Hard Rock Cafe: Client Story

Hard Rock Cafe: Client Story

Back in 1971 when, you know, we opened our
first café in London, it was a restaurant.
Now Hard Rock Café, it’s a brand. It’s
cafes, it’s casinos, it’s hotels, it’s
resorts. Not only do we have so many different
locations, they’re in so many different
time zones. So we’re not at our desks to
answer questions from the employees all the
time, so we have to find partners that can
be an extension of who we are. When we started
to go through the thought process of “we
need to get into this technology-based benefits
arena” we started to RFP and we wanted to
be able to design our own benefits site. Of
course Benefitfocus lets you do that. We don’t
want our data to be locked away and us to
be reliant on a company to make changes for
us. Of course Benefitfocus allows us to do
that. There’s lots of companies out there
that do it– what we found was Benefitfocus
offered the best value with the most flexibility
and the most partners that had extensions
to our vendors already. Having an active enrollment
with a brand new benefit tool, we were all
pretty nervous but we knew that we were as
prepared as we could be and that we weren’t
alone. Our account team and our implementation
teams were really helpful and very knowledgeable.
As a matter of fact, we feel like we are old
friends, like we’ve worked together forever.
When they told us that they were implementing
other companies at the same time that they
were implementing Hard Rock, we were flabbergasted
because they acted as if we were the only
client that they had. You just sort of get
the feeling that you’re their top priority,
no matter what your question is. It was very
interesting, this enrollment, being able to
have our little wheel on the administrator’s
view of how many people were eligible to enroll
and to see that wheel turn green through the
enrollment and who was enrolling in what plans.
We changed our offering for the 2015 plan
year so to be able to see the bar graph at
the bottom of the screen going up in one area
or the other and knowing where we had to focus
our attention—that part was very helpful.
The difference between the past and the future
with data is that the past was all sort of
a theory of what we thought was going to happen.
With Benefitfocus, I know that we are going
to have the tools and the data available to
us to actually pinpoint costs and areas of
opportunity, whether it’s in savings or
the opportunity to offer additional benefits
and we’ve never been in that position before.
I think a lot of companies tell you they can
do that, but what I see from an administrator’s
point of view is that I can actually see the
results daily—I don’t have to wait until
open enrollment or I don’t have to wait
until a quarterly meeting. I can pull that
data daily if I wanted to or I can see it
happening on a very regular basis.

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  1. Patty Downs of Hard Rock Cafe describes how Benefitfocus complements its flexible benefits enrollment and communication solution with excellent customer service to add value for the growing company. #benefitsenrollment   #healthcare   #HRM  

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