Hindustaani Yodha (2011) – Nagarjuna | Sneha | Shweta Menon | Hindi Dubbed Movie

Hindustaani Yodha (2011) – Nagarjuna | Sneha | Shweta Menon | Hindi Dubbed Movie

The nation got freedon in 1947
But Hyderabad and nizam area
was not a part of India
The then Nawab of nizam
and landlords under him
Were persecuting the people
Some brave men came
to protest that
With their speeches,
songs and bravery
They created a revolution
in people’s mind
One of such brave men was
Don’t bow your head
Walk with prestige
Kill, don’t let go
Food to eat, Clothes
to wear, House to stay
The land provides shelter
even after death
And Data loves the
motherland very much
So village people hide
the bones of Data
Under this tulsi plant
Village people believe that
Data lives there and will
save them in adversities
And fulfill his promise
of village development
Even after the death of uncle, the
persecution of Lanlord did not stop
They are searching for his wife Lakshmi
and her new born daughter Padma
To kill them
What a shot sir!
You killed both in
a single attack
I am helpless my child
Forgive me
God bless you with
my life too dear
You hide your daughter
and led us astray
My child
Shambhu Uncle
Thank you
Birds are slept,
Night is remaining
Sun didn’t rise
The Lotus didn’t blossom
The morning has not come
Birds are slept,
Night is remaining
Sun didn’t rise
The Lotus didn’t blossom
The morning has not come
My little angel didn’t wake
up so the light is waiting
She woke up and life
woke up with her
Yes, She woke up and
life woke up with her
life woke up with her
Life woke up
Life woke up
The sun’s heat may
wither her soft body
The sun’s heat may
wither her soft body
I will keep her in my
arms she is my life
Yes she is my life
I always care for her
She may not go anywhere
I always care for her
She may not go anywhere
Where that naughty girl
gone she was just here
She was just here
I can not stay away from her
Not even for a moment
What happened Shambhu brother?
who you are seaching?
Who else except Padma
Neither she eats or drinks
properly and makes me upset
Only singing and dancing,
I will beat her today
There she is!
Shambhu uncle beats Padma
And electricity in our village
Both are impossible
Dark naughty girl
Fascinates everybody
Fly like butterfly
Comes in nobody’s hand
The whole village dance
with the little angel
Happiness spread all
over the village area
She is very naughty
Does mischief and
quickly runs away
She is very naughty
Does mischief and
quickly runs away
Dont know how she plays
with the chords of hearts
The whole village dance
with the little angel
I can’t run anymore, stop
You are infesting
me, I will beat you
Hit me grandpa
Today you are gone
Shambhu uncle, hit Padma once
It may be helpful
for the village
Why dont you hit?
Why will I hit her?
It is our personal matter
Who are you to interfere?
Lets go from here child
We came in this village
to build a new house
You will always be happy
Get this vermilion
Why you respect this soil mom?
It is not soil
This is the blood of our Data
Please save my child
He is sick from 3 days
Grandpa, many people
bow there daily
Even apply the soil on forehead
Even I want to go there
I go there once
Do you know what is there
All the ghosts of the
village live there
And wild ghosts too
Who like to eat small kids
They will eat you too
Go if you want
Forgive me Data
Ghosts live near Tulsi plant
Hey listen
They like small kids
They eat them
Dont go there
Shmbhu uncle, where
are you taking Padma
For School admission
What happens in school?
They teach lessons
What lessons
Good stories
English, poetry
Will they teach singing?
No singing, only lessons
Don’t ever ask about
singing, got it?
Grandpa is that school
across the river
We are not going school directly
We are going to Lady
Landlord’s place
We will have to first pay
the tax for your study
Who is this lady landlord?
I am feeling scared
here, grandpa
Lets go home
Dont worry we will go in a while
Mistress, A slave came
Mistress, A slave came
Shambhu has paid the
tax for girls study
If you wish to
As you wish mistress
Madam gave the permission
Thank you
Lets go
Start the song Master, quick
Repeat what I sung
I have heard just once
Sing again
Not just once madam
I have been teaching
the same for many days
If you don’t sing the Lady
Landlord will get angry on me
My life will be destroyed
Only once
Sing it once
Master, I have learned the song
Shall I sing?
