Honda Odyssey Engine Swap Runs! 800cc 2 Stroke

Honda Odyssey Engine Swap Runs! 800cc 2 Stroke

[Music] today’s gonna be the coolest part of the odyssey build so far we’re gonna order some aluminum to do the gas tank and then we were like wait a minute aluminum is expensive yeah we may use other parts of this snowmobile for something but the tunnel and and chassis we’re never gonna use for anything as it sucks yeah we’ll take the seat off take all the stuff out of there and then cut a big ol section out of the tunnel and build a gas tank out of it [Music] for everyone new to our channel this is the rmk that we got for nine hundred dollars used all winter and we’ve basically used every single piece of this thing there’s a few pieces left but we’re probably going to use them including this brake setup here and after that trailing arms there’s nothing we could do with those the front shocks that don’t gonna go on the Jeep the track set up we haven’t used yet but I’m sure we’ll use it for something hopefully this is enough aluminum here it should be more than enough because it goes all the way forward to here underneath this bulkhead but there’s way too many holes in it to be worth it and too many rivets to have to drill out so I’ll just cut it off right there essentially at home take this part away and we don’t have to disassemble the entire thing [Music] the rivet master just drilled out of a couple rivets you know one or two tried hard carpentry trying hard carpentry [Music] Wow once you take it down to the usable parts there’s a lot of work for a little swag yeah well I can use some of that still it’s just yeah yeah between the between those piles I don’t know which is funnier the way you’re doing it or that it’s actually working [Applause] [Music] it’s gonna have a lot of volume that’s the idea yeah I’m gonna kind of mold it around as much as possible to get as much volume as we can just that 800 is gonna be thirsty [Music] Wow looks like it might fit here right and tight yeah go well and the tank can we can move you know back a little bit once it’s clear yeah for the exhaust and it will sink down once this edges trim – exactly yeah yes we’re putting a gas tank right underneath the exhaust pipe no it’s not the best idea ever but you know just gonna send it [Music] just watch it [Music] [Music] yah [Music] [Music] obviously there’s a lot of holes in this and I need to build them all shut and I’m gonna do that now before I cover up the top of it obviously filling holes in anything for the world air isn’t super great but it’s even worse than aluminum so I came up with a solution I looked down to the floor and there’s about a thousand of these drilled out rivets so I just take one of those and stick it back in the hole there get my finger out of the way before it burns [Music] well I’ve been welding and grinding hard as usual it’s all welded up and mostly sanded down we’ll go ahead and pull it with water and see if it leaks or rather see how much it leaks all right guys odds this thing actually holds water comment below and no cheating I’m not seeing any drips yet Wow also this thing is gonna hold a lot of fuel yeah are you kidding me so we have two GoPros one with the waterproof door on and one without it and that’s the one that we just put in the gas tank we’re gonna try again at the other one leave this one hunting the Sun for a while see if she comes back to life what’s the verdict uh well it leaks but drastically less than I expected that’s good I mean this is my first real attempt at aluminum welding before this I’m only done like little bitty pieces like that big let’s try that again with one with [Music] well current capacity I would say is seven gallons that’s plenty I love that we have a serial number that’s amazing you should take the title for this snowmobile and this the whole thing into the [Music] [Music] oh yeah yeah slipping like a gas tank well it’s looking like something I made a couple of mounts here but still have to make a couple more mounts I just have to figure out where they’re gonna go if we bought any sort of gas tank we would have gotten like I don’t know a gallon or two at best [Music] [Music] starting to get the hang of this yeah this side things really good yeah I’m more or less proud of that bead and like sections of this one reasonably pretty I’m just gonna put the cap all the way at the corner largely because it’s just the strongest place to do it it’s not gonna be as flimsy and again farther away from the exhaust pipe so you’ve got a whole salt that’s sort of close to the right side so we’ll start with that and then round it out a bit right here [Applause] [Music] those are the two major ones wop wop wop I finally give up on this I tried to fix the last four major leaks and only managed to fix two of them the other two I made worse so I decided to put as much pressure to it as I could until it exploded and that seam just blew out there and obviously this gas tank would never experience a hundred psi but I just don’t trust it there’s many ways I don’t mind dying but in a raging inferno is you know well harnessed into a seat not not the way you want to go so how exact you know wasted parts of four days of working on this the tunnel from the snowmobile this thing a bunch of you guys is time but I learned a lot and you know you can’t win them all maybe the process was entertaining we got to show our failures – yeah exactly hopefully yeah now it’s gonna be a really pretty piece of scrap so basically just plug this all in the way it was and then look up anything else we need but for now it’ll just be this just kind of hanging there near the engine just so we can test start it and then go about figuring what we don’t need that looks awesome I didn’t realize how thick it was yeah we might have to add that in like yeah definitely actually really cool does there’s enough wire to reach up there already whoa I didn’t expect that no right back in there ha ha ha [Music] already time for the moment of truth a bit yeah hopefully thank you I find it much better not this time with a little bit of slack so it won’t pull through time to get it you [Applause] all right yeah run that’s enough to know that I don’t have to pull the engine again so now we can fill it with water we can throw on the belt and get some power to the wheels [Music] got the belt on got some water in there tuck these wires out of the way when do you think the last time this death had power to it [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Applause] success its gear solo celebrate like a rocket ship so legit the break that one needs to be blood some more the rear brake is pretty inadequate made out overall it’s a that’s a great success I mean we knew this engine ran fantastic because we drove the snowmobile all winter and never had a problem with it but it’s always very satisfying to have it run well when it’s put in where it’s going to be the fuel tank was a massive failure so we redeemed it with successful engine start and tire spin I really wish this one flopping so much it was like to rub it out more but that was scary yeah it’s going crazy well guys that is it for this episode we want to wait until we have the rear tires to actually do the next episode so we have a new seat coming five-point harness coming and tires so the next episode is going to be super interesting but that’s gonna take a while to get here so next week we are going to be rebuilding this and then the Friday after that will be straight back to the Odyssey yeah got a weight on the mailman guys sorry about that but I think you’re gonna enjoy seeing this riff again too so thanks for watching guys [Music]

