Hillary Rodham Clinton on Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday Win

Hillary Rodham Clinton on Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday Win

-While you’re here,
I do want to get some of your thoughts
on a bunch of things that are happening right now. Yesterday was Super Tuesday. Why is that so important,
Super Tuesday? -Well, it’s important because
there are so many contests, and it literally
goes across the country, from Massachusetts to California
and a lot of stops in between. So it’s the first time
that the real diversity of our country
is going to go out and vote. And then, that vote will have
a big impact on the outcome, as we saw last night
with Joe Biden. -Yeah, that was —
-Right. -What did you think of that? -Look, I thought it was
very exciting because, starting in South Carolina,
he had so much energy. And what he had to say was,
you know, really enthusiastic and positive and about what he
was gonna do and who he was. And the people of South Carolina
obviously rewarded that. And then, that kind of
set off this momentum. And it carried him. He won all but,
I guess, three states. -Yeah. Why do you think people
connect with Joe Biden? -You know, look, I’ve known him
for a really long time. I think people know
he is a deeply decent person. He is a kind person. He doesn’t take cheap shots
at people. He doesn’t insult people
as a way of, you know, trying to put people down
and lift himself up. He is such the opposite
of what we currently have in the White House
that I think — I really think
a lot of people — [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yeah. -You know, had a chance
to think about it as this contest got going
and decided, “Boy, the most important thing
is we retire the incumbent.” That’s more important
than anything else. And he has the experience.
He know what needs to be done. He can repair the damage
that he would be inheriting. So I think that’s what was
going on in people’s minds. [ Laughter ]
Yeah. -Have the candidates reached out
to you for any advice? -Practically all of them.
Yeah. -Yeah.
-Not all, but practically all. -Oh, yeah.
-Yeah. And so, I’ve — I’ve been talking with people
either in person or on the phone for, you know,
more than a year. -And what’s your advice to them,
if you don’t — -I answer any questions
they have, Jimmy. You know, ’cause running for
President is such an audacious and difficult decision to make. So, some came early on, like,
“What’s it like?” You know,
“How do you think about it? How do you
put a staff together?” And then, you know, “What do you
think I’ll be facing?” So I answer specific questions
from each of them. But then, I have always said,
“Look, you can run the best campaign,
and you can become the nominee, but you got to be willing
to take on the scourge
of voter suppression.” It is so wrong what’s being done
to try to purge people from voting lists,
not let them register. Or as we saw
in places yesterday, particularly in Texas, you know,
the Republican side gets five machines —
or, gets 25 machines, the Democratic side
gets five machines. People were literally standing
in line for seven hours. And I want to applaud everybody
who stood in a line yesterday, because they were doing
the right thing… [ Cheers and applause ]
-Absolutely. -…for our country.
And, you know, the candidates also have to — have to be willing to admit
Russia interfered last time. They’re interfering this time.
-Yeah. -We know that.
Even the Trump administration has to admit that.
So the propaganda, the lies, the disinformation, the theft
of information and all of that, that went on last time
is gonna be back. And so,
it’s not only the candidates, although they have to be
prepared to take it on, but voters need
to be aware of all that. -Oh, yeah.
-Yeah. -And what advice do you have
to the voters? -Really pay attention. Don’t get fooled
by the propaganda. Just because something pops up
in your Facebook feed, don’t think it’s true. I’m really very sad
that Facebook has said, “We’re not going to take down
false information.” Candidates, and particularly
Trump, is doing this. You can pay to put lies
on Facebook, and it’s really
slickly produced, people think it’s true. Really be skeptical about what’s
coming in the Facebook feed or really any kind of
social-media information that you get, because so much
of it is manipulated. You don’t know
where it’s coming from. -Yeah, I was gonna say,
is it from — do you think — is there other people
besides Russia? Is it other countries?
-Well, we know from the intelligence
that’s been shared, that Iran tried to mess
with the primary. But if you were
a foreign adversary of ours, or if you just wanted
to mess around with us, why wouldn’t you try?
Because it worked last time. So, hey, get in there
and try to pretend you’re for somebody else,
or pretend you’re, you know, a certain kind of citizen,
and you have a certain set of beliefs, and you try to,
you know, gin something up. So, yeah, I think all of that’s going to go on and is going on
as we speak.

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  1. Omg she is full of shit … Biden is a full on Dementia case … he will lose to trump !!! Bernie is the only one who will beat trump !!

