Help Us Build Xbox Game Pass for PC

Help Us Build Xbox Game Pass for PC

Hi, I’m Megan, and you’re
watching the Xbox Game Pass PC Developer Update. In celebration of the
launch of Halo: Reach on PC, we’re coming to you from Halo
Headquarters 343 Industries. We’re gonna be chatting
with Jason Beaumont about some of the awesome
Xbox Game Pass for PC Beta improvements, plus some
requests from the community and info on a certain franchise
I know you’ll care about because I’ve seen Twitter. So Jason, thanks for coming. Absolutely, thanks for having me. Okay, so the things that I want to know. What have we done since we launched Beta? I’d like to know what’s on the roadmap for Game Pass for PC, and I want to know when are we getting Halo. Well, here’s the good news. Halo: Reach is available already for PC. Our friends at 343 did an amazing job. My friends have already
started playing it, and I hope all of you out there
have downloaded it as well. So what have we done since
we launched the Beta? A lot of what we’ve done has really been about listening to the
fans, especially looking at what folks have put
inside of Feedback Hub and the bugs that they’ve filed. Speaking of bugs, we’ve
literally fixed hundreds of them since launch. Thank you so much everyone
who’s been giving us feedback in the Feedback Hub. You’re sharing your screenshots, you’re sharing what’s going well, what are the things that
you want to see improve. It’s a huge help to the engineering team. In fact, one of the things
that we’ve been hearing a lot from people is that they
want to be able to use things like Facebook and Steam
to find their friends. So right now you can go
inside of that social tab in the app, and you can find
additional friends to add by linking Facebook and Steam accounts. So what other updates have we been doing? That left side of the app is essentially your game library. And so we’ve given people a lot of ways to kind of filter that,
to search for things, look for things that
have achievements, etc. It also lets you quickly find the games that you’ve already installed. So you don’t have to
keep scrolling for days when you’re trying to find
the one that starts with Z? Absolutely, that’s one
of the best improvements. So one thing I’ve heard
from the community is that they’re really looking
for a faster experience to download and install games. The first thing that we
really wanted to improve was the install experience itself. We were just seeing an
unacceptable amount of errors on people installing games. Downloads have also improved as well, as we’ve been able to
utilize things like CDNs, allows us to improve the download speeds. That being said, I know that there’s still some other things coming. Yeah, we’re constantly looking at ways to improve the user experience. I hope everybody is
seeing the improvements that we’ve made to
things like the carousel at the top of screen and
some of the inline details that we have with the games
where you can just click on it and click install without having to go through a bunch of navigation. So I know one of the biggest things is what drive can they install their game on, and why does it always go to C drive. Yeah, I think like a lot
of PC gamers out there are a bit like me, where you
have your operating system on your C drive, and then
you’ve got kind of a bigger, larger storage drive where
you hold all of your games. We now have support inside
the app for selecting which drive you install your games on. The thing I really want to ask you about is achievements. Yeah, in the latest release of the app, there’s an entirely new
achievements module in there. You can filter the games to see
which one have achievements, which is something that
I know a lot of folks have been asking for. All the achievement hunters
have been yelling for it, Absolutely, yeah. Can we talk about the games
that have achievements in say Steam, but they
don’t in Game Pass for PC? There’s definitely some of those. And it’s really up to the publisher. We’re really about creating
choice and open ecosystem on the PC. But we’re getting more games
that have achievements, is really what I’m hearing, though. Yeah, absolutely. I think one of the things
you’re starting to see as we progress through
the Beta is that more and more publishers are
starting to integrate things like achievements and
things into Xbox Live on PC. So let’s talk about the mobile app. I use it all the time to search for what games are available. Yeah, the Xbox Game Pass mobile app has a really simple value. You can on the go, when you’re
away from your console or your PC, you can browse
the gaming catalog, and you can tap a button to
install it on your console, and now on your PC as well. So what game are you playing right now? Yeah, right now I’m playing Subnautica, and I absolutely love it. It starts off as a gentle,
underwater survival game, but it quickly turns
into a whole lot more. Jason, thank you so
much for talking to us. Super appreciate it. Thank you. And thank you for tuning in and for all of your feedback
on the Feedback Hub. Follow us on Twitter, and
we’ll talk to you next time. [XBOX SOUND]

100 thoughts on “Help Us Build Xbox Game Pass for PC”

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    It's rediculous that you need an online list if you wanna know whats available.
    Adding control would also be nice.

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