Hellmuth and Winterhalter get PUNISHED by Doc Sands | Poker Night in America S5 E16

Hellmuth and Winterhalter get PUNISHED by Doc Sands | Poker Night in America S5 E16

– [Narrator] How would
you like to play against
the pros on national TV?
Download now to play and win.
It’s absolutely free to play.
– [Chris] From
Thunder Valley Resort
in Lincoln, California, this
is Poker Night in America.
(upbeat swinging music)
Hello and welcome to
Poker Night in America.
I’m Chris Hanson in
front of a teleprompter
that I am reading that
says this is Joe Stapleton.
– [Joe] And we are
showing you poker on TV
because we’re giving the
people what they want.
And what do they want, Joe?
– Poker!
– And how do they want it?
– No limit at 2550 with
an optional straddle.
– And when do they want it?
– After the initial chip counts!
– [Joe] Kelly Winterhalter
back on Poker Night in America.
Try the new Winterhalter
from Old Navy
for when your stomach
absolutely must have frostbite.
– So did you qualify for one
of the satellites as well?
– Yeah.
– It sounds like there
was an 80 and then a 500?
– Yeah I got in
this with the 80.
– Wow, cool.
– Nice job.
– Two of you guys did
that. That’s awesome.
– [Chris] Wow, unbelievable.
Getting to sit down
at this table for $80
when you buy into a
satellite, not bad!
– Good luck.
– Hey, nice free roll.
– Almost free roll.
– I’d like to see a
print out, David, of
how much information you
just gleaned from that.
– [David] Just
making conversation.
– [Chris] One of the things
about Poker Night in America,
whenever we travel around
the country we always
try to bring a little
local flavor to the table.
Here at Thunder
Valley, no different.
It’s pretty cool.
– [Joe] Action on Doc Sands,
his real name is David
but they call him Doc because
he’s always putting us
in the waiting room.
So Doc Sands with the
seven tres figures,
“this hand’s a little
too bad to call,
so I’ll just raise.”
– [Chris] Mr. Utke folds,
back to Winterhalter.
– [Joe] Ace Queen suited,
much like the phrase
virtue signaling,
she is going nowhere.
– [Chris] Alright. Our
first flop of the night,
here from Thunder Valley is
Ace Deuce Queen, all clubs.
– [Joe] I mean how sweet
is this, your hand is
too bad to just call
pre-flop, so you get a little
out of line in three bet,
and then you flop gin.
– [Chris] I don’t want
to say Winterhalter’s
in a bad position, but
there’s a better chance
of me going back to get
my college degree than
her winning this hand.
– [Joe] You don’t
have a college degree?
– [Chris] No.
– [Joe] You can hardly tell.
– [Chris] I speak
nice…ly good.
– [Joe] Kelly is way behind,
but she’s not drawing dead.
One in five times she is
gonna end up the winner
if we get to showdown.
– [Chris] Zero of five times
I walk back into a classroom
to complete my education.
(Joe laughing)
Did I really call a seven
three? Oh, my god I did.
You’ve gotta be kid–
okay. Pokerface.
– [Joe] Sands calls. King
of hearts on the turn.
Now this is actually
gonna maybe help Kelly.
This looks like a
terrible card for her,
there really aren’t many
hands that she’s beating now.
The only real hand that
would get three bet
before the flop, but she’s
still beating is Jack’s.
– [Chris] She does
check, so back to Sands.
– [Joe] Doc cannot check
behind in this spot,
he doesn’t wanna see
another club come down,
he also doesn’t want
the board to pair.
– Bub, you wanted the
almond milk drink?
– What’s that?
– The almond milk
drink’s you, right?
– No, I didn’t order anything.
– [Joe] It’s clear
Kelly’s got something.
– [Chris] 1250 is the bet.
– All in.
– [Dealer] All in?
– [Chris] Oh, no. Quick
call usually means trouble,
and that’s exactly what
it is for Winterhalter,
she bricks the river,
and there the chips go,
immediately to her left.
At least if you want to see
them, they’re just right there.
