High Stakes ACTION Concludes! | S5 E45 Poker Night in America

High Stakes ACTION Concludes! | S5 E45 Poker Night in America

– [Narrator] From Seminole Hard
Rock in Hollywood, Florida,
this is Poker Night in America.
(jazz music)
– Welcome to the
dramatic conclusion
of Poker Night in America.
Seven men remain, only three
will leave with profits,
hearts will be broken, and
dreams will be shattered.
– This has been an
amazing journey.
Let’s take a look back at
everyone’s incredible story.
– A lot of money on the
table here tonight on
Poker Night in America
Seminole Hard Rock.
It’s our high stakes edition,
and so buy-in’s a little
bigger than normal,
and a little bigger
loss than normal,
you don’t see people
down 164 and 162 thousand
all that often.
– And don’t let that Matt
Berkey number fool you.
He might be up 200,000
dollars, but he’s down 100,000
from the 300,000 he
was up ten minutes ago.
– Oh now he want
to embarrass us.
– Now he’s trying to
make a dope out of us.
– Exactly.
– Do it again.
He ran it, he ran it.
– I’ve already put.
– [Chris] Seminole
Hard Rock tonight,
the blinds are 100 and
200 and everybody’s
throwing in a 25
dollar ante cause.
And we’re getting started
with our very first hand,
and of course, the
straddle is on.
– [Joe] We got a
massage happening,
do you think he gets
charged more for a massage
like when they charge you more
for an SUV at the car wash?
A lot more surface area, the
worst starting hand in poker.
The best starting hand in poker.
– [Chris] Well that’s a
nice one way to the other.
– [Joe] Getting Bill
Perkins off an ace
is like trying to get Chris
Hanson off of the Bachelor.
Do not try to call this
guy on a Monday night.
– [Chris] Oh I thought you
insinuated I was on the show.
– [Joe] No, no, you’re just–
– [Chris] That’s Chris Harrison.
– [Joe] You’re just
addicted to it.
– [Chris] I’m Chris Hanson
and I’m not the Dateline
Chris Hanson, I’m
the, forget it.
The bets are going back
and forth here between
Perkins and Kanit.
– It’s the cha, cha, cha.
– Hm I don’t like that.
– [Joe] Pornstache
is like [bleep] you.
– [Chris] Don’t call
him, no you can’t.
– [Joe] Well you did,
he put the hat on.
You’re done.
– [Chris] Eight, three, nine.
– [Joe] Tens are an
over pair on this board,
gonna be tough for
Kanit to get away now.
– Call.
– [Chris] Jack on the turn
and now an up and down
straight draw for
Mustapha Kanit.
– [Joe] Unlike his mustache
which is side to side.
– Check.
– [Chris] Perkins is
checking and so Kanit
could get a free
card if he wants it.
And he doesn’t make the straight
but there are three spades
out on the board now.
– [Joe] Six, seven
got there in the flop
but not much else.
– Call.
– I have a pair.
– I have the best pair.
– I have a good one.
– [Joe] And it must be
annoying to lose a pot
to a guy whose giving away
his money to everybody else.
Bill Perkins getting a
little bit back there
from Mustapha Kanit.
– Should have [bleep] him
up with the hat on buddy.
– Yeah I know, I was close,
I had the straight draw,
couple 10s on the board.
– [Chris] Here’s a raise to
12 hundred from Calderaro.
– Raise 3000.
– [Chris] Re-raise from Kanit
with ace jack, to 35 hundred.
– [Joe] Wow and Calderaro
calling out of position
with king seven
against Mustapha Kanit.
Looks like Calderaro
hates money as much
as he hates body hair.
– [Chris] Flop is
ace, ace, king.
– [Joe] Calderaro
officially drawing dead
unless he hits
runner, runner, king.
– Told you you’re [bleep]
either way.
Put the hat on now,
doesn’t make a difference.
– [Chris] Turns a jack so
now Kanit’s got a full house.
– It’s on you.
– [Joe] And Calderaro
officially drawing dead.
– [Chris] Another check
call, we’re over 34 thousand
in the pot, here
comes the river.
Could we get any more
paint on this board?
– [Joe] Aces and faces.
– [Chris] And now 25
thousand from Kanit.
– Maybe you should
take the hat off.
That’s great.