Dont cry child
Dont hit
You scoundrel
Your girl insulted my
daughter at my place
I beg you pardon
Such mistake will
never be repeated
Forgive us
I instruct you
She must never sing again
If she sings
I will kill you both
Forgive us
Dont cry now
This is our life
We have no right
to speak anything
Then how can you sing
a song my child?
Is it wrong to sing? grandpa
Its wrong!
Greetings master
If you would have born
there then it was right
You are born here so it is wrong
She hit the child
mercilessly, master
How long will it continue
Is there no one to
stop this injustice
There is no one in our
village to speak agains her
Not even in our district
She has the approach
till Hyderabad
To teach her a lesson
Prime minister Nehru
has to come from delhi
Is that possible?
You sing really well dear
It is my bad luck
That I can’t teach you music
Anyways you don’t
need to be taught
See, this is radio
It plays good songs
Heart is restless in spring time
You will learn singing with this
Waiting for you
Hey, it is for you
Take it dear
My lover, I am waiting for you
Sun, moon and all
see you except me
Yes master
Can I ask you one thing?
Tell me the truth
I can’t lie to you Master
Padma is Data’s daughter right?
Padma has Data’s features
Can’t I recognise the fruit of
the plant that gave me shadow?
If the Lady knew it
She will kill Padma
I though music is
finished with Data
But you saved it Shambhunath
You saved it
Allow me madam
Yes madam
Did you witness the death of
Data’s daughter with your eyes
Yes madam
I dont know why
I doubt that our enemy uncle’s
daughter is still alive
And it pinches my
heart like a nail
Dance with joy today
Sing the songs of happiness
Sing the songs of happiness
Somebody lose today
Love is young
World is beautiful
Heart has opened a
treasure of joy
Go to sleep now
After some time grandpa
I am going to sleep
The ghosts come in night
to listen to the songs
I am going
Didn’t you listen?
The ghosts come in night
to listen to the songs
Sleep now
Hold me grandpa
What happened dear?
I am scared
Ghosts will come
Sleep now
Land, sky, water, air
give us happiness
Data is also like them
Where are you?
He understands the
sorrows of everybody
And give us happiness
He is our Data
Yes he is our Data
He is our Data
He is our Data
He is our Data
What are you doing here at night
Data lives here
He is telling me a
story through a song
Yes Grandpa
Data spoke to me, he
even asked me to sing
He will reward me if I sing
You have gone mad
Ghost has captured you
Come with me
Listne to me Grandpa
Leave me
Poshampa Poshampa
Robbers rob 100 rupees watch
Have to go to jail now
Poshampa Poshampa
Robbers rob 100 rupees watch
Have to go to jail now
Playing insted studying
Have to go to jail now
stop it now
your father somehow paid
the tax for your study
And you are playing
hide and seek
Today is holiday aunty
What to study aunty
There is a competetion
for singing aunty
Padma will sing there aunty
Which song you are singing?
I haven’t thought of any
My baby doll
My baby doll
She is very beautiful
The world says so
The land blessed me
and ask to prepare a pot
The land blessed me
and ask to prepare a pot
The pot keeps the water cold
Like your sweet song
Clothes weaved with threads
Same ways song are
made with notes
Spread the treasure
of music in the world
Treasure of music
The flower said
Sing with me
And the air told
Sing my child
Listen to the chirping of birds
Sweet chirping
The ku ku of nightingale
Sings so beautifully
Waves sing, Wind is humming
The whether is rejoicing
My heart is dancing
My heart is dancing
in the songs of nature
in the songs of nature
Is Padma singing that song?
The flower said
Sing with me
And the air told
Sing my child
Parrots sing, Birds sing
And teach us to sing
Rivers sing and
tell us not to stop
We are free today
Song of uncle
We will remember song of uncle
Lets go
Where will you run Shambhu?
Come dear
Sit here
What happened?
Where are we going?
Where the train leads us
When will we return?
We will never return now
Our relation with the
village end here
We will never return here
Where are you?
Where have you gone
Padma my child
Where are you?
where have you gone?
Why did you get
down of the train?
Why dont you say?
Why dont you answer me?