– [Joe] Well I hope
they bring a bucket
with that almond milk
because it looks like
Kelly is about to puke.
– Nice hand.
– [Chris] Poker Night in
America, brought to you
by Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
– Disingenuous wizards I’ve
been smashing for about
twelve years, the
disingenuous wizards,
and the regular wizards.
Steeps is not a wizard,
he’s just disingenuous,
that’s all.
They just can’t make the
reads, a lot of these wizards.
They’re amazing
players, and have great
mathematical abilities, but …
– I just kind of feel bad
that I just sent a tweet out
to some people saying that,
“Oh he’s a really nice
guy off of the table.”
– [Joe] You know where
he’s a really nice guy,
in the bedroom.
I don’t know why
I just said that.
– How come you
haven’t played any of
the seniors’ tournaments, Phil?
That’s what I want to know.
– [Joe] Utke calls
the raise from Sands.
Two to the flop.
– [Player] Best ever,
let me just say that.
Like, you won’t believe it.
– [Player 2] I know, I’ve
heard, people have been
telling me, and I-
– [Chris] Uh-oh,
Utke out-flops Sands.
– Yeah, I don’t mind
if that’s like my
23rd bracelet with the seniors.
– [Player Off Screen] I
figure by the time you’re 55
you’ll start playing.
– How old’s Super Senior? 60?
– 65.
– 65?
That’s right around
the corner for me.
I want to get a fake ID
so I can play in those.
– You’re not that far off
from the seniors, right?
– Got a few years left.
– Five?
– [Joe] Another
three on the turn.
Not a good card for
Doc, even bottom pair’s
beating him now.
– [Chris] 550, the
bet from Sands.
– [Player] Did you
really think Phil was 45,
or were you trying to be nice?
– [Kelly] No, I mean I always,
I’ll exaggerate a
little every time,
just to play it safe.
– [Player] Yeah.
– [Joe] Utke calls,
here comes the Ace
on the river, oh no,
that saves Sands.
– I think you look 35.
– There you go.
– Phil’s age is
easy to figure out.
He won the Main Event
when he was 19, in 1981.
That would make
him 48 and a half.
– [Kelly] If I said
35 and he was 40 …
– [Phil] Well that
was short lived.
– [Chris] Oh, he pays them off.
– [Joe] And Utke is
out-ke. He is out of here.
(acoustic music)
– It’s Phil Hellmuth here in
the Kimo Sabe Mezcal lounge
with Danielle Anderson,
Dmoongirl, what’s up?
So, you’ve been crushing for
a long time here in Vegas,
I know you moved here
about three years ago.
And I want to ask you, who’s
your most trusted friend?
– You know, my most trusted
friend actually ties back
to where I got into poker,
which is my husband,
who introduced me to the game.
And we’ve been together
since high school,
and I don’t mean to sound
cheesy, and it sounds so
kinda lame, but he cares
more about my happiness
than his own, he
truly truly does.
And I have, in my entire
life, never witnessed somebody
love how my husband loves me.
So, it sounds kind
of cheesy but it-
– No, it sounds kind of “Wow.”
– It really is like, we
really have a very very
special relationship,
and there will never be
anybody that will have my back
or be more trusted than him.
– Let’s raise our glasses here
– Let’s drink to that.
What better to drink to?
– Let’s pour a little
bit more in here.
– I like your style. I like
where we’re going with this.
– A little Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
– It’s like we’ve bonded.
– Absolutely, I love
it. To trusted friends.
– Cheers. To trusted friends.
(harmonica music)
– [Narrator] How would
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– [Chris] As we get
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So if you haven’t done
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Play some poker,
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on an upcoming episode.
(players chatting)
– [Chris] And oh, no. The
game just took an ugly turn.
By that I mean he’s an ugly man.
– [Joe] Time for Poker At
A Glance with Matt Glantz.
– [Chris] Jack, 6? Why not?
Do you think Doc Severinsen
is related to Doc Sands?
– [Joe] People
generally aren’t related
by first name, Chris.
But, maybe?
– [Chris] Oh, you had to
make me feel embarrassed.
