High Graphics Gamers VS Low Graphics Gamers

High Graphics Gamers VS Low Graphics Gamers

Disclaimer the videos I make is completely for entertainment purpose. I don’t mean anyone anything by it
I just think you guys would enjoy while making videos. So please don’t feel offended. Let’s stay awesome
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100 thoughts on “High Graphics Gamers VS Low Graphics Gamers”

  1. At 2:23 and 5:33 that's not how low graphics work. While they do have less details, they're actually sharper because of the lack of antialias and other effects. The one thing that really blurs the picture, that I can think of, is texture level.

  2. I've played on laptop with pentium 3550m, integrated grapgics and 4gb ram, games- War Thunder, Holdfast, Life is Feudal.
    Since an week i have pc with gtx 750, i7 3930k and 16 gb ram.
    Thats an jump!

  3. I think high settings is better.Low shadow resolution is better,pixelate effect and better performance.Low resolution for better performance.

  4. Awsome video man….love watching it…But does stickman have kidneys…. Lol i wasn't knowing hahah….. Great video man….thumbs up

  5. i am low graphics gamer.And im absolute happy.I dont like these games today so much. I play the games from older times😍
    Full Nostalgic and no stupid mates

    I dont care about graphics just the atmosphere

  6. Is it ok if sir start making high graphics video abt gamers instead of stick-men and they dont move very much. If they can move much, talk instead of words showing, itd be awesome. Thanks.

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