83 thoughts on “Homefront: Defend to the End”

  1. Wargaming:"Are you ready to hold the line?"
    Me: wakes up and panics
    What!?….what? sure yes i'll hold the line!

  2. This looks so awesome! Is this going to be a only temporary event or a permanent one! I would really like it to be a permanent one! Also, love your game I'm totally addicted lol

  3. For everyone wondering what this is: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/homefront-PVE-battles-annoucement/

  4. Im guessing this is a PVE Based Gamemode where you play with 4 other tankers and defend agains Waves of Tanks

  5. … and now an accurate trailer: Everyone cemp bush, scout dies for nothing, after which single yolo attacks and the one competent player dies 1:20 <.< gg

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