– [Joe] Like the
inside of my underwear
after a day at the beach,
this board is all Sands’.
Two pair versus one pair and
Rep Porter does
not like to fold.
This board is now
sandier than “Dune.”
– [Player Off Screen] Bob,
you live in Sacramento?
– [Bob] Close.
– [Chris] 625. This
is a relatively small
pot at this point.
– [Player Off Screen] I used
to drive there from poker,
way back in the day.
– [Joe] I’m not sure
what David Sands thinks
can call him here, but
he must think Rep’s
gonna have a draw lot.
– [Chris] Wait a
second, you just didn’t
call him David, did you?
– [Joe] I did.
– [Chris] Because
he’s part of the
non-witness protection program.
And he hasn’t told anyone
that they did something.
– [Joe] It’s out
there all the time.
– Long time, yeah.
– [Player Off Screen] What’s
the biggest game up there?
– [Joe] Now obviously
Doc Sands has to take
his one last shot to
value bet the river.
But, like your first
girlfriend, Doc Sands
is really gonna make you wait.
– [Player Off Screen]
20 years ago they had
a ten and a quarter pot …
– Really?
– [Player Off Screen]
Yeah, and it was good.
– Omaha?
– [Player Off Screen]
Yeah, it’s the same now.
It’s like, I think
the last year–
– [Chris] 2300, a pot-sized
bet with Sands on the river.
– [Joe] And now
that Rep’s got here,
Doc is completely polarized.
After betting 3 streets,
he’s got a monster,
or he’s got nothing.
Not as many monsters
on this board
as there would be on others,
flushes missed,
straights missed.
– [Player Off Screen 1]
It’s still the same type
of game that just is huge and-
– [Player Off Screen 2]
But it’s not at the casino.
– [Player Off Screen
1] It’s at the casino.
– [Player Off
Screen 2] Oh, it is.
– [Chris] And Doc Sands
picks up another huge pot.
– [Joe] And Doc shows Jack,
6, which I would not do,
because I’m not
even sure it’s legal
to make a full
house with Jack, 6.
– [Chris] Poker Night
is brought to you by
Sit and Go Two Point O.
Go to sitandgo20.net
and claim your free
Sit and Go 2.0 strategy e-book.
– I just gotta straddle, I’m
waiting for that time
when Phil just goes
crazy, just shoves all in
and I have 100 out there,
and just gonna snap call.
– I feel like that could
be the (indistinguishable)
– [Matt] I’m just
waiting for that moment.
– [Joe] And despite
all that straddle talk,
Matt Glantz is not straddling.
He’s the big blind.
– [Player Off Screen] Better
hope I don’t have Ace, 10.
– [Player Off Screen]
I wish you would’ve,
if you had Ace, Queen!
Someone just said Ace, 10.
– [Player Off Screen] What
is Doc thinking right now?
– [Chris] Sands has
Ace, 10, and he has
a large piece of meat
waiting for him behind him.
No, I’m not talking about
the guy in the gray coat.
I’m talking about that
piece of steak. Oh my gosh.
– I just can’t have
it every time, Doc.
You bluff me and
bluff me and bluff me,
and I just can’t have
it every time, right?
– Guess we’ll see.
– [Joe] I’m not really sure
about this three bet with nines.
Phil’s at a position, but …
– [Chris] Maybe he’s
had it with Doc Sands.
What do you think?
– [Joe] Yeah Phil may
have lost it completely.
If he hadn’t lost it
before, he will now.
One over card over there
for pocket nines and
of course Doc’s got it.
I think Phil’s gonna turn
up here with a better hand
and sometimes, but no
way that Doc folds yet.
– [Chris] Raise and a call.
– [Joe] Snap call from Phil.
Generally the
faster Phil calls,
the worse he’s
doing in the hand.
– [Chris] It’s a
six of diamonds.
– [Joe] Think Doc bets again,
lots of straight and flush
draws to charge Phil for.
– [Chris] I’ll just grab
this amount of chips.
– [Joe] Yeah, that
puts Phil all in.
Phil’s likely to think he
has the best hand here,
but, first of all,
he’s got no diamonds.
