Homer the Lover | Minisode #3

Homer the Lover | Minisode #3

Oh baby.
My darling I… Can’t get enough of your love babe.
The perfect crime.
Homer, where have you been all night?
Tell a lie, tell a lie. I was buying pornography.
Hehehe, I would’ve never though of that.
Son, a woman is a lot like a refridgerator!
Oh! Wait a minute, actually a woman is more like a beer.
They smell good. They look good. You’d step over your own mother just to get one.
But you can’t stop at one, you want to drink another woman.
Please Marge.
Is there something wrong Homie?
No, it’s just that’s I’ve only seen this movie twice before and I’ve seen you every night for the last 11 yahh…
What I meant to say is we’ll snuggle tomorrow sweetie, I promise.
This morning I turned bacon, eggs and toast into a nice smiley face for Bart and Homer.
What’s the point? They’ll never notice.
Oh well you’ll be surprised.
Well, if it isn’t Homer J. Simpson.
Why are we all dressed up?
Because sometimes it’s fun to dress up for dinner.
Why are waiting for dad?
Because we love your father and enjoy his company.
Why are we really waiting for dad?
Bunk with me tonight, I’m asking will you bunk with me tonight?
Homer, you’ve been out all night.
I’ve been doing some outside projects for Mr. Burns.
Really? Like what?
Oh you know, business stuff. Downsizing e-solutions, the glass ceiling.
Hey dad, give me 50 bucks, I gotta buy some things. Uh, better make it 100.
Yeah me too.
Oh Dad, you must’ve bought me every Malibu Stacy accessory there is.
Boy, I know you’re gonna like your present.
Shut up. Shut up. Kiss my butt. Shut up. Go to hell. Go to hell.
Dad, I promise you, I will never get tired of this.
Alright, alright. I’ll be right there.
My woman’s intuition is telling me something, I wonder what… Oh my god.
Looking for a good time sailor?
I love you. Will you marry me Marge? You mean I’m gonna be a daddy?
I hope we’ll always be together… together…
Folks, is your marriage stuck in a rut?
Can you even remember the last time you felt the thrill of romance?
Well maybe you need a divorce!
Oh, I could love a million girls, every girl in between. Yeah, I could love a Chinese girl, an Eskimo or Finn.
In fact I think that we could love…
About a million girls.
So you kids really love your father huh?
[Bart and Lisa rambling in agreement]
All right already.
Pretty sober, I’ve only got one beer inside me. Pull me over, my blood alcohol is 0.03.
Marge I’m home. Where are you?

100 thoughts on “Homer the Lover | Minisode #3”

  1. Marge: My husband is cheating on me. I think I should kill myself.

    Peter Griffin: Um, wouldn't make more sense to kill him?

  2. I forget, did you do one with Herman in 22 Short Films about Springfield? I can totally imagine an ending where he takes advantage of Kirk and Milhouse as well

  3. Wow I’ve never seen such an amazing dark simpsons minisode like this the ending really surprised me were marge bart lisa And maggie all hanged themselfs that really jaw dropped me the simpsons crew should hire you to work on the show because you have talent my good friend have talent talent that must be seen across the United States on every platform the simpsons is on every simpsons fan would love your work

  4. Honestly Homer is better off with girls like Mindy and Lurleen instead of his THOT wife. This was easily the best and darkest one yet! 😉

  5. you could do the following video about Homer what is having an adventure with Patty and selma because they have a blackmail of him about the savings what he spent on pumpkins?

  6. Did you know
    In a comic this actually happen
    Like a parody of what if from Marvel comics
    But without that creepy ending

  7. Truly amazing edits and story! To be able to pull this off, your knowledge of The Simpsons must be mind-blowing!!! Cheers!

  8. I mean, Bart didn't have to die.
    But this wouldn't be a Dark Simpsons episode without it and/or him being molested.

  9. Dr. Nick's Love Advice #81:
    If your husband eats your food with a lot of passion, but doesn't eat you as much, you may have a problem.

  10. I love The Simpsons. I love the editing, story telling, and dark humor with Dark Simpsons. What you’re doing is well worth my subscription and support on Patreon.

  11. I would love to see a Dark Simpsons episode where Homer and Marge are consenting to be in an open relationship… and then something dark happens, obviously. Love this channel, but I’m noticing how mononormative the storylines are.

  12. What homer doesn't know is that those hanging bodies are actually dummies and marge and the kids left the country with new looks and identities

  13. next you should try to make a whole twenty minute video narrative out of clips from different Simpsons episodes.

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