Answer me
I love our village
I dont want to leave it
Every village has flowers
to pluck and birds to sing
And friends also to play
What else is here that
you dont want to leave?
Our village has Data!
She is your daughter
I hide this fact
even from my shadow
But she adores you
How will I save her now uncle?
Yes dear
You are Data’s daughter
Daughter of that god
Yes. Daughter of that god
Where will you run?
Open the door
Open the door
Madam my child
Sky is crying
The land is crying
This is the height of persection
No one is mine
No shelter
Who can I call mine
It’s dark everywhere
Destiny is playing games
Who will help us now?
Who will take away my pain?
Who will help us now?
Who will take away my pain?
Who will come if i am hurt
Who will hug me to console
No one is mine now
No dreams in my eyes
I am helpless going away
Is this punishment
for any mistake?
You always be with me
in the form of soil
I am taking you with me
Now there is no friend of me
Life seems to me like a dream
Oh god
So hot
I will die
What is it child?
Please give me some
water I am thirsty
I had a little water but I drank
See it’s empty
Poor child must be thirsty
Are you thirsty
Come, I will give you water
Thank you
She is going with that scoundrel
There is a well down there
Go and get the water
Give me the bag and go
Are you Ok? I am coming
Brother give my bag
I beg your pardon
Stop brother
Give my bag
I beg your pardon
Leave me
Hey leave
Stay away
What are you doing
Don’t do this
I will kill you if I catch you
Is it a punishment
of any mistake?
You were fighting for this soil?
What’s there in this soil?
You be with me in
form of the soil
I will take you with me
Oh god, then how did
you come so far
You don’t have parents?
Where are you going?
going to Delhi
Have you gone mad?
Delhi is not near by
Even train takes 3 days to reach
see your face has dwindled
You didn’t have food or
water, come to my home
Stay with me now
I will give you food,
send you school
Oh goddess, save her
Keep walking don’t stop
Life never stops
Keep walking don’t stop
Life never stops
land is our bed
Sky is blanket
Keep walking to your destination
Never lose hope
Even if my foot blister
I will walk
I will not fear difficulties
I will go ahead
Till my last breath
I will not get tired
I will not stop, I will not bend
Till my last breath
I will not stop, I will not bend
Till my last breath
What should I tell you
See how helpless I am
I am hungry and thirsty
And I have to go far away
I am shattered
Life seems broken to me
Why my god is angry with me
Why my god is angry with me
Why he is angry with me?
Hey, see that child fainted
Dear, what happened to you?
Where is Nehru sir’s house?
From where have you come?
Nellakundapelli village
of Adilabad district
Oh! how did you come?
I came by walking
Come child
See that is our house
How are you sister
I am good
Be careful
We are home
Padma, you have
tolerated too much
When can I meet him?
Everybody cant meet Nehru
On first day of every
month morning 7 to 9
Nehru meets everybody
who visits there
Todays is 20th
You stay with us
for next 10 days
I will take care of
you like my daughter
Looking so sweet
This bud will become
flower in 10 days
You gift that flower
to Uncle Nehru
He will definitely listen to you
Lets go
Flower will blossom till morning
Flower of hope blossoms
Flower that looks mine
It seems my dream
will come true now
Hope’s rays are
luminating my heart
Slowly she has reached
near her destination
The heart bloom
She has reached near
her destination
The heart bloom
Today happiness fill my heart
And music is accompanying it
My mother’s blessing are with me
And Father’s too
I forgot my pains
I will reach the sky
She has reached near
her destination
The heart blooms
Who are you?
How your hand is injured?
Respected sir, Namaste
I am in delhi
You are writing?
I am good
Hope you are good too
Here seema sister takes care
of me like her daughter
My baby doll
Kashi nath shashtri
liked my song very much
He is friend of Nehru
On Nehru’s birthday there will be a
competition of singing for children
I will participate
in that competition
I am missing my friends,
goats and everybody else
I will sing properly
in front of Nehru
I will tell him
about lady landlord
Then we will not have
to be afraid of her
Hey Mangal
Lets go
What did you think?
nobody will know?
Go in
I can kill you both right away
But we will wait till tomorrow
You know why?