Second of all, sometimes
you’ve got to take a look
at the guy that’s
always, always, always,
always had it
tonight and be like,
“Meh, maybe he’s got it.”
– [Chris] That’s gotta come
to an end sooner or later,
and you’ve gotta take
advantage of that.
Like, he’s gonna get
people to fold because
they’re thinking he’s
just unbeatable tonight.
Well, maybe there’s
still one time
where he’s simply beatable.
– Doc, that steak looks
amazing, by the way.
– I know, I gotta go back.
– It does look really good.
– [Chris] Oh and Doc
gets into that steak.
– [Joe] There is something
hilarious and amazing
about Hellmuth, distressed
and deep in thought,
debating whether or not
to call off his stack
with second pair
while his opponent,
with his back turned to
him, cuts a slice of steak,
pairs it with a
veggie, and eats it,
knowing he’s probably getting
called and winning the hand.
– Such a good color.
– [Joe] Bravo. It’s
honestly like this
entire shot right
here is being directed
by David Lynch.
– [Chris] It’s your night,
Sands. Eat it up, buddy.
– Alright, I call.
– [Chris] Here’s the
call, I’m chewing steak,
I’ve flipped my cards,
give me the money.
– Good hit, Doc.
– [Chris] Ah, wash it down
with some expensive water.
Yum. Life is good.
– [Joe] Phil’s behind but
he’s not drawing dead.
Six percent of the time
he’s gonna double up here.
Dang. That unlucky 94
percent of the time.
– [Narrator] Poker Night in
America is brought to you by
our trusted friend,
Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
Why settle for tequila?
Step up to Kimo Sabe.
– [Chris] Welcome back
to Poker Night in America
where Doc Sands is winning
almost every single pot.
Some pretty weird hands.
– I thought you tanked
like every decision
just so you’re not
getting timing tells.
(crosstalk, chatter)
– I may have been the
first one to call you out
on your tanking, right?
At least in cash games.
– [Player Off Screen] Yeah.
– I yelled at him two
months ago at the Bellagio.
– Oh, this is years ago.
– Yeah but that’s just
because I was decimating.
– You were just, you’re
so annoying that hand.
– The one where I
played five x and I was-
– It was pre flop.
It just took so long.
– I mean I was
trying to figure out
how much I wanted to raise you.
– [Joe] What do you want to
bet Doc Sands wins this hand?
– [Chris] I’ll bet
you a shiny nickel.
– [Joe] You take the
field, I get Doc Sands?
– [Chris] I’ll take the field.
– [Joe] I just made
myself a nickel.
Winterhalter is coming,
just kidding, she missed.
– [Chris] Sands
checks, Mather checks.
– [Joe] And it looks like
she is gonna take a stab,
but I think she’s
gonna have a hard time
convincing anyone
she’s got a seven.
She’s gonna turn up here
with a seven about as often
as I wake up next to one.
Now, a six I can rep.
– [Chris] I can
actually vouch for him,
watching his dating life
is kind of like a really
sad, desperate episode
of The Bachelor.
– [Joe] It’s so sad
it’s almost French.
– [Chris] Gettin’ real
sick of you Sands,
comin’ around here.
– [Joe] Look at the chip
tricks from Winterhalter.
She’s got game.
– [Chris] Well that’s what
happens when your hands
are so wonderfully moisturized.
You can do stuff like that.
You and I, sparks would be
flying and pieces of skin
would be going everywhere.
– [Joe] Now I thought Kelly
was probably posturing
before a fold, but she’s
floating there with ace-
– [Chris] Yeah, take
that, Stapleton.
10 on the turn.
– [Joe] I was gonna say she
was gonna have to check it down
or take over the betting
lead, but now she can
actually get some value.
– [Chris] Come on, baby,
bring me home that nickel.
– [Joe] Doc checks.
– [Chris] We know this would
be a great spot for her to bet,
but who are we kidding? If I’m
her I’m terrified right now.
I don’t have any
clue if this man with
21 ounces of uneaten steak
immediately behind him.
Who knows what he’s doing?
