Hasan Sings The Patriot Act Theme Song | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Hasan Sings The Patriot Act Theme Song | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Hey guys, it’s Hasan Minhaj.
So many people have been
asking us about our theme song.
“Are you gonna put it up on Youtube?
On Spotify? On iTunes?
Is there an album?
Who composed the music?”
This is a fun fact:
Ludwig Göransson actually
composed the music.
If you don’t know about Ludwig,
Ludwig is an Oscar and
Grammy-nominated composer.
He has produced for
Childish Gambino, Chance
the Rapper, Vince Staples.
He did the soundtrack for Black
Panther, Creed, so many movies.
I reached out to Ludwig, and I was like,
“Yo, let me hop on the track.”
And he was like,
“Absolutely not.”
You know, I have musical dreams.
And I wanted to share
something with you guys.
I actually wrote original lyrics
to the Patriot Act theme song.
I’ve really devoted myself to the craft.
I’m serious, I’m a musician.
I’ve been vibing off of coworkers.
I’ll spend hours in the morning
freewriting, journaling.
I was working really,
really hard on the lyrics.
If you think I work hard on the show,
doing these comedy book reports,
you have no idea.
So here are the original lyrics,
to the Patriot Act theme song,
written by yours truly.
Sorry. Hold on.
And that’s the track.
Poured my heart into it, and um,
I just wanted to share it with you guys,
ultimately I sent it to Ludwig,
and he never got back to my email.
We mixed it, we mastered it,
we sent it to Netflix and they were like,
“This is super distracting,
please don’t put it in the show.”
But, I feel like the
streets needed to hear it,
so there ya go.
Feel free to record your own cover.
Put it on Youtube, put it on IG,
I’ll hit you with that ‘like,’
and keep living your dreams.

100 thoughts on “Hasan Sings The Patriot Act Theme Song | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix”

  1. So mad, this theme song itself is so good but this stupid song has been stuck in my head for the past three days. I couldn’t focus on my own music at the gym because I had Hasan’s dumbass lyrics in my head. Y’all are doing great tho love the show keep up the awesome work

  2. Some theme songs don't need lyrics.
    1.The Game of thrones theme song(epic to say the least)
    2.The 5 lyric-less national anthems( depending on your viewpoint and the unofficial lyrics of each country)
    (drum-roll please)

    Patriot Act
    P.S Hasan, you have the charisma and the ability to be just like John Oliver. Already you've caught the attention of a country which shall not be named LOL. Keep on pursuing all these big shots in your own comedic way.

  3. Damn. Even after 4 weeks this song is playing in my mind and I cannot go to sleep. I had to get out of bed at 1 am just to listen to this song and now will return to my warm cozy bed. Gtft of my head Hasan

  4. 2 things I want to honor:
    1. This list about things that should rhyme to Hasan. I mean the whole paper.
    2. Those little signs that show you which word he is saying rn. I mean did you see his little face in this little austronaut suit helmet?

  5. Hasan! DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR DAY JOB! LOL. Its terrible! I prefer the sound track with out "vox humana" accompaniment LOL

  6. Can't believe my ears right now. It's… It's BEAUTIFUL!
    edit: It's still stuck in my head! This is so catchy I can't stop humming it. Why u do dis to me?

  7. am i the only one who starts to hum this and ends up humming the theme to Star Trek: The Next Generation instead..?

  8. Ok, Jupiter is amazing but it has no surface to step on. U can't go there. There is a solid core but there the atmospheric pressure is enough to crush like a tin can.

  9. i recently started watching the show and i always loved the music.. now that ive heard this i cant unhear it and it will forever be stuck in my head

  10. If Ludwig had Asian parents:

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