18 thoughts on “GW2 Choxie loves PoF Launch gambling. 100 rolls + bonus clip!”

  1. when u got done with the achievo…i was like wait no more rolls? weak fucking weak…then i saw "later that night" and i was like MA MAAAAN!

  2. No offense, but please recover before you make a video. This was really really stressful to watch. Also, I have no idea what numbers you kept saying again and again (6 24 etc) but maybe this is just me because I am not into that gambling ^^
    Get better mate 🙂

  3. Choxie plz. Drag the merchant window the left side of the screen, and your big ass inventory window to the right side of your screen, and keep them both open instead of constantly closing them. You outta know that by now. 😀

  4. instead of gambling u could also give it to me i have never had more than 120g and i have been playing since 2013 😛

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