So that you can listen to the
song competition on radio
You will cry
The master will cry
on seeing you cry
And then we will make
your grave in delhi
I am your father
Sing a song dear
Mother, motherland
I feel your love even
in small particles
I feel like crying
I want to die
Dont cry child
Have courage
Even I feel like dying
On seeing death in front
Everybody in the world accept it
But I have seen such a brave man
Who in a moment
Avert the death
Gives life to hundreds
Who is he? master
He was Data
The bravery of Data
Made four people join him
They fought against britishers with
Uncle for the freedom of country
During that fight
Data went missing
And his fellow men were
captured by Britishers
They thought Data is dead
You have no idea what
great sword is in my hand
If you Data was here now, I cut
him in to a thousand pieces
Lucky for him he is already dead
Our Data is alive
What? has he come to you in a
dream and tell you he is alive
Where is your proof?
We are still alive
This is the proof
You people rob the money of poor
It gives immense happiness
to rob that money from you
That happiness is
shared with us by Data
We share the right to cut the throat
of foreigners who persecute us
We share happiness,
we share sorrows too
Even if death come to Data
We would share that too
So if we are still alive
that means our Data is alive
Data will definitely come
You will definitely die
Start counting your days
Hit them
Hit them hard
I want to see terror
in their eyes
I will to see terror
in their eyes
If it will listen to the song of
Data Terror will run away in terror
I oath this soil…
I oath this soil…
I oath this soil…
We will not bow
To you britisher
We will sacrifice our
life, I oath this soil…
I oath this soil…
The motherland
asks for sacrifice
We will give our life,
swear to the soil
I oath this soil…
The desire to make a
Sacrifice is in our hearts
Let us see what strength there is
in the arms of our executioner
I oath this soil…
Holding the tricolor of
freedom I came, swear to soil
We will die to get the
freedom, swear to motherland
We came to die for the country,
the sky echoes our spirit
We will sacrifice our
life, swear to motherland
We will shed blood,
swear to motherland
I oath this soil…
I oath this soil…
You are standing
in a court of law
Bow your head before
our royal flag
Bow you head
Captured in the
chains of slavery
with blood in her eyes
My mother land asks me
with spreading arms
That son when will
you get me free
My head is already bowed because
of shame and humiliation
Now how can I bow my head
You are a law breaker, It
is the decorum of the court
What did I do?
You have humiliated us
I honored my motherland
You looted our treasury
That money was looted
by you from us
I just returned that to people
You killed 97 of our people
97 people
If you add the recent
one the total is 108
Still passion in your eyes
Pride in talks
Why so much ego?
From where you got this pride?
By shaking the british
empire with my sword
And the spirit to die for nation
Jhansi queen Laxmi bai
Inspite of Your so big troop
and your weapons
Fighting with you till
the last breath of life
Mysore tiger Tipu Sultan
Blood for blood
Killing britishers
with the slogan
Of Inqilaab Zindabad
And sacrificing life for nation
Martyr Bhagat Singh
There are lakh of
people like this
To wipe the tears
of my motherland
And free her from the
chains of slavery
These brave men are ready to
give their life 1000 times
They are the real
son of Mother India
From them I got this
pride, this honor
The real son of mother India
You are the pet dogs who have been licking
the foot of britishers for 200 years
Kill them all
Vande Mataram
Kill him
Our nation is free now
Now we dont need weapon
Jagjit, keep it safe somewhere
Abdul, what is the age
of your daughter Razia
Approximate 12 years
They said you are preparing
for her marriages
Yes I am trying uncle
12 year is not the
age of marriage
Kids should study in this age
Then marriage
Ok uncle
You know what Jagjit has done?
He has taken in written from his to be
wife for some condition to be accepted
is it?
What is the condition?
I need a boy in 1
year from marriage
And what if not
I will kill her
Hey stop
Give him a tight slap
Why do you want a son only?
Because I want to keep
his name on your name
And want to see you in him
That’s it
Good Jagjit brother
Well said bravo
Listen Data
You have told what
you are going to do
Dont you want to know about us?
