Heritage Minutes: Basketball

Heritage Minutes: Basketball

Frank! Frank! No, no, Frank! Don’t carry it! Dribble it! Dribble it! Dribble it! Frank, shoot! Is this some kind of Canadian joke, sir? I mean, I know you’re the instructor and everything, but if we can’t carry the ball, how can we get a decent shot at the … peach basket! All right, maybe we can allow a carry of a couple of steps. And Mr. Naismith, sir, it sure slows things down to have to climb up here every time. Well then, let’s cut the bottom of the basket. But I need these baskets back! Narrator: A hundred years after James Naismith form Almonte, Ontario, invented it, basketball was being played by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

79 thoughts on “Heritage Minutes: Basketball”

  1. "Is this some kind of Canadian joke, sir?  I mean I know you're the instructor and everything, but…"
    And the Oscar for dialogue does NOT go to — 🙂

  2. Why did they get a old guy to get the ball each time when they're in a gym full of able bodied young men?

  3. Old man : "but i need these baskets back"
    Next scene : people cutting the basket up anyway as a fuck you to the old man XD

  4. Since the moment of Basketball's invention, has James Naismith of Almonte, Ontario ever really given those baskets back?

  5. … “and 128 years later Dr. James is smiling down for the country that started it all is the champions of the world."


  6. I'm just here to say that I shared this video this morning, and then.. tonight, the Toronto Raptors won the 2019 NBA Championships. That is all 🙂 😀

  7. Good thing that selfish farmer gave up his baskets to be cut open because it led to THE TORONTO RAPTORS WINNING THE 2019 CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

  8. Larry Reynolds is the fabulous actor who needed his baskets back! Thank you so much for posting. Much love to the Reynolds family, from your other family. CONGRATULATIONS, Toronto Raptors! So proud of this city. Born in the GTA 🙂

  9. I need those [Grizzlies] back! And bring a few more teams north of the border while you're at it. Toronto winning it all will only broaden basketball's appeal in the country of its origin!

  10. From a simple game created by a humble Canadian Dr. James Naismith to the NBA's Toronto Raptors capturing the game's highest prize. Basketball has come full circle, and alive and well here in the Great White North 🏀🇨🇦!

  11. I remember watching this as a kid! Finally the championship is home where it belongs! "We the north", 2019 NBA champs the Toronto Raptors!

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