Have you heard Rick Springfield’s heavy metal cover of “Eleanor Rigby”?

Have you heard Rick Springfield’s heavy metal cover of “Eleanor Rigby”?

When you were in Australia where you in bands
and were you a rockstar over there?
Yeah, I was in a very successful band in Australia
called Zoot.
We actually, the bass player went on to form
Little River Band and the lead singer had
a big Australian TV show, so it was like,
and then I came over here and It was just
the four of us.
And we were kind of a Who type, well
when I first joined them, they wore pink,
Maybe in Australia pal!
Let me tell ya, wearing pink in Australia,
you are fucked.
[laughs] And we’d get into fights all the
time because there was no security back then,
We’d play pubs and then we’d go out to the
van and there’d be guys waiting out there
to punch us up.
I eventually said, “this pink thing, we got
to lose this.”
So we started dressing in like rock clothes
and I started bringing more guitar in and I did
a heavy metal version of Eleanor Rigby, which
is still a classic song from the 60s, like
And that arrangement is still on Australian
rock records.
So we had about four or five hits, but we
were still only making like 80 bucks a gig.
It was ridiculous.
80 bucks?
80 bucks.
Boy I certainly remember those days.

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  1. yes i've heard it here it is.rick Springfeild in Zoot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iptr7i7sFkM

    rick Springfeid in Zoot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFedv7ZoV7M

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