He Broke My Leg At Ace Family Event (Charity Basketball Highlights)

He Broke My Leg At Ace Family Event (Charity Basketball Highlights)

thats a red card
help my leg
Yo what is up everybody, how you guys doing man
Do you guys remember like a couple that guy from the Ace Family, Austin or whatever
He said he wanted to play me in basketball
Basically he set up a whole stadium and said we were gonna play in like 3 months
Like 3 moths ago and somehow time flew by
and todays the day
I didn’t even know I really didn’t even know
Because I would’ve been practicing I would’ve been training
and todays the day I gotta play
I believe this is his like locker room or something
Who is this?
Yo Austin.
Look at this guy
Austin I h-
Ohh im gonna beat you
But yeah guys
Im kinda nervous because like
I wish I had more preparation
Ahhhh look at that
Team Rice baby
Alright man we going in locker room man
Time to suit up its time to suit up
what the f-
Out of my own locker room man
Like come on
Oh shit number one cause im coming in first place
Not taking L
RiceGum you know
Im about to get suit up right now
Okay I thought about it
The game hasn’t started yet
Ima wait to put on the jersey later but I got the pants on
I haven’t shot a basketball in like 6 months I need to warm up
Guys I really can’t lose
Im thinking about it I can’t lose I talked so much shit
I can’t lose this and this fool plays college basketball so
I haven’t shot a basketball in like 6 months
But im ready
Im always ready
No edit
First shot
Alright guys I’ve been really think ing about it me and this guy have been talking back and forth. Ive been saying I’m gonna beat him
I have to beat him. If I don’t beat a him, everyone’s gonna clown me if I don’t make this. Theres 8,000 people live bro
Like theres no one in this locker room
But no one knows this im kind of freaking out right now bro, there’s too many people live I did not practice I can’t lose
I was talking all this big talk
Dude I better back it up bro
Or things are gonna get ugly bro
I better back it up bro
Alright listen bro
The fans are here. I’m dressed up
It’s about tht time bro. Im nervous
I did not know this day was about to come
Check this out
Listen yo
Theres a lot of people watching
Not only live but online
Its live streamed bro
Theres millions of people gonna watch
We’re not going out on a lose
You know what im saying
I’m not going out here to lose bro come on bro
It’s public bro we can’t lose in public bro
So look
Whatever it takes I want you to do it
So if its dirty whatever
Whatever it takes we need to win
Violent whatever
Bring it in lets go
We not losing
We not losing
Lets go
It’s about that time bro were going out there
Its about that time baby
Yo whats good
Remember first to 15
Fifteen minutes start the clock
Nice nice
Come on
That’s a red card
My leg
Thats a red card
Come on bro
Y’all y’all mad at the club bro
Come on Rice
Come on Rice
Quickly 3 and a bucket
Alright 9 to 11
Woah step back
Aye bro we out of shape. Damn. We gotta start working out
All right guys, I know I lost this stuff you guys are disappointed
but like I was kind of saving my energy in that game because the next game five versus five my team versus Austin team the
winner of that game gets
$75,000 for charity
so that actually motivates me to actually
Try and you know witness money for a good cause so I turned up. I don’t even know how many 3’s I made
rice with the move
Nice tray
Money*I feel good*
Whoa, good defense, we got the breakaway. Let’s get some dunks
What a pass by rice rice with the moves pulls up with a shot
Oh my God
Over the wall pass fastbreak
Fucking lay up me a Steph Curry with shot big cooking with the sauce chef curry with the pop what
360 with the wrist blue. Woah. What was he gonna do?
No look pass
Its getting good man
Ricegum with a 3
Alright guys I know we lost yanno I said we’re gonna win but it’s all good, it’s all good
We got participation trophies turnaround participation trophies, but oh, it’s all good. We’re all winners
It’s not the same bro
Its not the same
I want the gold one
Alright guys the game’s over I lost well before we leave Austin gave me these shoes to wear
I don’t really like him so I’m gonna throw them in the crowd. All right, guys they thought I left but I’m still here
So let’s give them free shoes
Ima throw one though like
Cause I mean they can’t even wear it
Alright guys, I know we lost me it’s kind of a bummer
I did talk a lot of trash and stuff. But me and Austin. We’re always boy like after the game. He was like, dude
I’m glad that we can actually have you see the public because like we were like be from back before that tiny you know what im saying
The losses it even that bad because you come home to a Cleveland. I didn’t expect until the main span you watching this man
Thank you. Clean my boom. Yo quick update. I’m moving out of this house soon into a bigger house
so I’ll give you guys a update when on
Sorry, I took it out it was for charity nuff said I was only talking trash to hype it up
So it was like clothes and anyways if you watching today, thank you drop a like peace

100 thoughts on “He Broke My Leg At Ace Family Event (Charity Basketball Highlights)”

  1. Dude rice is a bitch and cut the footage of Austin shooting out of the video throwing shoes that’s Austin’s gave him like omg Rice thinks He has to be better then everyone one else but little does he know all the ace family members hate him 1 like for Austin 0 for rice rice words the only reason lot is cuz i was saving my Energy like bitch no u Weren’t Like JUST SHUT UP

  2. Ace familtly are better stop doing this you shuck rice gum and what kund of name is this hahahaha rice gum hahahahahha

  3. Theres so many ace family dickriders and just salty and racist ppl in these comments…man the world really has come far😐😐😐😶

  4. Rice dum rice bum Your older stop being childish! You lose.. I’m so surprised of your weak arms.. I’m on Bihar bhabies team! You defidently faked your leg Injury.. haha you just stared at him and started whining.. I fell bad for u

  5. This is probably some of the saddest basketball playing I’ve seen from rice what a disgusting person

  6. Just to let y’all now ace family has a bigger and more better army than rice bum 🤣😳#ace fam all the wayyyy 🥵

  7. yall saw that 2:41 rice gum was faking it at first he was like wth then he is like my leg shm i know it was long time ago but damnn shm

  8. I’m not hating but it looked like you were faking it like it Soccer. (But in soccer people actually get hurt.)

  9. this is so funny
    rice: falls down
    rice: waits till they come and starts rolling around like a idiot
    rice: keeps playing
    rice: continues playing with a "broken leg"

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