Many guests come at our home
Knock the door
It is out decision to
open or not open the door
But one day a guest enter
without knocking the door
That guest is called the Death
But when that moment comes
We dont want ourselves lying on the bed
as patient or tied up in the relationship
Singing and walking
along with you
Living in your company
we took the sword
Now we will not let that
sword down and will fight
To keep the freedom
intact for our lifetime
I swear to god
Even when we are dying
We want to see honor in
your eyes that youlive like
brave and dying like a brave
We want to be your friends
in next birth too
Assalam Walaikum..(Gretings)
Aslam Khan
Walaikum Assalam..(Gretings)
This is my younger brother
Mahendra Singh
Assalamo alaikum..(Gretings)
This is my brother
Dilawar Khan
Tricolor is hoisting everywhere
But not in Nizam
You know why?
Rizvi keeps hydearbad
people under his control
Whenever we go out
people leave their work
And keep their head
bowed till we pass
Wow, superb
What is your impression
on your people?
Very good
Thank you
Increase the speed
Ok sir
Very good Pratap singh
Even i like hunting the slaves
Aunty, Landlords cart is coming,
your grandson is running ahead of it
Good fun
To collect the tax in your territory,
I appoint my brother Dilawar
As you please Khan sir
My whole body is aching
I can’t see anything
What should I do? tell
Those Landlords
Ranga, son
Papa, I dont want to
leave the village
What is there in the village?
No food to eat,
no shelter to stay
Mother, Motherland, So
much love you have for me
My heart feel fresh
with your touch
And sleeps in your shadow
Now I knew
Nobody is like you mother
Your love taught
us to live, mother
Oh Sleep, you slowly
come to my eyes
Come in the little
garden of eyes, Sleep
Come with beautiful dreams and
decorate the roads of eyelids
you slowly come to my eyes
in the little garden of eyes
Oh sleep
Hiding from stars,
Stealing from stars
Giving you the moon’s song
Even Moon smiles in the sleep
In the little garden of eyes
Oh sleep, you come
Very cute baby
Whats her name?
You are from which village?
Behind that hill Chakraipalli
Why are you sitting here alone?
We got national
freedom days back
So everybody in the
village is celebrating
Nellapondapalli’s landlords
got angry on that
They attacked the village and
burned down all the houses
Killed men
And women
With women they
My ganga was crying with hunger
She kept crying for milk and
has sleping since yesterday
Her body became cold now
She is still not woke up
When will she wake up brother?
Sleep princess
God bless you with my age
O sleep, come in the
little garden of eyes
Oh sleep
What happened? you have hung
the drum on your neck today?
What is lacking in my daughter?
what mistake we have done?
She is not getting married
So I will beat the drum
in fron of the goddess
The crow is cawing since morning
A guest is about to
come to our home
Which guest will
come to poor people?
Brother in law must be coming
to get married to sister
The pitcher should not
fall from the head
The hill gods will be angry,
you know their anger right?
Khan sir
You have imposed weird
taxes to villagers
Air tax
Rain tax
Tax on birth of a child
Tax for the funeral of dead body
Start something new like this
Accountant, A new tax
will start from today
Stop the cart
Silent my son
Forgive the slave
Nizam sir
Dont know why did you take
the pain of coming here?
Hey, First I will ask a question
Answer that
Ask sir
You men bow your
head on seeing me
Tell me why?
We are poor sir
Then who has the right to keep
their head up in front of us?
Landlords and Businemen Why?
They have money and property
You said it right
Then why your women
standing keeping head up?
That.. sir
I tell
Your women also have property
Now you are thinking what
property do they have
I will show
Will you not pay tax
for this property?
Get the money
Tax will be levied on the basis
of measurement of property
The more the property,
the more the tax
4 Paise…
3 paise…
5 paise…
Hey you have cut
the hand of Nawab
I will not leave you
Why are you coming here?
To kill us all
If you could have died there,
this village would be safe
He is not from our village
If landlord comes to know then
you know what will happen
They will not let us live sir
The will kill us all
Entire village will be killed
Go from here
She is our daughter
If she stays here
then you will die
I will die, they both will die
All the villagers will die
Its better we will
think she is daed
Listen Son
Take my daughter away from here
Take her Anywhere, save her
A mother is giving you her
daughter take care of her
Everyone leave the village
landlards will come now
What will the landlord do?
