High Stakes Poker with Chris Moneymaker! (Part 2)

High Stakes Poker with Chris Moneymaker! (Part 2)

And Apostle is gonna scoop this 3.3 k-pot against
mr. Jeff Boski Oh painful painful
indeed poker mama very painful but as
you saw on the last video I’ve instantly
reloaded for $1000 and this is the very
next hand played there are some lepers
there are some graphics problems so I’m
going to superimpose my hand here pretty
soon I limp the small blind and we’re
five or six ways to a flop got to stay
focused can’t be tilted but I might be
able to represent tilt with the ACE
eight five five double suited a pretty
good hand could’ve raised pre but I’m
fine taking a flop when the flop comes
King Jack nine with two clubs I’m happy
with the nut flush draw but I don’t have
much to go with it rich that’s $55 with
top pair top kicker with a straight draw
queen of clubs blocker Chris Moneymaker
puts in the call with the top and bottom
and a bad straight draw and I think it’s
a pretty clear-cut call for me nut flush
getting good odds hopefully we can
kooler someone
mark also puts in the call with an
unknown hand and we’re gonna take a turn
I’m rooting for a club let’s win some of
our money back the turn is a 10 of clubs
at first I’m excited and then the
paranoia kicks in and I’m like oh my god
what if someone has qui 9 of clubs rich
continues to bet he doesn’t care that
the flush got there would he bet a
straight or a worse flush into the three
people I am concerned it is possible for
me to check raise here but I think out
of position it’s better just be a little
bit more under wrapped put in the call
there is a guy behind us who might have
a smaller flush that wants to come along
– there’s a case for denying equity for
from two pair three pair type hands that
could vote up on the river but after
having just been stacked I think our
image is going to be looser than normal
and we put in the call one hundred and
fifty five dollars so the only hand we
fear is exactly queen nine of clubs and
the board pairing so let’s hope for a
clean river the river is the nine of
clubs not only does the board pair queen
eight of clubs
now also makes a straight flush not to
mention the eight seven of clubs and I
don’t block any of those luckily it goes
check check and we win at showdown pick
up about four hundred dollars a good
start back on the right track let’s get
some momentum I didn’t come all the way
to Sacramento to get stacked and not try
to win my money back let’s gamble
the very next hand we got a bunch of
limb purse and we go seven ways to the
flop I got the East Queen six six and we
flop a set definitely not the nuts in
Omaha not too excited about it seven
ways but the action checks around no
one’s taking a stab at this one I’m
starting to think I got the best hand I
got the button time to charge some
drawers and get that value seventy
dollars in the pot and I bet fifty
dollars looking to get action from two
parrot eye pain
parents trade raw deny a query from back
to our flush draw stuff like that
of course apostle calls with the
overpair and straight draw and rich
comes along with the six and a bad
straight draw the turn is a king which I
consider to be a brick and then action
checks around to me and I think I still
got the best hand I figure one of them
would have bet if they had four seven or
seven nine or pocket eights on the flop
so gonna go for value again in bet one
hundred and fifty about a 75% of the pot
fact or clubs did come in action folds
to apostle he’s got a pair
he’s got the nut straight draw but it’s
probably not good enough to continue and
he makes a good fold now actions back to
rich who is an action player and he
quickly says pot and I’m starting to
think wow I’m I’ve had to go broke with
a set here but then I go back to my
original thought of I don’t think he’s
ever checking a straight on the flop
check call check raise I don’t think he
over limbs pocket kings so I think is
most likely hand is now two pair King
eight King six King five possibly also
with a flush draw so I can either call
or I can shove I do a position five
hundred and twenty more dollars to call
I don’t think it makes too much a
difference when I have effectively seven
hundred dollars behind if I do make the
call now I have to think about what
rivers I would fold on I think I would
fold on eight like a nine of clubs River
or a four clubs river would be horrible
for me and a lot better for his check
raising range since I don’t have any
clubs in my hand it’s more likely he’s
gonna have a flush when the river does
come a flush so I put in the call the
rivers an eight of clubs if he has King
II he has me beat if he back toward his
flush he’s gonna go for value he shoves
all in he has us come
and it’s time to play another $3,000 pot
in pot limit Omaha I put in the call
he says you’re good he had the boat
blockers but they were not gonna work
this time when I got a boat myself and I
win a $3,000 pot it were now up money
