History of Star Fox (Part 2) – Gaming Historian

History of Star Fox (Part 2) – Gaming Historian

revoir it’s known by shigeru miyamoto as the game that almost was starfox – is perhaps the most famous cancelled game ever in fact many fans claim it’s the best game in the franchise it was widely hyped in magazines and trade shows until it was quietly cancelled in late 1995 so what happened to starfox – and why was it canceled our story begins immediately after the release of the original game on the Super Nintendo with the game being a critical and commercial success the team behind the original game including lead programmer Dylan Cuthbert went to work on a sequel the game would use an upgraded version of the super FX chip giving it even more memory to allow better frame rates and more complex polygons in the game starfox – is a direct sequel to the first game the army of Andres has returned to unleash an attack on the planet of corneria using missiles battleships and his hired mercenary crew known as star wolf it’s up to the starfox team to save the day the original crew has returned including fox falco slippy and peppy there’s also two new faces me you and Fey in the original game your ship was on Rails and was a pretty linear game this time around Nintendo wanted to change it up and give the player more freedom and they delivered starfox 2 is part strategy part shooter you have complete control of where you want to go in the lylat system the ultimate goal is to protect the planet of corneria and defeat the forces of Andros when you begin the game you take control of two members of the starfox team each member has their own unique ship and attributes during the game you roam around the map of the lylat system fighting off battleships missiles and members of the Star Wolf team you can also land on planets and take out missile bases landing on the planets also allows the player to transform his arwing into a walking robot the game is an absolute blast the graphics and framerate are much improved everything is more bright and colorful and the strategic gameplay allows for a totally different experience every time you play star fox 2 was first shown off at the winter CES show in 1995 with the Nintendo 64 being delayed Nintendo decided to push their other products most notably the Virtual Boy and their super FX Games Star Fox 2 was a smash hit at the show people praised the new freedom and strategy in the game in fact people loved it so much one guy was arrested trying to steal a copy of the game on a sidenote guess what other game was featured at the winter CES show Star Fox on the Virtual Boy seriously they had a tech demo for a Star Fox game on this thing it was just an arwing flying around in space but the thought of starfox on the Virtual Boy just blows my mind it probably would have been one of the better games on the system and because the Virtual Boy flamed out this game was obviously cancelled anyway back to Star Fox too many magazines such as egm had full previews of the game intend o power even listed it as their most anticipated game from the winter CES show the hype was building for a summer release however it never happened rumors began circulating that the game had been delayed and then came rumors of cancellation in the September 1995 issue of Nintendo Power intend to officially responded to these rumors saying development of Nintendo sequel to THE HIT 3d space action game is finishing as we go to press the big question mark is the release date most likely in the first half of 1996 well something did happen in the first half of 1996 starfox 64 was announced thus totally killing any hope of star fox 2 being released so what gives the game was totally finished why did it get canned according to Dillon Cuthbert Shigeru Miyamoto made that call his reasoning according to Cuthbert Miyamoto wanted a clean break between the 3d games on the Super Nintendo and the Nintendo 64 Nintendo was also well aware of the other consoles coming out including the PlayStation in the Sega Saturn their full focus was on the Nintendo 64 and they didn’t want to be embarrassed putting out a franchise game on older technology Nintendo would move forward with starfox 64 and starfox 2 would officially become the game that almost was however it wouldn’t be forgotten Nintendo would reuse some ideas and technology from the game in their new Nintendo 64 games including Super Mario 64 and of course starfox 64 and then a ray of hope the Super Nintendo emulation scene was really taking off during the late 90s releasing betas and unreleased Super Nintendo games their crowning achievement during this time starfox to an early alpha build of the game was leaked first which was somewhat different than the final version and featured a multiplayer mode the game was somewhat buggy and not the version most people had seen at the trade shows then a few years later in August of 2002 the former developer of the game leaked a final version of the game fans cleaned up the game and translated it into English giving starfox to an unofficial full ROM release this is the version you see on most reproduction carts of the game and on downloadable roms with Nintendo fully focused on their next system a new starfox game was in the works and this one would be the most memorable game in the series on the next episode of the gaming historian starfox 64

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  1. Who else is here due to excitement from the snes classic???
    When I heard star fox 2 was FINALLY going to be released it made me think of this video, because this video was the first bit of information I've ever heard of the game. Wow. Guys here we go. What a fucking time to be alive.

