Host.Games – The Only Casino Gaming Protocol

Host.Games – The Only Casino Gaming Protocol

Fundamental issues are preventing online casino
gaming from reaching its full potential.
From players to operators, centralization
creates a level of mistrust in every interaction.
Also, centralized environments create homogenous
games overrun by bots and professional players,
leading to a poor experience for new players
that discourages them from playing.
Introducing the only casino gaming protocol
for emerging markets.
The Host Gaming Platform will decentralize
online casino gaming and allow people to become
the host of their own mini casino.
Hosts can choose from free to play social
casino games or real-money games, invite people
through social media, and generate revenue
– all for near-zero setup cost.
And the best part?
You can become a host and start your own casino
with just one click.
Our blockchain-based high-speed gaming protocol
is fully scalable, flexible, and programmable,
and will allow innovators to expand the online
casino gaming market faster than ever.
The Host Protocol is extremely developer-friendly
and will support the development of a multitude
of different games on the platform.
Meanwhile, our Hosting Incentive for People
approach will improve the social aspect of
gaming, ensuring viral user acquisition and
higher player retention.
The Host Token will have broad utility across
any dApp built on the platform and high stakes
games at our offline casino partners
An online gaming revolution.

14 thoughts on “Host.Games – The Only Casino Gaming Protocol”

  1. HostGames token will be a true revolution. I saw many tokens who have to say they have real-life utility but never seen one. So, I think token will be the great one with the real-life gaming experience. Would love to see expanding in many games.

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