just like that I love pot limit Omaha
such a great action game I definitely
think I have an edge versus the people
at this table
what a great four man I love round by
round 5 5 10 on the live stream really
gets my blood pumping
I love playing at stones gambling hall
you should too if you’re ever in the
Sacramento area it’s about 30 minutes
later in the game is now switched to 5 5
10 No Limit Hold’em there’s three limps
up front Chris Moneymaker raised it to
55 with pocket sixes in the small blind
I looked down at Queens of course we’re
gonna bump this up to 155 could have
made it bigger but I do have relative
position on moneymaker and I’m guessing
most of the levers are gonna fold anyway
they do fold around to rich who comes in
with the cold call after putting in 10
he says yeah what’s another 145 I got
the six for suited moneymaker calls and
the flop comes jack
eight five moneymaker checks and
normally I’d see bout this board but my
plan is to trap rich I want him to fire
he just lost a huge pot ease of lose
Canyon but he checks nine on the turn
same deal I definitely could bet here
but I want rich to overvalue as one pair
of type hands or just flat-out Bluff
he’s capable of it but he doesn’t he
checks behind six on the river putting a
one-liner do a straight can’t value bet
now I checked a rich give him one last
chance to Bluff he’s not falling for it
moneymaker shows the set on the river
and we lose a 500 dollar pot trap did
not work out and we are back playing pot
limit Omaha 5 5 10 blinds there’s a lot
of limping going on that’s fine I’m
happy playing some flops let’s see a
weighs the whole tables in on it is what
we call a family pot we have the ace
nine nine seven four middle set a pretty
dangerous hand in this situation there
are a lot of straights that could
possibly be out there let’s see how the
action goes everybody checks to me and I
just got a bet for value here fifty
dollars into an $80 pot seems fine I
could pot it but there’s a lot of
weakness I figure at least someone would
have let if they had a straight even two
pair action folds back to mark and he
starts thinking about it does he have
the dummy under the straight the six
seven is he not sure what to do with two
pair does he have pocket eights checks
back his whole cards
considers his options and eventually
says pot uh-oh
looks like we’re gonna have to just call
and see what happens on the turn he
makes it 220 to go Steve looks
interested after checking he says pot –
what the hell’s going on here they both
checked a check raises rare but a check
raise raised is even more rare
they’re both repping a straight now on
the surface this seems like horrible
news for me of course one of them could
have pocket tens that would be way worse
but if they both have the straight say
they both have Queen Jack or one has
Queen Jack and the other one has jack
seven or seven six I’m actually doing
very well in a three-way pot against two
made straights in Omaha I’ll have three
tens to hit one nine two hit three
eights to hit and the board can just go
running deuce deuce etc believe it or
not my equity is gonna be around almost
40% three ways here if that is that
their exact hands we can’t take that
and we lay it down after I fold they get
it in they confirm with each other that
they both have Queen Jack so they’re not
going to run it twice the turn is a
deuce and the river is a 10 I would have
boated won a monster pot
cracking two nuts traits in Omaha and my
gut knew I was a mathematical favorite
if they did in fact both have the
streets with no blockers to my full
house before this hand moneymaker said
pocket nines are most likely to hit his
head on the flop and that’s what we are
laughing about right now as you can see
my set was a mathematical favorite
against two people having the nuts in
pot limit Omaha should have just gambled
and got it in
the game continues even after the stream
is off really sad very impressive sir
Chris Moneymaker ladies and gentlemen
got a pretty good day I can’t complain
I’ve run pretty good 12:30 in the
morning the game is still going it’s
transformed into a 5 5 to 10 cup of a
pot limit Omaha game sitting on just
under 3 grand need to go to sleep but
the game is just too good
in 4 mm out for just over 3,000 the PLO
strings were crazy few regrets a few
proud moments definitely could have just
check called with the set of Queens
called any River or we could have sucked
out you know we had a lot of outs
even with middle set pretty happy with
the heat seven suited bluff and happy
with the set in the other big PLO hand

84 thoughts on “High Stakes Poker with Chris Moneymaker! (Part 2)”

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  2. I am never ever folding a set against these whales!! Never ever !! You have a lot to learn about Pot limit Omaha mate!! You have to gamble there, the pot ratio is massive , you only win at Omaha if you gamble!! shame, you would have stacked both these jokers!!