He will kill us
What will happen then
One dies, two get
born, shame on us
Is this the life?
On the name of
festival of goddess
Landlords have fun
Village men have to
beat drum for them
And women have to
dance shamelessly
There can be your
daughter among them
Someone’s sister
Even she can be
somebody’s mother
Dont know which mother
gave birth to him
He saved the honor
of our village girls
Instead of appreciating him
You are asking him
to leave the village
Hey, why are you giving
speach like this
You are alredy about to die
I am not ready to be
killed by landlords
I am leaving this village
And I will return only
when he leaves the village
You all die
Landlord is coming with
his people Run away
Dont go Dont go from here
Where are you all going?
Who are you?
You came here to rebel
people against us
You cut the hand of Khan Sir
And thought the villge
people will follow you
The dogs of Nellakondapalli
Will anyone of you
come out to save him?
Son. do you know from
where I am coming?
I am coming from the pind
donation of my grandson
But not a single crow
came to eat the pind
I jittered, on asking
Pandit ji told
He died with an
incomplete desire
His soul will find peace when
his desire will be fulfilled
At the time of death in his eyes
I saw hatred for
Landlord and his people
I saw the the obsession
to kill them
If I could kill anyone of them
His spirit will get peace
But how can I kill ?
If I can’t kill at least I
will break someone’s head
And I will also die
Realise yourself
Tolerating injustice
is also a sin
Crush the head of persecutors
Don’t leave but kill
Dont bow your head
Keep it up with honor
Kill, don’t let go
Leave that old lady
Kill him first
Cut them all
Kill them all
Kill, don’t let go
Kill, don’t let go
Stone against brick,
blood for blood
Kill, don’t let go
We will not tolerate
now, We will also attack
Kill, dont let go
Living in fear is cowardice
The fighter becomes immortal
As you sow here, so you reap
We will not tolerate
now, We will also attack
Kill, dont let go
Take her
Leave the way
Leave me
Mother, crows have
accepted the pind
Your late grandson’s
soul has found peace now
Ok, I will go now
Lets go aunty
I can never forget
your favor my son
Aunty, why this decoration
and singing dancing?
Entire village is happy
First eat some sweets
Now tell
What is the matter?
We are celebrating the birthday
Who’s birthday?
Our village’s birthday
That’s a strange thing,
village’s birthday
Yes son
It was dead for years
But you gave it a new life
Don’t know how many tears
shed in this village?
Nobody could get proper food
From child to old
everybody was a slave
The backbone was
broken by paying taxes
But nobody dared to look up
You bring us out of slavery
Took away our sorrows,
wiped our tears
Entire village is happy that’s why
we are celebrating its birthday
Aunty, If a dear one is sad will
you be able to celebrate the joy
Then how can we celebrate when the
neighbor village is destroyed
We have to finish landlordship
We have to stop
there persecution
Their end will start
from our village
Sister, I will take her to sleep
Go and get her sleep
You are sad since 3 days
Because your brother
didn’t do anything
He will definitely do something
In Alampur your brother got
these bracelets made for you
Wear it
My husband had to run
away after beaten by Data
Filthy villagers came
with weapon in thei hands
And my husband
disappeared in Jungle
I came at my mother’s place thinking
I will get the help of my brother
But he has done
nothing in 3 days
Is his manhood destroyed
by the food you cook
He has become a coward
Get these bracelets and
ask him to wear it
Your husband wore a turban in
front of me, what I did with him?
You cut his head
And because you are his
wife what I did with you?
Your brother’s manhood and
courage is still intact sister
While sendig you to your inlaws place
for the first time after your marriage
I gave thousand acre land
And 1000 kilo gold
And now
I will cut the head of Data
Who rebel against landlord
and keep it under your feet
And will send you to
your inlaws place
A single man
And my brother in law
had so many people
Power of money,
guns and revolvers
Still people made him
run away to jungle
What does Data have?
He has songs
Massage properly
Is it powerful than guns
The songs?
