Hostile Takedown  –  Edge of Your Seat Action Movie!

Hostile Takedown – Edge of Your Seat Action Movie!

(dramatic music)
– And after that I put
the gun to the punks face,
and told him to tell
me where that shit is.
I was gonna blow his head off.
He was just crying, hey
partner, you listening to me?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Nigga was just crying,
talking about some,
I don’t know shit,
I don’t know shit.
So I put the gun in
the niggas mouth,
and he pissed his
motherfucking pants.
All over the back seat
of my goddamn car.
Weak bladder motherfucker.
– [Alex] Boy you
crazy, seriously.
– Shit, I’m just
that type of cop.
– Seriously.
– I don’t give a fuck, I’m
gonna do whatever it take
to get the job done,
and I’m gonna make sure
the job gets done,
with this motherfucker.
I bet you blind
without those, huh?
– Nah, I’m straight.
– Yeah right, nigga, I
know your ass near sighted,
why you ain’t got contacts yet?
– [Alex] I don’t even know.
For real.
– Awe man, the other day
when we caught up with Ice,
we stripped that nigga
all the way the fuck down.
Found out he had
over $3,000 on him.
I had to get him.
– Know you did.
Man, I don’t see
how you my partner.
Stuff you do, I couldn’t
even think about doing.
– [Dennis] We’ve
been riding together
for over nine months now.
– [Alex] Right.
– I’m the motherfucker that got
you on the force, and I
thought you would’ve learned
by now, with this
gun, and this badge,
it’s power baby.
You need to learn that rookie.
And I bet you’re scared
to still draw your weapon,
ain’t you?
– Nah, I mean, I’ll
pull it if I had to.
– Shit, I draw this motherfucker
when I do traffic duty.
– [Alex] I know you will.
– I aim at a motherfuckers
head and say,
drivers license, and insurance.
I don’t play that shit.
Streets ain’t no joke.
It’s motherfuckers out here
got just as much
fire power as we do.
And they ain’t scared to use it.
And that’s what I’m
trying to show you.
Don’t be scared of shit.
– I know one thing, I’m glad
you my partner, for real.
– Alex, have I ever told
you the motto I live by?
– I don’t even know if
I want to know that.
– I’m taking this
motto to the grave.
– What’s that?
– We meant to do
big things in life.
– Right.
– I live by that, and
I strive to get it.
– Heads up, showtime.
(fast paced music)
(tires screeching)
(fast paced music)
– [Woman] Get off,
what are you doing!
– Shut the fuck up!
– [Alex] Let her go.
– [Dennis] Drop your weapon!
– [Alex] Let her go, let her go.
– Man, fuck y’all, y’all
letting me walk today!
– [Dennis] Uh, uh, that
ain’t ’bout to happen!
Let her go!
– Man, I’ll blow her
motherfucking head off.
– [Dennis] Drop the
gun and let her go now!
– [Alex] Let her go.
– Fuck y’all, I’m trying
to get out of here.
– What’s that a
silencer, that’s 10 years
right there in your hand.
– I’ll take this 10 and
smile, but I’ll give you
two dicks life!
– What, what?
You hear that Alex?
– [Alex] Awe, see?
– I’m gonna take that
as a sign of oppression,
you gonna let her go?
I’m gonna cap this
motherfucker, today.
– What?
See what you done did, man?
– I ain’t did shit!
Fuck both you dicks
and let me ride.
– [Dennis] You know I
don’t play this shit.
– Man, I don’t want to
deal with this come on man.
– Fuck that I’m a snap
this old bitch neck,
I swear to God.
– Oh, no!
– Stop swearing then!
– Baby girl.
– [Shannon] Your daddy’s home.
– [Alex] Hey baby.
– [Shannon] Hey, how was work?
– Long, long, for real.
– You hungry?
– [Alex] No, I ate already.
– With Dennis?
– [Alex] Yeah, give
me some popcorn.
– No, I swear, you
spend so much time
with him I’m starting to think.
– [Alex] You starting
to think what?
Anyway, Mr. Rookie
– I done told you
about calling me,
that too, didn’t I?
You play too much
girl, for real.
(laughter on television)
– Baby, what’s wrong?
I was just playing with you.
– [Alex] Nothing.
– Come on tell me what’s wrong?
I know something’s
bothering you.
– It’s Dennis.
– What about him?
– Shannon, that nigga a
loose cannon, for real.
– What’s going on with Dennis?
– We been together out there
for about what, nine months?
And I’m seeing him
do more crooked stuff
than the criminals out there.
This is crazy.
– [Shannon] Crooked
stuff like what?
– Alright, I’m gonna
give you an example,
say if we do a routine
stop, let the perp
have anything on ’em, anything,
money, drugs, whatever,
he taking it, he cuffing that.
That’s his, that’s what he do.
– Shit, how much
money do he find?
– That’s not the point,
we the police officers,
he shouldn’t be doing that.
– Well, if you think
it’s so wrong baby,
why don’t you just report him?
– That’s my partner,
what you mean report him?
We go too far back,
I can’t report,
he the one put me on the force.
And the worst part
about that, I done even
thought about it.
And when it comes down to it,
it’s a few thousand dollars.
