Halloween top up event full details in free fire || how to get jeep skin in free fire top up event

Hello friends welcome to HIFI GAMING channel Welcome to another free fire exciting video Today I will give information on the new events of Freefire Today my topic is Halloween top up event in free fire In this video I will show you all what you will see in this event First of all I ask you to subscribe to my channel First you go to the events page Here you will see the Halloween top up event Where you’ll find the top-up event information Here you will see First you get a grenade skin In seconds you will get a surfboard In the third you will find a skating board You will get jeep skin in last You’ll get pumpkin bomb in 1 daimond top up 150 diamonds top-up and get surfboard Top-up 500 diamonds and get Skating board Here it is named Magic stick Top-up 1000 diamonds and get pumpkin monster You get jeep skin at 1000 diamonds top-up 1 diamond top-up and get pumpkin grenade skin How to top-up 1 diamond in free fire If you want to top up 1 diamond in free fire For this You have to Minimum top-up Minimum top-up is 100 diamonds So when you top-up 100 diamonds Your 1 diamond topup will be complete When you complete 1 diamond top-up You will get pumpkin bomb skin In second For surfboard you need to top-up 150 diamonds For 150 diamonds you have to do 200 diamonds top-up When you top-up 200 diamonds you will get surfboard and also grenade skin For Skateboard You have to do 500 diamonds top-up When you top-up 500 diamonds You’ll get Skateboard skin and other 2 things For jeep skin You have to do 1000 diamonds top-up When you top-up 1000 diamonds you will get all top-up things When you top-up 1000 diamonds Your diamonds will not be lost And you get all of these things free

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