Help Wanted! Cruise Ship Dream Jobs Available Work Travel And See The World

Help Wanted! Cruise Ship Dream Jobs Available Work Travel And See The World

I think it’s Bruce here with travelling
with Bruce do you like cruise ships
would you like to work on a cruise ship
and travel the world be paid to be on
one of these beautiful ships well I’ve
got a deal for you I’m gonna tell you if
you’re between say 21 and 40 and you’re
not tied down maybe you’re not married
no kids just got out of school out of
college this might be for you uh the
folks at starboard cruise services are
looking for employees to work in their
high-end duty-free stores onboard
different cruise ships they have a
contracts with 90 different cruise ships
around the world they employ 1,500
people now onboard these ships and
they’re based in Miami with 300
employees on land this company starboard
cruise services they’re a subsidiary of
Louie boot ah mo a Hennessy brand this
is a Paris based corporation they have
over 50 brands that they run and manage
they own Sephora they own Dom Perignon
champagne Hennessy Dior Fendi Louie boot
ah Marc Jacobs leather and beauty tag
heuer watches Givenchy perfume Christian
Dior it goes on and on and on the cruise
lines that they work with would be rel
Caribbean Carnival Norwegian celebrity
crystal silver see all in America dream
cruises Kosta just to give you a little
sampling of who they are talking about
who they’re working with what they’re
looking for is assistant sales managers
and sales managers with a bit of
experience preferably to manage some of
their on store or on brand stores we’re
talking Tiffany we’re talking Chanel
brands don’t you get mad you see all of
them here what they’re offering is of
course free room and board on crew on
board the cruise ship you’re looking at
a six month contract probably six months
on one month off six months on and then
you earn a salary plus bonuses on top of
that how much money can you make it all
depends on the job position you’ve got
and what your sales numbers are but it’s
not it’s not uncommon for folks working
aboard these cruise ships to generate
anywhere from twenty-five thousand to a
hundred thousand a year depending on
their position of course your
accommodations will be small crew size
you’ll be able to go downstairs and
below where the crew have their meals
that’s where you’ll have your meal
you’ll hang out with the crew of course
you’ll make friends you’ll have your
co-workers on board these ships you
might be on one ship for a six month
contract and then another ship on a six
month contract it’s not uncommon where
staff can request transfers from
different brands or different lines or
different ships so that the itinerary
changes up rather than having just the
Caribbean cruises only you might have
Mediterranean cruises you might have
Asian cruises you might want Alaskan
cruises of course they’ll be the parties
onboard the ship with the other staff
there’s always somebody having a
birthday and somebody ending their
contract and lots of fun on board it’s
for the young of heart I would say but
if you want to see the world this is
your chance where you can get a job
where you’ll put in the hours but you’ll
also get time off to go on shore you’ll
have a day trip here a day trip there
and you might travel on ship on off the
ship with some co-workers of yours and
take a train ride from the fort near
Rome to the Coliseum hang out for three
four five hours in Rome and then back to
the ship you go and take a bunch of
photos of yourself and share with your
friends and family back home not
uncommon for people who work on board
cruise ships to of course let all their
relatives know what ship they’re on what
the itineraries are and the next thing
you know friends and relatives start
booking cabins on board these ships that
you’re working on and sometimes mom and
dad come on board for a cruise and they
get to spend a little bit of time with
you during your work week and after
hours maybe you’ll get a day off and
head to ear to st. Thomas and take the
cable car with your parents look back at
the ship that you’re working on who
knows there are possibilities are
absolutely endless and of course if
you’re single you never know you might
find that significant other that you’ve
been looking for all your life that just
happens to share the same kind of
that you share in travelling career
objectives who knows it can happen you
never you can never tell a why is
available Fiji of course Australia New
Zealand Indonesia the Philippines Japan
travel to China you name it Africa the
Middle East everywhere you can go it’s
just a question of do you like the ship
life and do you enjoy the career once
you’ve finished your career on board a
cruise ship if you’ve managed to reach a
management level of a of an onboard
store you might be hired by the same
company to work on land in Miami or you
can go to virtually any city in the
world and you can probably get a job
managing a jewelry store high-end you’ll
get a job working for Tiffany’s or any
of these outfits if you have one in your
hometown go to your local hometown
shopping mall and the jewelry stores and
the fashion shops will be lined up to
hire you with your experience and of
course the stories you’ve got to tell
anyway there you go there’s a job for
the young at heart if you’re between 20
I’d say 21 and 40 you can consider
getting a job with a company called
starboard cruise services just look them
up on Google and click their home page
you’ll find there are jobs available all
the time there’s always turnover you
never know this might be the job for you
thanks for joining me today on this
dream scenario it always gets one
thinking I’m too old to do it but if I
were a younger hmm I consider something
like this join me Monday nights live 8
o’clock Eastern Time we talk cruise
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traveling with Bruce saying bye for now

17 thoughts on “Help Wanted! Cruise Ship Dream Jobs Available Work Travel And See The World”

  1. Wow not sure if I should be offended for being too old at 52 to work on a cruise ship. 🤣 I mean kids are gone, not married,free as a bird really LOL 😉

  2. Please tell about job for security officer on a cruise ships .about salary, duty hours ,duty off,contract time and many things related security officer .

  3. Hey Bruce. I'm currently working on getting a 3rd Mate Unlimited License to work onboard ships on the Navigation Bridge.

  4. Me too, I wish I was younger as well. Didn’t have these opportunities when I was growing up. Didn’t even knowing these type of jobs existed back then.

  5. Bruce, you certainly did your homework!!! WAY TO GO!! when i was NCL DAWN they told us that the crew members sleep 4 to 5 to a room!! if i only knew HOW MUCH FUN cruising is! ….years ago! LOL

  6. Thanks for the information Bruce , but Why is this age preferred? Thus is great for young people I get that but what about mature adults? I'm young at heart and single. My kids are grown. Love to travel also. So why aren't there some jobs offered without age discremination for seasoned adults like me and others that are over 50 and active and still sharpe with lots of experience to share with others. Please advise thanks.

  7. Alright Bruce I have watched enough of your videos, you got me. I subscribed even though I already subscribe to too many cruise channels now. 🤣

  8. My daughter worked on Pride of America in Hawaii. A dream location but not a dream job. Worked an 11 hour day in split shifts, $6.50 an hour, 7 day work week. Hawaii taxes are high! Shared small cabin with 2 others. Food left much to be desired as it’s not the same menu as passengers get. Left after 5 weeks.

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