  2. If you want a repeat of OBAMA and HILLY CLINTON GO A HEAD AMERICANS VOTE YOUR BIDEN OR SANDERS INTO POWER. As someone living in a liberal country who who would love to live in Trump Conservative America- because we have a liberal Prime Minister Trudeau who thinks he will save the world and the environment and somehow bring equality to the world by taxing the middle class to death with his Carbon Taxes and political correctness and persecuting Christian values, morals- we are at the point that even our Conservative Party Candidates have to attend gay parades to win votes. We are also at a point where Catholic Schools have to have transgendered washrooms and abortion is done up to the 9 month of pregnancy in most provinces and half the time abortions are done simply because the baby is a girl. Think twice if you think the democrats or liberals actually care about girls and women or poor people.

    And many non-Christian immigrant groups who crowd into Liberal, Socialist Western Nations do not value women and girls nor equality of genders- many of these same groups proudly vote Democrat in the US and Liberal in Canada and for Socialist governments in europe as well- they support abortion to kill girls nothing else. They also want liberal governments to give them open borders so they can flood the Western world and destroy Christian values and morals and Christians are also lapsed that they have turned a blind eye to the fact that Europe is done- if Biden or Sanders will the same thing will happen to the US.

    Abortion is actually used to destroy the female gender and female empowerment- so governments do not have to pay parental leave, those who feel threatened by the education of girls and by those who hate monogamy- yes we have religions who are pro-polygamy and who practice polygamy- FLDS AND ISLAM. If women actually believe abortion is pro-women they are deluding themselves- they just need to look at the stats of abortion across the world and who actually abortion kills and hurts- unborn girls. Abortions done to save the life of the mother or because of sexual assualt are done in the less then 5% cases- that means 95% of the time abortion is not needed and strictly used and done to get rid of a healthy unborn children especially healthy girl unborn children.

    Oh and I will not forget to mention another important fact it is Republican governments have protected Eastern and Central Europe from Russian invasion and it was Regan, George Bush Senior and Pope John Paul 2 who brought communism down not anyone else- think current Democrats would of helped bring Communism down- I do not think so. If Socialism, Liberalism is so great go move to Canada, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, Sweden, Holland, Germany and see for yourself what Socialism and open borders leads to. It is the democrats who are pro-George SOROS and RUSSIA not Trump- just look where they get their money from and the organizations,businesses who support their political party and research whose actually behind these climate change conventions, the one world order, the climate, and lgbt parades, protests- you will see for yourself they all have ties to SOCIALIST, COMMUNIST, OLIGARCH leaders not Donald Trump or the Republicans.

    Pray 4 the Western World, pray for President Trump, Pray 4 Christian Church revival and for hearts to be converted across North America and Western Europe and across Protestantism, Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity and Anglican Church in the UK before we destroy our Christian civilization- because with the way things are going things definitely are looking like the End times. Only Truth and Grace can set us free not liebral, socialist BS, not Hollywood, not-open borders, not-political correctness, not-atheism.

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  7. Not saying I was ever a fan of her, yet I have made this observation about people as a whole, and so I ask: Why is everyone hating on Hillary so much recently? Is it because of all the brain washing & chanting that psychopathic clown in office you call your “president” did? It’s simply astounding on how easily petty humans get programmed!

  8. LOL the Loser still talking about the Russian collusion hoax. If $100K worth of unintelligible facebook ads lost you the presidency… maybe you have other issues, but Democrats have been calling every election they lose as illegitimate since Bush in Florida. Par for the course. Maybe just put out better candidates.

  9. You see Hillary, why people hate you and did not elect you??? You are so untalented, so rigid. Now, you are planning to run a Podcast ( a "reality show") when you were mocking Trump for doing it? Whose toss you trashed out, Tulsi Gabbard's? Why you won't get served with the process of lawsuit initiated by her against your slander? You a timid and coward monster ! Who told you that you are above the law?

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  19. 1:57 that's like asking the Cleveland browns how to beat the patriots or asking the Knicks how to beat lebron smh

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    Oh my, that's shy of 2 years to be 80 years old, lol.

    I don't think he can do what's TRUMP doing, since January 21, 2017.

    Waking up by 5 am, attendinf LOTS of speaking engagements, signing new bills/laws, etc……. then go to bed by past 12 midnight, every single day!


    Have a great day to y'all…

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