– [Joe] Everything about the
way Kanit’s played this hand
says he’s got an ace.
And probably a full
house, possibly quads.
– [Chris] All of those
things beat a pair of kings.
– Nothing I can beat.
– Move fold, he
lasts an hour on TV.
– Show it now.
– Nah I have a good
hand, I have full house.
You believe me?
– Yes I do, yes I do.
– [Joe] One of these guys is
Italian and the other is FBI,
full blooded Italian.
– I’m not lying to a
competitor, you know.
I would lie to Jeff and I
would lie to Chance for sure.
No Jeff no, Chance.
– I feel like James
Calderaro and Mustapha Kanit
would make a great
buddy comedy duo.
– Yeah absolutely, cleaning
up the streets of Hollywood
one check raise at a time,
the Italian stallions.
– Do I have to keep
saying welcome back?
I mean I really feel like
it doesn’t change the viewer
experience in any capacity.
– You, us, poker, now.
(upbeat music)
– Is it my eight?
– [Joe] At least he’s
making fun of himself now.
– [Chris] Poker Night in America
in our high stakes night.
Blinds are 100 and 200
with a 25 dollar ante
from all the players.
– [Joe] Mustapha Kanit
is straddling which means
he’s putting out
400 in the dark.
Have not heard much from
Jason Mercier in this session.
I think he’s played exactly
one hand before this
and it was aces.
– [Chris] And he
won a monster pot.
So if he wants to win
this time, he’s got to
turn ace three into a winner
and he’s facing a raise
to 4000 dollars
from Bill Perkins.
Here comes Kanit,
getting involved with
just spectacular holdings.
– [Joe] Wow didn’t take
Jason long at all after
becoming a dad to be
stuck in a permanent
state of dad face, did it?
Just always slightly
disappointed and concerned.
– [Chris] Well he is gonna
be playing on the button
for the rest of the hand.
So he does have that advantage.
Flop is king four eight.
Perkins and Kanit
catch the board.
– [Joe] Top pair for Perkins,
middle pair for Kanit.
Kanit’s not folding a pair.
Not sure he’ll call streets
if he doesn’t improve though.
– [Chris] Off to
the PTA for Mercier.
10 on the turn.
10k is the number.
– [Joe] Seems like an
easy fold to me Musta.
– [Chris] Here we got a call.
– [Joe] He’s just
not a believer.
– [Chris] Another king
comes on the river.
I wonder if Perkins checked here
if Kanit would bluff at this.
– [Joe] It’s entirely
possible that he just
checks behind to take
a show at that valley,
if he thought eight was
the best hand on the flop
and turn, it would still
be the best hand now.
– Here comes the
hat, oh you [bleep].
– You put the hat on?
– Yeah he put the hat on,
I gotta be honest with you.
– I checked then.
– Check.
– That hat saved you
a little bit of money.
– Should have saved
himself a little bit.
– Oh no, I thought
he might have bet.
– [Joe] Poker night is brought
to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal.
– I see so many rumors
of what they offer us.
– [Joe] Jason had a big
bracelet bet at the world series
a few years ago
with Vanessa Selbst.
– So how that start it?
– She wanted, she
wanted to buy out
like after I won the
first one and I was like–
– Oh that was after
the first one.
– Yeah going into day two
of the next tournament
and basically I just
said that I don’t,
I don’t really want
to do a buy out
and I don’t think that you’re
gonna get a good price from me
so you should just sell it
to somebody else because
I knew that she wanted
like a really low number,
you know to settle,
and I was like–
– Oh that was after number one.
– Yeah.
– So that wasn’t
after number two.
– You won two.
– See I thought the
big negotiation–
– You won one and
I got a buy out.
– So no negotiation came to two.
– She had already
sold the action
before I won the second one.
– Really?
– So then all those
people were sweating.
– Super sweating, it
could have been me,
I was like on a boat
somewhere and I was like.
– I just can’t win
that much money.
– See I thought it was more too.
– [Chris] What would
you rather have,
a bunch of bitcoin
or action with Jason?
– [Joe] Bitcoin.
– [Joe] Why wouldn’t you
wanna sweat Jason Mercier,
look how exciting
and dynamic he is.
– And then I have to like
sit there and sweat him
like as he’s at a
final table, you know?
– [Calderaro] So she lost a ton?
