Harrah’s Casino Security Guards Victims Come Forward | www.maggianolaw.com

Harrah’s Casino Security Guards Victims Come Forward | www.maggianolaw.com

Atlantic City. Pretty popular with people
in our area looking for a weekend getaway.
But tonight, there are more accusations of
casino security guards crossing the line.
News 4 first told you about this Florida family
right here who says they were roughed by guards
at Harrah’s casino. And then we showed you
these cab drivers who say they got beaten
up at the hands of security at the same casino.
And now another man says that he was the victim
of brutality at Harrah’s and he says that
this video proves it. New Jersey reporter
Ted Greenberg has this News 4 exclusive…
(Frank:)”They beat me. They two guys kneed
me. They choked me. They did everything they
could to me.” Frank Farrell say Harrah’s security
officers violently took him down twice for
no reason at all. “I kind of was… I couldn’t
breathe with all this happening and kind of
begged for them to get off.” Farrell’s lawyer
gave us a copy of the casino surveillance
video which captured the November melee in
Atlantic City. It’s described as a gang-like
attack. In this civil law suit against Harrah’s
filed on Farrell’s behalf today. (Ted:) “Did
you resist them in any way?” (Frank:)”No sir.
Not even close.” A 55 year old from Brigantine,
a craps dealer from the neighboring Golden
Nugget, says Harrah’s officers assaulted him
while kicking him out of the casino after
he couldn’t get a comped hotel room minutes
earlier. He says later the officer’s falsely
accused him of throwing a drink in the face
of a Harrah’s employee. (Michael Maggiano:)”This
is not an isolated incident” As we have previously
reported, five others have also come forward
in recent months with lawsuits that accuse
Harrah’s security officers of violent unprovoked
attacks. A family from Florida, two Atlantic
City cab drivers, and a North Jersey college
student all say that they too were brutalized.
An ambulance crew took Farrell to the hospital
to be treated he says for bruises and cuts
on his body. (Frank:) “It was very unwarranted.
I just asked for a room.” A spokesman for
Harrah’s parent company told us in an email
today that it has a long standing policy of
not commenting on pending litigation. When
I asked if Harrah’s is reviewing it’s training
procedures or has disciplined any security
officers, he also had no comment. Saying any
action that they might or might not have taken
could become part of the lawsuit. Farrell’s
lawsuit seeks unspecified compensatory and
punitive damages. In Atlantic City, I’m Ted
Greenberg for News 4 New York.

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  1. It's only a matter of time before these wackos attack the wrong person…and then someone goes in there prepared and puts them in their place…

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