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  1. I had one of these with a 350cc about 20 years ago, was dreaming of a 600cc swap. Could whip it out of ditches doing 180's on one tire. They're so responsive and buffoonish. When you're keyed in, these are a wild time without an 800cc and the cage to back it up..

  2. When i was single an had lots of time on my hands, I built a "go kart" from scratch and powered it with a 570cc yamaha engine. With no diff it was a smoke show machine, but hard to corner at high speed. Was about the same size as this one, but with smooth tires. It ran the 1/4 mile in 11.7 seconds at 120mph.

  3. My two year old, 5 year old, and 7 year old, and I watched this video with rapt interest. Be safe guys, but for reals this is one of the coolest projects I've ever seen. Nice job

  4. I've seen guy's patch tank leaks by running an exhaust hose into the tank to see where smoke comes out (low pressure) and welding till no smoke comes out. just saying — good job guys

  5. Cool when I was in high school I put a 74 Yamaha Tx750 on a Honda FL 250 oddyse and a Honda 250r on a Yamaha blaster😜

  6. gas is far more likely to find and manipulate pinholes in your welds than water. chances are you will find more holes in the tank when its full of gas. Also you really should leave the welds instead of grinding them off. Your takeing your strength away. Even tho it may look better.

  7. Way ta go guys. Repurpose. Awesome. We have 4 nonrunning Honda Odysseus. No their not 4sale. You wouldn't believe the junk my husband and I have assembled through the years. FUN ISN'T IT!!!😃☺😉

  8. I would watch/listen to jazzy welding all day long my man!

    This build is coming along great i cant wait to see the final product.

  9. I appreciate that you're humble enough to scrap all that work. And also that you don't want to die in a raging inferno.

  10. honestly, i would like you guys to release every piece of music you used individually. but yeah, i would watch the hour long comp.

  11. Maybe could have just put a 5 gal bladder inside of the aluminum tank you built and that would have worked as a shell?

  12. Looks like your distance from center of primary to center of secondary clutch is too long. That's why your wheels are spinning at idle. The belt should sit 1/8" above the secondary when it's fully closed at idle and the belt shouldn't be touching the center shaft of the primary. Idk if you can find a longer belt, but as it's set up right now you are going to have major issues.