– Nah she didn’t lose that much,
she lost like 100 thousand,
she got like a ridiculous
price, that she actually,
I thought the people
that she sold it to
gave her way too much.
– I agree.
– There was a lot of
argument about that.
– [Mercier] Yeah I know.
– See I heard so much
more than what you’re
telling me right now.
– Cause the way the
tournament ran, you could
have played a lot of, you
could have played anything.
– A lot of left, yeah I know.
– Yeah of course you
can, but still, he still
has to get a bracelet,
I mean it still–
– The structure made it
so like you could play
like a lot of different
events, whereas before
like you play this
event, you miss like–
– I ended up after I got the
second bracelet, I got like
and eighth, eleventh,
twelfth, sixteenth.
– I just would have been crying.
– Fourteenth, like I had
a bunch of shots at it.
– [Calderaro] Yeah,
you had a ton of shots.
– [Mercier] Where I was
down the two tables.
– So really she only lost 100
after all was said and done?
– Yeah, I think she
lost around a hundred,
maybe a little more.
– [Chris] They both check
so here comes the river.
– Either way it’s
still, from what–
– Lets not forget, you lost 10k.
– [Joe] So Perkins
misses but this is
a great card for him to bluff.
Still Mustapha Kanit is good af,
he could hero this.
– [Chris] It’s
gonna cost him 6000.
– She damn won three.
– I don’t think she
won any actually.
– I think he said
you didn’t win three.
– Oh I, I thought he said
she didn’t win three.
Probably for the best.
– [Chris] He goes for the raise.
Instantly Bill Perkins
goes for the fold
as soon as the chips came out.
– [Mercier] Tough luck Mustapha.
– Next card.
– It’s funny you say that
cause I mean that was–
– He had to look back at the
board so it’s probably a bluff.
– Yeah you’re right.
– You know, he thought
he was bluffing,
he had the best hand.
You had the best hand.
– Mustapha Kanit is
super likable and if
you’re not convinced
yet, his online handle
is lasagnemmm.
– Place holder for segment
three, welcome back.
– You weren’t
supposed to read the,
the part that says place holder.
– Well I just read
whatever the prompter says,
everything else is way
above my pay grade Joseph.
Poker night is brought
to you by Sit & Go 2.0.
– [Joe] Jason Mercier
with aces again,
he’s played exactly one hand
so far in this show down
and it was aces.
– [Chris] And ace ten comes
up here for Calderaro.
And Bill Perkins with ace jack,
this is getting interesting.
I might actually pay
attention to half
the stuff you say Stapleton.
– [Joe] If somebody else
wakes up with an ace
we’re gonna have a problem.
– I know you definitely
seed your hand.
– I’m rooting for it.
– [Joe] Man ever since
Jace had become a dad,
he’s been tighter than
a maternity dress.
– You want the hat, maybe
you two hat be better.
– Can I touch it, I
just wanna touch it.
– Aw that was good,
you touched the hat?
Let Jason touch it too.
– [Joe] He’s gotta be loving
this, now he can put in
another bet against two guys
who hate folding pre flop.
– [Chris] Calderaro’s maybe
in the worst spot here
because he’s caught in
the middle of these two.
So you gotta wonder,
if you just call,
if somebody else is
coming over the top.
– [Joe] Also he’s miles
from a tanning bed.
– Yeah, I’m gonna play
a big pot with you too.
But I’m gonna bring
him in if we do.
Just so you know.
– I do like to party.
– Oh I know, you’re
not leaving the dance,
I know that for sure.
16, five.
– Let me think about it, I,
let me think about it, I call.
– [Chris] Alright just
50k in the pot pre flop,
I’ve been begging in
this high stakes match
to get a half
million dollar hand.
– Listen use your
maximum sweating power.
– Okay.
– Touch the hat
first, touch the hat.
– Hat, everything.
– Touch the hat.
– Home audience.
– Ah you can.
– [Perkins] I’ll do
the max I can do bro.
– [Calderaro] The
max you can do, okay.
– [Joe] Jason’s gonna
really like this flop,
no flush draw at
all, what a dream.
And there’s 50k in
the middle, how much
do you continuation bet for?
Turns out the answer is 335.
– His hand is so big,
he cannot fold it.
Fold, ugh.