Ok then
Sing that song
Cut them and kill them all
Kill, don’t let go
Kill, don’t let go
Do you want to fet
killed with my hands
I want to kill you
Cut them and kill them all
Kill, don’t let go
Cut them and kill them all
Kill, don’t let go
Kill, don’t let go
Cut them and kill them all
This is the song which
is destroying us
kill him
He is Data
He has come here
searching for his death
Bloody swine
What you feel like doing
when you see him?
I feel like killing him
Now what you feel like doing?
Feel like killing him
Cut them and kill them all
Data, you dont know about her
She is a hag not a woman
Who’s daughter is she?
Lady landlord’s
Get up
I am leaving you beacause
of your daughter
Go, try to be a mother
Today you are gone
God bless the sweet couple
Tell, tell us
Everyone dance, the
hearts got together
Tell, tell us
Our hearts beat It
fire the flame of love
Eye’s cohl, hair’s scent
made a my heart rejoice
God bless the sweet couple
My world has changed
on meeting you
Slowly, secretly even
I started loving you
My world has changed
on meeting you
My world has changed
I wrote your name
on my heartbeats
Our love seem to
be of many births
I am your shadow and
you are my mirror
Our hearts beat It
fire the flame of love
Eye’s cohl, hair’s scent
made a my heart rejoice
Everyone dance, the
hearts got together
Give me some proof of our love
Give me some proof of our love
Give me a story that
I read all my life
Give me a story
I pray to god for
beauty like you
beauty like you
Whoever she may be but
she should be like you
My love garden will blossom
and new light will come
Which will sing your
songs to the world
Our hearts beat It
fire the flame of love
Eye’s cohl, hair’s scent
made a my heart rejoice
God bless the sweet couple
Sun has come on the heads
Let me get up
Sun came or not but love
has come on the head
Give me a kiss
leave it
I feel shy
We are married you
are still shying
There is no one except we two
Padma is here
Padma is here
Who said it will be
only a baby girl?
And who kept her name as Padma?
The hill goddess
Told me in my dreams
Listen Lakshmi
You will get a baby girl
Name her Padma
So with my blessings
for 100 years
She will live happily
Our daughter Padma will be beautiful
or she will look like you as a monkey
Leave me
Our daughter will be more
beautiful than you and me
Like that doll
Let us kiss the doll
thinking of our daughter
Not now
You know what else goddess said?
Dear Lakshmi
The doll you played
with in your childhood
Think of Padma in her,
wear her bangles,
Apply kohl, wear her waistband
And wear her clothes then your
daughter willbe happy all her life
I did everything she said to me
But I dont know how to stich
the clothes What to do?
Dont worry I will sew
If the father sew the clothes
for the daughter to be born
Then he will die before
seeing the daughter
People say like that
So you dont sew
She is looking so
pretty in that dress
God bless you
God save you from all troubles
God, save my daughter
from all troubles
Khan sir
Data has become a problem
With his songs a normal
grass turns in to a fire
Even an infant start fighting
He is famous in entire territory
We are disrespected
He is killing our
people mercilessly
That’s it
Stop it
We will kill that swine
The one who support
him will not get
Food to eat
House to live
Clothes to wear
And even life to
live Swear to Allah
You get Bread to
satisfy your hunger
Clothes to wear on your body
And a shelter to stay
It is not enough
Our children need
school to study
A teacher to teach
Patients like him
Needs hospital for treatment
And Doctors should be there
To light up our dark life
We need electricity
in our village
To satisfy our thirst
The sweet water of river should
be supplied to our houses
Greenery in our fields
Will take greenery
in our lives too
Very good
Is it really possible Data?
What we will get from this soil
This is not soil
It is our mother
She gives place in her
heart to the alive people
And keeps the dead in her Arms
Data, he was secretly going to
Landlord’s place through jungle
We have caught him
Data, We found this
letter from him
Your Data will not utter
a single word now
I tell you the truth
The landlord went to Hyderabad
and complained to Aslam Khan
That all the village people are
against us because of Data
And Aslam Khan wrote a
letter to the lady landlord
Hold your heart before
you listen to that news
Lady you don’t worry, I am
leaving now with 200 soliders
I will halt in Sangareddy
village till morning
Will take rest in Polikona
near the hill for some time
And attack Nellakundapelli
before the dawn
I will kill all men, women,
animal and burn down the village
I will make it a
graveyard Swear to Allah
Promise me one thing
You will return soon after
finishing your work
And you will kiss your
daughter holding in your arms
Aslam Khan is moving from
Adilabad to jungle with his troop
He will use this route
to enter the jungle
So we will wait here for them
We will attack them
when they reach here
And will kill them all
Master jii
What happened?
