Heritage Ability: meet your National Lottery Award Heritage winner.

So apparently, there’s quite a lot of
celebrities surprising National Lottery
Award winners and I hate to be
competitive. That’s such a lie, I
love to be competitive. I really want
my surprise to be the best, so guess what?
I have a plane!
The project began several years ago. It
was found that a lot of the Heritage in the
South West was not accessible.
I’m registered severely sight-impaired.
When I visit a site like this, the
information that they issued to people
so that you can take it around the site
with you has always been too small.
Coming to places like this in the past;
lots of bumps, lots of steps. So certain
parts aren’t accessible.
I feel really left out when all the
hearing people can get what’s going on.
It just doesn’t feel right. They will
enjoy their day but I want the same
access. The Heritage Ability project
makes sites more accessible. So we do
this with our visual stories. Someone
with disabilities can plan ahead and
then when they get here, they can use the
Tramper, they can maybe use the large
print, and the self-guided map, or the BSL
tour to improve their visit. We’re a
three year project and we’re halfway
through and already the feedback we’ve
received has been remarkable. The
difference with having accessible
information available to me is that
instead of having to ask who I’m with
constantly, ‘what’s this, what’s that?’, I can look
for myself. With a tablet, I can use a
recorded BSL guide. So I don’t have to
worry about relying on an interpreter or
family and friends who are hearing, to
know what’s going on. I can be
Having the Tramper here means I can just
sit and enjoy the scenery and get where
I want to go.
We have an ETA of T-minus five minutes.
Hi Maria. I’m Sally. Great to meet you. What
part has the National Lottery played in
making this possible? Without this money
we just couldn’t have done this project.
We could design it but we wouldn’t have
been able to deliver it. Is there an
aerodrome near? No! We’ve won!
This is incredible. Now we can
really go for it. Yeah, it’s great to let
people know that they can get now,
places that they were excluded from.
It is, yeah. It’s about time and it’s
Well done you!

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