Hands-Free TV is Here: Introducing Fire TV Cube

Hands-Free TV is Here: Introducing Fire TV Cube

It’s time to start reimagining TV. Introducing Fire TV Cube. The first all-in-one streaming media player with hands-free Alexa built-in. Now it’s easy to do things like this: “Alexa, turn on the TV.” Fire TV cube can hear you from across the room. “Alexa, play Sneaky Pete.” And with infrared technology, it’s easier to control your entertainment hands-free. “Alexa, switch to cable.” Wait what time was the game? “Alexa, tune to FOX.” We’ve partnered with Netflix, ESPN, Hulu, and others to let you do more, simply by using your voice. “Alexa, rewind 30 seconds.” “Alexa, next episode.” Plus Fire TV Cube is always getting smarter. “Alexa, show my flash briefing.” So now it’s easier to get more out of the biggest screen in your house. “Alexa, show me nearby restaurants.” Even when your TV is off Alexa is ready to help. “Alexa, add Pinot Noir to my shopping list.” ALEXA: “Okay, I’ve added it to your list.” And of course you can still enjoy all the content you love. “Alexa, search for action movies.” Yes! From HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and more. Fire TV Cube, let’s start reimagining TV.

100 thoughts on “Hands-Free TV is Here: Introducing Fire TV Cube”

  1. This supports ring but so does my echo show not very well, most of the time just says device is asleep. Don't see this being any different and what about 3 party apps out side their own store.

  2. Gonna put this in the living room to control the 4K TV and Sonos system, then move the Echo from the living room to the bedroom, then move the Echo Dot from the bedroom to the bathroom. Funny thing is that my house is tiny.

  3. Alexa, please wire-tap my house.

    Alexa, now play a tv commercial that lures me in with over-emotionalized bullshit.
    Alexa, who was George Orwell?

  4. Does this device work in Canada? Tell Jeff not to ignore us in Canada as he did with the first release of the fire TV…we are literally across the border.

  5. skip forward 20 years and in my house alexa will be a scantly dressed humanoid robot doing the cooking and cleaning while i get morbidly obese on the sofa.

  6. Now hands free tv, what about hands free keyboard?

    "Hey cortana, write private void updateList open brace, close brace…"

  7. Alexa why do I have to buy another Amazon product to do this when I have dots, echo and show – gimmick

  8. I might get one if I watch TV that much. Seems like a useful product. Not really into Alexa Voice search thing. Maybe when it supports Hindi or Urdu. Or Desi accent. Lol… hehe 😉

  9. Compared with the fire tv 4k, i like the 4k better with low cost. control my tv with ipazzport keyboard

  10. Rember getting tv bout 28 year ago i was a kid my da made me mad so i trough the remote at him smashed it at the wall the good old remote😂

  11. This Item is amazing but please release it in Europe as soon as possible.
    Anyway to help people understand better this product…
    The Amazon Fire tv cube is exactly what i was looking for, actually i dont have Amazon Echo or Google home, i would buy them but they are unable to connect to my Smart tv (turn it on-off, change channel, open netflix etc) unless i buy a separate Chromecast or an Harmony Hub. Thats why they created the Amazon Fire TV, to have an all in one product for the tv-soundbar-hue lights etc etc. Does Google home sucks? NO Does Chromecast sucks? NO Then how can you say that an item that basically is a Google Home + Chromecast combined Sucks?? Some people have no clue what they are talking about.

    And wtf why are you complaining about the specs?? Buy a Console or PC if you want to play games, this is not the purpose of the Amazon Fire TV Cube.

  12. Anyone whispering in my ear and turning on the TV while I was asleep. Would wake me up and the get kicked in the ballz.

  13. You all need to leave Amazon alone and fork out some cash for the NVidia Shield. It has Google and does all FireTv does and more. It’s Android and allows 3 party apps. Fastest most dependable box ever. Oh and has YouTube. IJS ☺️

  14. The only deal breaker to this is the removal of YouTube and YouTube TV app. Google should stop hardballing and being a bitch and bring back YouTube

  15. The only deal breaker to this is the removal of YouTube and YouTube TV app. Google should stop hardballing and being a bitch and bring back YouTube

  16. Alexa doesn't recognize Youtube or YoutubeTV. NO THANKS! This is an overpriced regular FireTV in a box without Youtube/YoutubeTV. Huge fail by Amazon!

  17. 2gb ram? You just repackaged the dongle with mic. Guess I'm buying a 2nd Nvidia Shield. What a shame.

  18. First we use to change each channel manually then remote and now voice wow how technology is making us lazy

  19. Great. You keep making all this new hardware and then ignore it after a few months. Can't remember the last update or new feature you released for Echo Show. I am learning fast you are nothing but box shifters with zero interest in giving customers what they want, especially those outside the US.

  20. Another Fire OS using google open source Android OS without having gapps either Amazon are selfish greedy company. Or they want their device to run with very little problems. I must say Fire OS is the most stable I seen. I just prefer play store for getting my apps since Amazon doesn't include googles framework files side loading the apks needed will not make google services functional.

  21. While watching this my Echo flashed after Alexa was mentioned in the video, but nothing else happened. I guess it is aware of this video.

  22. 😔 today is my birthday and I messaged Amazon for weeks about my birthday wish and my wish was to have a Fire TV Cube. 😔 they never got back to me. 😔 happy birthday to me.

  23. Your fore stick has a million of movies but you cant search your basicly scamming so i wasted money for your peice of shit

  24. Amazon Fire TV 2nd Gen was the best version to date.. micro SD slot expansion plus USB port.. the microSD you can move apps to the SD card so you can have more space for games and other apps.. this one sucks, it's cloud based and no storage expansion.. seems like Amazon knew that people were using their hardware for offline use and didn't like that. Not returning back to Amazon Fire TVs anymore, going for the NVidia Shield next… more worth it..

  25. Hi,
    Can I use this item outside of the US? I know I have to set the location to the USA in the Amazon device settings, but will there be any disabled services this way?

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