The troop entered the
village from second route
They led us astray by giving
wrong news through Mangal
On hearing this news
Data will wait with villagers
At Polikona
You are right
Then our troop will
reach Nellakundapelli
And will catch every single
person in the village
When they will put the keep
the sword on there neck
Then to save his people
Data will beg our pardon
Data, Reach the village fast
And save the villagers
Master jii
How ever fast we go, it will
take a long time to reach there
I will not let a single person of them to
enter the village till you all reach there
I swear to the motherland
Promise me one thing
That you will kiss our
daughter and hold her in arms
You will never see your father
You will never kiss him
When that moment will come
We will be with you
Data, We want to be your
friend in next births also
When a child comes out
of his mothe’s womb
He cries for the air first
And then he breathe
this air till he dies
From birth to death
This air leaves many
smells in our life
When a kid gets tired
playing the game
And comes to mother’s lap
The smell of mother’s lap
Can never be forgotten
by the child
And when on dry land
The first raindrop falls
The smell of that soil
Can never be forgotten
by the farmer
But do you know which is the
favorite smell of a real patriot
On our motherland with pride
and honor the air that
come touching the tricolor
To keep the freedom
of that air intact
We will fight
We may lose our hands
and feet in the fight
We may shed blood
We will shed
We may lose our lives
Let it be
But we will win
We will take the
breathe of freedom
Vande Mataram
You dared to shed my blood
Prize of 5000 rupees
will be given
To the one who hand
over him to me
Dead or alive
You scoundrel
Vande Mataram
Catch him and cut
him in to pieces
Hold it
(Chanting Arabic verse)
Now catch him
No knife,
No hammer
No pistol
No sword
I am standing bare
hands in front of you
If you are man enough
Then catch me dead or alive
You know what my heart says
If the head has to bow
Then bow to mother
Only to mother India
And no one else
Dead or alive
What else my heart says
This is out nation
This is our country
This soil
This water
This air is ours
Finish these devils
From this heaven
Dead or alive
To keep the songs of Data alive
And to fulfill the
promise of Data
You will have to be alive
This is all india
radio delhi centre
In front of Prime minister Nehru
In the presence of master of
Indian music Kashinath Shastri
In the competition of singing first
prize goes to Mumbai’s Kriti Wadekar
Padma didn’t sing
She escaped from here, Mangal
To listen to your song
here, not only me but
Even those brave men are also present
who gave their life for the country
Sing your song dear
Oh mother
My Mother
Oh mother, my motherland
So much love you have for me
Oh mother, my motherland
So much love you have for me
We are made with your soil
I am proud to be made out of you
Oh mother, my motherland
So much love you have for me
My heart feel fresh
with your touch
And it sleeps in
your shadow mother
Now I knew
Nobody is like you mother
Your love taught
us to live, mother
Oh mother, my motherland
So much love you have for me
Brave, courageous who
died for country
He had the guts,
he was called Data
He was you brave son mother
He died for only you
He was you brave son mother
He died for only you
You are our respect,
honor and pride mother
We can get our head cut for you
We will scrifice ourselves
only for you mother
Oh mother, my motherland
So much love you have for me
Oh mother
From where you got
inspiration for this song
From the water, air, birds
and soil of my village
I promise you
Whenever I will
come to hyderabad
I will visit your village too
I will show you my
village right now
This is the soil of my village
Which is mixed with the
blood of my father
Nehru ordered that Data’s
dream for the village
Should be fulfilled immediately
lady landlord and her people
were led out of the village
After so many days the world came
to know about the greatness of Data
Make this garland to wear
your father with your hands
Papa I love you so much
I will not go
anywhere leaving you
Padma, even I love you very much

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  1. Usi Razakaro ki aulad Owessi ko aj Hyderabad ki janta Elect karkar Sansad mai Bhej rahi hai chiii

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