– [Joe] And that’s the way
it usually goes with aces,
If you’re getting to the
river, you’re probably beat.
Look at Jason, he’s so
pleased with himself.
– [Chris] Back to thinking
of ways to increase
the brain power of my child.
– I’d ace jack of diamonds
so I had you beat.
– I was just gambling.
– What, what did you have?
– I had the other two
aces, the black aces.
– [Chris] Just a reminder
you could win a free seat
at this poker table and
play against the pros
on national television, to
win simply download our new
free poker app, play some
hands and you qualify
to enter our grand
prize sweepstakes.
It’s totally free with no
catch, so pull out your phone
and download it now.
Ace six of hearts
for Bill Perkins,
Matt Berkey had been
relatively quiet tonight,
so lets see if he
wakes up here, he does.
– [Joe] Yeah it’s been a while
since he’s raked a 50k pot.
– [Chris] I like to do
that at least once an hour
or once an orbit so.
– All In.
– [Joe] Chance Kornuth
taking no chances today,
he is making sure
to get it in bad.
Bill Perkins has
got him dominated.
But folds!
I take it back,
Kornuth’s got it in good.
– [Chris] Berkey makes the call.
– Oh no, I’ve clubs too.
– I see your Schwartz
is a clubby as mine.
– Do you have ace jack?
– King six babe.
– [Chris] And so Berkey and
Kornuth got all the chips
in the middle, lets see if
Kornuth can sweat it out
and double up to 58 thousand.
Jack ace three and a queen.
– [Joe] Cloudy with a
chance of queen balls.
– [Chris] It is really
amazing how Matt Berkey
has been absolutely
crushing this game.
– Well good luck gentlemen.
– [Chris] And doing
it all fashions too,
I mean there, picking off a
winner with a pair of queens.
– [Joe] Calderaro getting
funky with his chicken,
six five off suit.
– [Chris] What it
this, DiPascale calls
and now aces for Jason Mercier.
– [Joe] Mercier flanked
by two guys who definitely
do most of their working
out at Orange Theory.
– [Chris] 76 hundred’s the bet.
Who wants to
huckleberry, huh, huh?
Come on pocket square,
you know you want to.
Oh how ’bout this,
a raise to 22k.
– [Joe] Jason Mercier
has played four hands
and three of them
have been aces.
Now since Berkey’s acting
like he has a hand,
my guess is that Jason is
gonna put in another raise.
– [Chris] Sure
enough, 56 thousand,
600 dollars the new price.
– [Joe] Did you say shirt
enough because Matt Berkey
is definitely wearing
enough shirts.
I actually think
Berkey’s quite good
and he’s definitely good enough
to get away from this now.
And he does.
(upbeat music)
When this goes live to air,
Jason is gonna look like
such a big nit, you’re
gonna wonder if he lives
in South Florida in some
dirty second grader’s hair.
– Stick around because
we gotta make sure that
the count is right, otherwise
they take it out of our pay.
– It’s true.
– [Chris] Well that about
wraps things up here
at Seminole Hard Rock
in Hollywood Florida.
Matt Berkey fleeced the table
for nearly 300 thousand dollars.
– [Joe] And thank god
he managed to get back
the 80k of the 100k he was
upstuck, I was worried.
Mustapha Kanit and
Jason Mercier had to
pick their spots carefully
at this crazy table
but they did so for
six figure scores.
Everyone else?
Yeah not so much.
Rough, rough session
for Chance Kornuth,
who lost 235 grand
and Bill Perkins
he lost what I imagine
he probably spends
for gas on his yacht.
If you want more Poker
Night in America,
we have a brand new
free social poker app
that you can download
and have your own
poker night with your friends.
It’s been updated
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So download that today
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it’s totally free.
Also be sure to follow
our social media accounts,
including YouTube and
twitch where you can see
full episodes, livestreams
and exclusive content.
For everyone here at
Poker Night in America,
I’m Chris Hanson,
he’s Joe Stapleton,
thanks for watching.
Poker Night in America
is brought to you by
Kimo Sabe Mezcal
and Sit & Go 2.0.
(upbeat music)
– Yeah, I have one of those.
– Ace of diamonds,
ace of diamonds.
– Dang it.
– Don’t show them,
don’t show them.
– Alright fine.
– They don’t deserve
it, you know.
I don’t like them,
I don’t like them.

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