  13. The good old Odyssey I had to watch when I saw the name Odyssey used to be a lot of videos on America's funniest Videos back in the day pull start that thing while it is in gear take big mistake those things would take off hahaha

  14. That was a 5 gallon bucket 3/4 empty and said 7 gallons unless he filled it again

  15. hey i am glad you got it going don't understand the pink Barbie car bullshit but the buggy is cool growing up were i did if i played with barbie cars i would have got my ass kicked plain as that buggys good barbie not so good lol guess i missed something my sister played with barbie shit it never did interest me

  16. think you could modify the odyssey to fit a snowmobile hood? add some body panels and a custom enclosed cab and you have a homemade one-off polaris RZR

  17. The Jeep is cool but I am way more excited about the Odyssey. This is the kind of project that I would be interested in building myself

  18. I started my Honda Odyssey build in March but I’m using a 95 cbr600 f3 motor and I’m almost finished. I’m excited to see yours rolling around and if you’re near me we should race lol.

  19. i mean you guys could just coat the inside with motorcycle tank sealer and call it good, it would 200 percent seal it, although it may take a lot of coats lol

  20. Podrian colocar como tanque de combustible una garrafa para combustible, como las que usaban los jeeps para llevar combustible extra!!

  21. Do you guys want a fairly nice actual odyssey seat? I have an original one in the garage. Just sent a pic of it to the email listed.

  22. Adjust the belt deflection if you can its pretty low in the secondary, belt flush with the driven or a hair above is on
    sweet build

  23. you need a clutch kit to get rid of that belt creep. it shouldn't be engaging the secondary clutch at an idle. also a set of SLP twin pipes would be sick.

  24. That gas tank is fine in my opinion. Fix the blow out. Seal it with sealer. Maybe weld in baffles. It never needed to hold much pressure. You might add some guarding. A puncture is your biggest risk.

  25. Hey guys, Im slowly catching up on the vids, absolutely incredible! Every time I think Ive seen it all I go to the next video and get all slack jawed again, love it.  Hey in regards to the tank, I know you aren't corner cutters, but have you heard of the Caswell fuel tank sealer? One of their product claims is that you can turn a cardboard box into a fuel tank with it. I haven't tried that yet, but Ive sealed a bunch of vintage motorcycle tanks with it, its awesome. Give it a look!

  26. Add some header wrap from DEI. I've been running an exhaust header less than 2 inches from my fuel cell and fuel lines on my mini sand rail for many years without any issues.

  27. At first, I thought no. But after conferring with Friends all eight of us will absolutely watch an hour long music mix to slow mo welding

  28. I love the way your mind works and really enjoy all your builds. Great camera guy you got there. really enjoy his work too.

  29. Muy bueno!, excelentes videos y muy buenos proyectos! jaja, de que es ese motor originalmente? saludos desde uruguay

  30. If you guys somehow get two identical snowmobiles for parts or something, you should totally make a mini tank out of it! Just a crazy idea but I think it'd be pretty sweet!

  31. “The buggy”remember moving to Florida in 91 and riding one. This and a Fat cat made me want a Honda. Bought two frames and a Gx160 for $60, used a shopping cart to transport 4.5 miles, a trip to Northern and it jerked tears at 55mph. Love the recycling and Innovation! God bless 🇺🇸

  32. sorry but no i would not watch a slow-mo welding remix. im here for the crazy fabrication shit u guys come up with.

  33. The Odzssey is way more punk rock than the barbie jeep, and that's basically speaking to my teen angst, so that's my vote.

  34. You should have just coated the gas tank with bed liner and it would have sealed it and made it Way stronger!!!! iI can't believe you guys didn't think of that!

    Keep on making awesome stuff guys, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! Are you guys ever going to sell any of your toys, or are you just going to keep them to pass on to your spawn???

  35. Thanks SOOO much guys for keeping the content clean.. I'm so happy to find a channel that is safe for the kids. No profanity or sexual stuff. Again, can't thank you enough…

  36. I actually came across (by accident) a 2 Cylinder 2-Stroke built 60-ish Horsepower (Arctic Cat Snowmobile Motor) swapped Odyssey and that thing was terrifying. I got it on a good trade, played with it a little, realized it was a deathtrap and tried forever to trade it. Wound up trading it for a heavily modified 350 Warrior that was worn all the shit but was definitely built right and well. I will never forget that Odyssey though, its take-off was sad, but after it started winding out it would just try to spin the tires out on big knobby balloon tires and could do AT LEAST 60MPH+ when we tested it with a car riding right beside it. After 60+ on road, with no suspension and balloon tires, I chickened out and it wasn't even cranking out 9k RPM and I know for sure it could turn well over 12k. Scares me to think how fast that deathtrap could go, and if the next owner is even still alive if he tried to find out.

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