Hong Kong to Macau by Ferry || Must watch.

Hong Kong to Macau by Ferry || Must watch.

So it started rain in Hongkong
So i planned to leave hongkong
Actually i am going Macau

So its evening now
But before i talk about macau,
I need to say this
My friend is not coming with me
So i am Solo
He is busy with his work
So will explore Macau solo
Going just for 1 day
Journey time is just 1 hour
Not so far by ferry
Even there are buses
Hongkong to Macau
But it’s like via airport
So 2 times changing bus
Instead i prefer ferry
Ferry is close to tsim sha tsui
Just 8 minutes by walk

Will show you pricing and all later
1st lets head to the terminal

Now i exchanged more USD as i needed for macau trips and all

Just for going Macau, i need extra

Ticket price for 1 way ferry is 171 hongkong dollar

Now lets talk about terminals
There are 2 terminals in hongkong
For going macau
1st is this
Where i am going
It’s in kowloon island
And other 1 is in hongkong Island

And the frequency from there is amazing
You get ferry in every 15 minutes
From hongkong island
But i am taking from kowloon Island
As it is closer to my hostel

But just 1 problem in kowloon ferry terminal is
Here the frequency is not so cool
You get ferry in every 2 hours.
And last ferry is at 5 pm
Than there is only 1 ferry
At 6:30 pm
But charges are high for that ferry
Its like 210 hkd instead of 171 hkd

So right now its 4:50 pm
Only 10 minutes remaining
For my ferry and i am getting late
Just need a passport
I don’t even taking bags and all
Just few things
Some cash, passport
And hongkong sticker visa and PAR.

Need to hurry now
Already late
Otherwise need to pay more for 6:30 pm ferry
Rain started

Thanks i got this

I hope no rain in macau

Me and just this small bag

Just 5 minutes left

I ran so much
They just close 5 minutes prior
Then they signal us to hurry
Than when we go, they sell us in higher rates
Actual price is 171 hkd
But they ask for 200 hkd

Then i did bargaining with him
And he gave me in 180 hkd
Gave 9 hkd extra
Otherwise i need to wait for 1 and half hours
Also i need to buy for 210 hkd

All are running

I guess i will miss my ferry

Oh man…
It was so funny
Come atleast 15 minutes prior
As you have to face here immigration also

Just reached terminal 5 minutes prior so…
This is 5 pm ferry
If i miss this, than direct 6:30 pm ferry was next
And rate was also more for next ferry

Counter man told me that he didn’t have tickets for 5 pm

Than a guy called me to come fast
I ran towards him
Than he offered me 171 hkd ticket but for 200.
I told him no
Why i pay extra if there is 5 minutes left
Than i finally managed to buy at 180 hkd
But on ticket, rate is 211 hkd.

But no timing is written on ticket

24 thoughts on “Hong Kong to Macau by Ferry || Must watch.”

  1. sir pre arrival succesfull ho gya pr place of birth main mistake ho gya.. or second time dubara try kiya correct fill krke.. or fir se succesfull ho gya.. to ab ye new vala chalega naa.. old ya new ka koi dikkat to nhi hoga na.. ye jo fir se nikala hai ye invalid to nhi mana jayega na ..

  2. Awesome bro
    You extended the length of your vlog
    Aylways keep 11 mins plus vlogs
    Very informative vlog
    Keep it up 👍 👍 👍

  3. brother plz macau pe video bnao ek alag se ,,,waha pe immigration kya questions karti hai,, single Traveller's ko visa milta hai ya nahi,,,,aur waha kaise ja skte hai,,,hotel booking kitne din ki booking karni chaiye immigration ko show karne ke liye,,, etc..

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