  3. Great check check flop turn with queens so pocket 6’s can get there on the river. Turned off vid after that hand. You’re better than that Boski

  4. If you didnt get stacked earlier and reload would you have gambled the set of 9s against the made hands?

  5. I've been playing alot of PLO lately so its nice to see some vlogs about it. You're last few vlogs have been really good man! Its nice to see the live footage along side. 👍

  6. Played PLO vs moneymaker in tunica Mississippi years ago. Very nice guy and great player don’t let that im running good line fool ya.

  7. Remember you’re not in a tournament Jeff! Push push push! Push that (cash game ) equity. * nut flush draws, sets , over pairs in Holdem etc.

    I Always enjoy you vlogs!

  8. What an episode!  The new editing is top notch and the PLO analysis is outstanding.  BTW, nice to see Moneymaker can still run it up.  Great job, getting excited for WSOP vlogs.

  9. C money needs to loose some weight, not looking to good, should do a prop bet with someone like B perks to lose like 50 LBS before the series ..

  10. Camera quality is horrible at 6:09, but it looked like he was taking chips back. I'm sure he wasn't, but looked weird. Sorry Jeff, but you played your QQ very poorly. I think you know that. Were you playing a bit scared?

  11. why am i battling 2/5 zoom plo online, when there such games running live….but that qq plo hand is so horrible boski….you need absolutely no protection, how can you ever raise that turn…

  12. Good clip. ♩
    But i dont believe @7:16 that you did it to trap. No expirienced player of your caliber do that with QQ against 2 guys on that flop as played. You played that hand and not only that hand 😉 stonemoneyscared. Nothing to blame on beeing scaredmoney if you are not playing cg of that limit or format that often but please call a spade a spade. Nothing to trap check twice there. You know it and every decent expirienced player knows it too. Nothing to color up about that one. Good luck @ Poker. 🍀

  13. BOSKI and others… what do you think about Moneymaker folding Top/Bottom on that first hand after the rebuy. Does a PLO player just assume the flush in that spot? He boated up on the river but never saw it. I play NLH and am a TAG grinder, but that seems a little nitty to me. Curious what others think.

  14. Very entertaining Vlog Boski. That flopped set of 9-9…. oh well, hindsight…and I know the swings in PLO are wild but always be prepared to go ALL In 5 times per session. In —– Let me give my Joey Ingram impersonation…."The great game of POT Limit OMAHA" !! BTW, that is Moneymakers best game. Ive seen him at multiple times at the Gardens and Commerce.

  15. Gota respect Chris for staying around poker, most of these main event winners you never hear from again.

  16. How much was chris up? crazy chip stack…. Also nice seeing your odds on that set of 9s against the straight. would like to see more cash. parkour

  17. I've watched you for a long time but one the turn with the overpair (QQ) in a three way pot you need to be betting there too many cards that kill your action 3/4 pot bet at least to get your opponents off a bad hand or a straight draw

  18. Congrats JEFF I thought you defiantly would of played when hit the full house…defiantly a aggressive player thought boom time.. never mind 1k up life goes on…. bring home the bacon

  19. that was tough to watch you lay down those great PLO hands. well, you'll get more PLO experience and crush. another great episode, Bowski !!!

  20. How Van you Say you won the First pot after reload with the nut flush Rick had the Queen of clubs so a straight flush of am i missing sth?

  21. Most of the time the only trapper who gets caught is me lol 😂 but you’re experiencing similar ha ha
    Bet it when you’re winning instead of letting em catch up qq hand

  22. Great video Jeff! You know I really like Moneymaker, seems like a real, no bullshit kind of dude. I think he played pretty well in the stream also. Parkour!

