of pretty loose
stuff I wonder if I could dig my way out
could we step the con it set noise I
don’t know no idea mate hey guard
do you want that to attend to cool I
know incited some bread and water or
some guy got a dude’s get a drink around
okay okay so can we scrape away the boss
now that’s funny hilarious buddy never
leave with the solid steel under here no
stupid reinforced wall we’ve pulled the
bar out is what do you know it wasn’t so
loose after all let’s make my hook into
that I don’t know where it’s been
right so gonna need something then to
get rid of a steel stupid reinforced
wall now we’re gonna get that just dull
my hook how do we get that guy to come
back do a bitch oh here he comes
where’s my dinner my kuzey the prisoners
don’t get any food that’s for the gods
and judges delicious too sure did you
right after you ones as this joke got
any reading material this do you got any
reading material
I’d suggest reading your legal briefs
you might need them good tip I’ll get
right on that but I need something to
put me to sleep I want to see my lawyer
I wonder if this is how we can talk to
Stan lawyer yeah you might have heard of
him Guybrush Threepwood mighty pirate
ball following
all right counselor
judge grind stop says you got five
minutes that should be more than enough
for this piece of scum hope you had a
good excuse for dragging me out of bed
at this ungodly hour what is going on
how’s my case going I need to know how
my case is going I haven’t heard from
you in days not to worry old bean I can
talk the judge down from drawn court
ring to draw in 30 fraud I’m quite done
with my clients
I’ll get you three for if it’s the last
thing I do
well that is just odd wait hang on sorry
about that mr. 3/4
I know those prisoners can be a rowdy
law make nothing of it mr. Hart deck now
where can I find a good crowd for once
right over there sir
without war the hell is just happened
nice to see the updated their model oh
god Stan south shop uses prisoner while
we’re out of prison what happened to
your eye
not in my weed it could infected in
descent had to cut it out yeah
why’d you want a glass eye do you want a
glass eye and eye patches much more
pirate eye patches are so last month
all the cool pilots are getting scary
glass eyes these days boats are so cool
right yeah I guess but you really can’t
be the glass eye you say so what you in
for free info I got arrested for trying
to auction a counterfeit dark ninja day
for you happy even you know the day with
the auction things
yeah luckily for me Stan got me a
reduced sentence in exchange for my
testimony against you me what’d I do
you were the one that made the
counterfeit Dave in the first place
oh yeah they’re still testifying against
me ma’am I’m sorry about the jail time
but you’ve got to stop testifying
against me I’ve got a wife and scores of
pirates to cure so what are going to
cure big box eventually yeah I’d like
all these pox pirates are always making
fun of me for not late guys stop testify
Mullen let’s do some business maybe what
can you offer me in return I see you two
finally the jacket fine leather jacket
line never get it so that makes me chief
okay how about a person power power head
I’ve got a line on a genuine dark ninja
Dave porcelain power pirate autographs
like dark ninja Dave himself he said
very full jokes in yon oh come on
how about glass eye how about I get you
a glass eye for your eye hole that
sounds interesting
it’s a deal what knew there’d be a big
noisy but somewhere ingredient and okay
great al
glass I possible have a really cool
color like the color in the eyes of
those nasty pops – Randy you’re angry
I’ll see what I can do so why don’t you
punks that’s a good point I can’t help
but notice that you don’t seem to be
afflicted by the pox of the truck don’t
remind me
all the other Pirates have gotten tip
parks so a possibility that you might
not actually be a pirate okay okay
you are a pirate I’m sure the pox will
be coming for you any day now
okay bye there so seeing with hardened
criminals like you can’t be good for my
legal situation
mreow adios okay look at this eyesore
and we’ve got to understand who has got
a guy brushed Threepwood figure there
but we’ll do that the next time because
we’re pretty much out of time and I
don’t know how long it’s gonna take to
properly talk to Stan man this is a good
start to chapter 4 isn’t it we somehow
got out of jail I’m not really sure what
happened there
we confused the hell out of the bailiff
guy obviously and it’s good to see Stan
back as well another of my favorite
characters out of The Monkey Island
series so in the next one we’ll try and
figure out this glass I will talk to
stand and we’ll work on clearing our
name so as always guys thank you very
much for watching if you enjoyed the
video click on that like button it
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