– [Joe] Oh man, oh man.
Sweet sassy molassy.
Doc Sands has missed
less tonight than the
Kaiser Chiefs miss a beat.
– [Chris] I am so gonna put that
nickel into my
acorn’s account, too.
– [Joe] That was the absolute
best card in the deck for him.
– [Chris] Oh no, it’s
gonna get really expensive,
isn’t it, Stapes?
Tell me if he takes a bite
of steak, I can’t watch.
– I call.
– [Joe] Well, Kelly
frustratedly calls.
And takes a look
at the bad news.
Two words: Buh Rutal.
– How much do I owe you?
That wasn’t correct.
– 2250.
– Okay.
– [Joe] Is she talking
about the pot size
or the call on the flop?
I should not have
just said that.
– Been a Seahawks fan
for over 20 years.
– Huh?
– I said I’ve been a Seahawaks
fan for over 20 years.
– Since they started?
– Nah, a little bit after.
When’d they start?
– ’76.
– Probably around ’85, ’86.
’83, something like that.
– Largent was
still there. Chris-
– Largent, yeah. He went into
politics, right? Largent?
– [Chris] Mather
raising, King Jack off.
– Is he still in politics?
– He was a senator in
Oklahoma for a while.
– He did well.
– [Chris] I just
want to see Phil win.
Like it’s no fun if
Phil’s not winning.
We’ve already seen plenty
of Phil Gets Beat tonight.
Let’s get some Phil
Winning in us, huh?
– [Joe] It ain’t looking
good for him here
’cause Matt Glantz,
that old son of a gun,
has rockets.
– Squeeze the most out
of his athletic ability
than any other football player.
– Largent?
– Largent. He wasn’t super
fast, it wasn’t like he had
perfect routes, and
dropped the ball.
– [Chris] 700, the
bet from Glantz,
and a call from Hellmuth.
– Had such a long
career in broadcasting.
– Hard to take
anybody but Brady.
Seventh round pick.
– [Chris] Aw, there
we go, see now that’s
what I’m talking about.
– [Joe] Now that he has two
pair, he is the poster child
for why playing
good is overrated.
Because when he plays good
he loses, and on this hand
I’ll just say he’s gonna
win, you figure out the rest.
1100 the bet from Hellmuth.
– I’ll raise.
– I have two pair.
– [Joe] Those two pair very
likely to be good, and…
River, he’s good. Home and dry.
– Probably lost his mind.
– I was not afraid of
that six, on the turn.
– The six was the
best card ever.
– Six was gin.
– [Chris] See, just like that.
See I wanted Phil
to start winning,
now give us a little
Phil, come on.
Give us little.
– [Joe] He can’t
because even he knows
he had no business
being in that hand.
Queen, six, Jack,
six, what a day
to make hands with garbage.
– Hellmuth finally
takes down a pot when he
cracks Glantz’s Aces.
– I call it with
Queen, Six, honey.
Stick around and we will
tally up the final counts
when we come back.
– When I’m playing poker and you
make fun of me and I swing back,
that’s you being an ass to me
and me just putting you right
down where you deserve to be.
– Oh god.
I wanna go in with rags just
to get out of here.
I feel like I’m at my families
Thanksgiving dinner.
– I admitted it, I said, yeah I
was a high school loser.
– How did we get to high school?
We were all losers in high
Play the game!
– [Chris] Poker Night
is brought to you by
Sit and Go Two Point
O. Go to sitandgo20.net
and claim your free
Sit and Go Two Point O
Strategy E-Book.
– [Chris] Day One is done,
and for Kelly Winterhalter,
really things weren’t
going her way,
oh and then she hit that
nut flush on the river.
And here’s where the money went.
Right into the pockets
of Harlan Karnofsky,
Doc Sands, Rep Porter,
and Lee Markholt.
Now, if you want more Poker
Night, you can find us
on social media, including
Twitch and Youtube,
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From everyone here at
Poker Night in America,
I’m Chris Hanson,
he’s Joe Stapleton,
and thanks for watching.
Poker Night is brought to
you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal
and Sit and Go Two Point O.

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