  23. 19k subs…. A complete travesty of the poker vlog hierarchy.. C'mon People get this guy some damn subs.

  24. I think you made the correct lay down on the set. In hindsight it looks dumb, but many times in a three way pot like that, your opponents will hold two pair plus nut straight cards.

    Smart lay down on a wet board like that!

  25. In that 6way pot with the 99xx I would have checked behind to see what would've developed on the turn, cause ( as you can see ) you can definately still be up against better ( cautiously and/or slowplayed ) hands. But once you bet and 2 players start to check/raise their hands like crazy you're almost always up against 2x QJxx combo's. So, yeah, that was actually a dreamscenario for your hand. Bit sad to see that one go into the muck, 😛

  26. tight fold there boski ….. probly if I had top set there I jamm … but you played it correct with middle set

  27. "the 2013 wsop main event Champion" Chris moneymaker! only a decade off but hey your playing with a champ!

  28. Am I missing something, you had A,5 if clubs he had the queen of clubs giving him a straight flush but you won 400?

  29. 7:30 QQ hand….Trapping is not necessarily always a "Check" if you want your opponent to make a mistake you sometimes have to "make them do it" by betting small such as min bet, 1/4 pot etc. especially when the pot is relatively small.
    If you want to win a big pot you have to start putting money in , build the pot yourself man!!!

  30. Raising with A855ds out of the small blind would be HORRIBLE. This hand has the very pretty nut flush draw and damn near nothing else. A set of 5s is a trouble hand, at best. Since your 5 is a club, it is MUCH harder to flop a set and the nut flush draw. Your cards are effectively disconnected. This hand is so very mediocre and should probably be FOLDED in early postion or if you were facing a pot sized raise in the blinds,

  31. 5:30
    I am not convinced he would bet a straight on the flop, especially a bottom end one.
    If you have NO redraw, checking a flopped straight can be wise. (though it looks like, based on later hands, most of these players cannot see the value in checking a straight on this flop) You can fold on bad turns that pair the board or make higher straights. If you are still good, it is now far more likely you are not going to get free-rolled, (because it got checked around) which is WHY you check the nut straight with no redraw. You may also get action from folks who assume you did not flop a straight. Also note…If you DO have a redraw, even something fairly weak, you very much want to bet and re-raise if you opponents are prone to put it in with a nut straight with no redraw.
    Sure, in NLHE and sometimes in PLO, you need to protect your hand, but in this case, even flopping the nuts might require pot control instead, since you really, really don't want a massive pot when you are on the wrong side of a freeroll. This concept really does not exist in NLHE, since such freerolls are far less common and it is MUCH more difficult for your opponent to have the nuts with a freeroll with you. Obviously if the SPR is low, you just get it in with your straight, though even that is not clear. You could wait till the turn to shove. This denies equity to draws that may have the odds to call the flop, but not the odds to call with only 1 card to come.

    The hand with the set of 9's…?
    Tough call. If you had TT, it is an EASY call. But here you can be facing someone with TT and some kind of draw (or bare TT** and a death wish) as well as the nut straight. But look at how these morons play. QJ54? QQJx? These hands are caca and only the second one should call any preflop action at all (and only on button or SB in a limped pot). They have been playing this garbage all night. So you are probably NOT facing a true monster like QJT9 or QJTT. In PLO, you sometimes need to fear the worst, but that only happens when your opponents is playing a robust hand. Some opponents, like myself, play almost exclusively robust hands (except AA**, which is a special breed of hand) but many do not. This means that the player who plays garbage and happens to be holding the nut straight is FAR less likely to also have a set or pair blockers. (or a freeroll of any sort)
    In fact, the race to jam all in on the flop probably means your ARE facing two flopped straights, maybe one has a K for a redraw. (or not, hahaha… these donkeys will not like PLO for long if they keep going all in when they could easily be facing a freeroll.) So I think you need to call.

  32. Money is way better than you dude, not even close. Would play you anytime, anywhere for high stakes cash.

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