  2. We're getting it on the SNES classic! A final release version! Yay!!

    If someone hacks the SNES Classic, dump Star Fox 2 onto a catridge or disc or something and get it to run on the OFFICIAL SNES. That guy would have to have a medal.

  3. Finally, getting an official release. Hopefully, enough SNES classics will be made so scalpers won't be able to make getting it painful.

  4. And NOW we have it officialy in the SNES mini, by Nintendo… Kinda weird, but at the same time cool, that it finaly saw an official releaze.

  5. And now, twenty something years later, we are finally getting Star Fox 2. Nintendo took their sweet time

  6. I was a junior programmer a while back, working underneath the lead programmer of the never-released "Congo: The Movie" for the SNES. It was a fascinating story about hard work and crushed dreams. Moreso because the game was great fun and very challenging. Might be an interesting research topic for you.

  7. who knows that this is going to be on the snes classic edition (if you beat the first level of starfox)

  8. I'm going to play the official release of this Star Fox 2 tonight, I know this video is quite old, but I'm glad the game was released today.

  9. It looks like this video needs a follow-up, because in 2017, Star Fox 2 saw an official release, but not on the real SNES but the "SNES Classic". I've also heard that it is a typical ROM, the ones commonly distributed online, and not some sort of port or remake that would otherwise make it harder for the emulation scene, that Nintendo despises.

  10. I just didn't like starfox 2. I got it on the snes Classic. I really wanted to like it. I didn't hste though. It was okay. Just my opinion.

  11. Now we can call StarFox 2 "The Game That Finally Was." It's included on the SNES Classic, the first official release of the game anywhere.

  12. I like watching these old videos on Star Fox 2 and seeing all these people having no idea it will soon be officially released. Here's hoping it comes to Switch eshop.

  13. Everyone who cared to do research knew, even way before the final rom was released in the snes classic, that the translated build was a hacked-up beta and not the final version.

    For a supposed historian, this episode leaves a lot to be desired.

  14. Come on man.. they didn't reuse ideas but instead stole them without giving credit to Argonaut Games. They shafted them so hard it hurt their business until they shut down. Do not sugar cost this for Miyamoto's sake because he is the reason the series suffers all the crap it does to this day.

  15. Couldn't Nintendo just develop the Star Fox sequel exclusively as a VR-cade port and rename the title from Star Fox 2 to Star Fox 3D ?

  16. No lie Nintendo had a pretty good solid 3 consoles with really good game nes super nes and n64 then GameCube had a few then fell into a hole

  17. I know it's old now, but hey! We got Star Fox 2 finally! Never really cared about Star Fox until the SNES Classic, guess I should thank that System for introducing me to the games, they're fun! 😁👍

  18. Having finally been able to play the game, I can see the series taken more influence from it than I would have expected.

    Star Wolf, as is commonly known, was introduced in 2 but recycled into 64. But Command reused the flight map mechanic (with the addition of fog of war and limited fuel which made it far less enjoyable), and Starfox Zero feels more like a reimagining of 2 than it does of 64.

    I really enjoy this series, but I sincerely hope we get a sequel for the next game. Maybe something like Adventures but in the new continuity.

  19. Damn, this poor Dylan fellow seemed to get constantly screwed over by Myamoto. had great plans to make a 3D free roaming game.
    Miyamoto- Nah, thats fucking stupid, make it on rails shooter.
    game gets completed
    Miyamoto- Dylan, my dude! you did great! you know what, bring that 3D roaming bs you were talking about earlier and make it the focus on StarFox 2!
    Dylan- sigh… yes sir.
    months later
    Dylan- Sir, we are 99% done with SF2. any finishing touches you like to add?
    Miyamoto- nah, fuck that shit. We're canceling it to focus on Star Fox 64. It will me "embarrassing to put out a franchised game on and older console" LOLOLOLOL!!! XD
    Dylan- wha… wha….FUUUUUUU!!!!

  20. Yet when new super Mario Bros u came out, a game for the older technology (new super Mario Bros 2) soon from it. It was a franchised game too

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