– A few thousand dollars!
Shit, you need to be
out there doing that!
– What, how you gonna
say something like that?
– Hello, it’s not
like we over here
sitting on Gucci
leather couches.
We could use that money.
– Well I’ll tell you
what, you better get used
to this regular
leather, ’cause I ain’t
doing it, it ain’t me.
Dennis, the one out
here thinking he God.
I ain’t trying to be
God, and on top of that,
he done shot somebody
else today too.
– Are you serious?
– Yeah I’m serious!
It was a kid grabbed
a hostage, and,
and he just lost it.
– Was it a kid, or
was it really a thug?
– It was a kid,
couldn’t been no more
than 19, 20 years old.
– And that’s not a kid, what’d
he shoot him for anyway?
– We was just doing,
we was just gonna
harass him a little bit.
He broke and ran,
grabbed a hostage,
and pulled a pistol on him
and when Den see that,
I’m telling you the boy
go off when he see
somebody do that.
– You mean to tell
me he actually shot
the boy while he
was holding a woman?
– That’s what I’m
trying to tell you.
That’s exactly what
I’m trying to tell you.
– Well, really.
I don’t see anything
wrong with that.
I think it was a good thing.
– Think it was a good thing?
Why would you say that?
– Criminals need to
stop committing crimes.
And then when they
get caught up they
want to go and grab
a innocent bystander.
So they can get away scot-free.
– You know what?
You crazy.
Girl I ain’t even studding
you, how my baby girl doing?
– Your baby is fine.
And he missed you today.
– [Alex] Did she?
Yeah I missed my baby
daughter, gonna be a big girl.
– You keep saying that,
how you know it’s a girl?
– [Alex] I can feel it.
You got that vibe.
– You so silly, and what are
you gonna do about Dennis?
– [Alex] I don’t know,
that’s my nigga, too.
– Have you ever
thought that maybe,
maybe you was his
partner for a purpose?
– [Alex] What you mean?
– I’m saying baby,
maybe some of your
good traits will rub off on him.
– I never thought of that.
(upbeat music)
– [Dennis] Partner.
– [Alex] Alright,
alright, alright.
(upbeat music)
– [Dennis] What’s up?
Oh, it’s nice up in here.
– Oh yeah, oh, yeah.
– Little mamas everywhere.
– Yeah, I know.
– Oh, you go girl.
Hey holla at your
boy when that nigga
get out your ear, okay?
Got something for you.
You getting it out there.
got a hot tip tonight
from a snitch.
– What’s up?
– I need to know if
you got my back, man.
You got my back?
– Man, you know I got your
back, what you talking ’bout?
– [Dennis] Remember
that nigga Swirl?
– Yeah, yeah, I got it, I
know who you’re talking ’bout.
– Been out for the longest,
nigga think he superman.
– I’m listening.
– I got the kryptonite baby.
I’m gonna give it to his ass.
– So when you finna give to him?
– I know where he at.
– So what that mean, you
finna to hunt him down too?
– I got my reasons.
I’m just making sure
you got my back.
– Den, how is you
gonna sit up here,
and ask me to have your
back, and then ain’t
gonna give me no
reason, man I got a baby
on the way, man, I can’t be
flying off on your whims.
– I told you all this man,
these niggas, out here
in the street dealing dope ain’t
shit any motherfucking way.
They deserve to
get what they get.
We the law baby, and
that’s how it’s going down.
– Okay, if they do something
wrong, we catch ’em,
that’s fine, you can’t
go on no man hunt,
after these people, man,
what’s wrong with you Den?
You act like you a loose
cannon, or something.
What’s up man?
♪ Impress me with
your diamond rings
– There’s something I
never told you, man.
– What’s up?
– When I was 10 years old,
(dramatic music)
me and my mama was
coming from the store.
I’ll never forget it.
My mama was telling me a joke,
it was funny as hell,
then all of a sudden,
the motherfucker just
came out of nowhere.
And grabbed my mama.
She, she was just kicking
and screaming, man.
Hollering at the
top of her lungs.
Had to fight the nigga off.
All i could do was watch, man.
Damn near shitted on myself.
Didn’t know what the fuck to do.
That nigga had a gun
in my mama side, man.
Told her to give up the money.
And he snatched her purse.
Looked in it, and frowned.
Then he looked at my mama.
Put the gun to her head.
Pulled the fucking trigger.
And all I remember
is my mama laying
on the cold ass ground.
With her purse and shit open.
You know me being a kid, I
saw the money in her purse,
I just don’t understand
why that coward ass
nigga just didn’t
take it and run,
and leave my mama alive.
You know as I got
older, I realized.
It was just food
stamps in her purse.
Coward motherfucker killed my
mama over some food stamps.
Everybody wanna know why I’m
so off the motherfucking chain.
Niggas in the street ain’t shit.
They gonna get what
they gonna get,
and I’m a be the one
to give it to ’em.
– Den, like, you my
man and I understand,
truly I do, man you
got to let that go.
– I tried man, I tried
to let it go, Alex.
I became a cop to deal
with this type shit.
These punk ass niggas
out here in the street.
They gonna feel Den,
they gonna get it.
– You don’t see nothing?
– Not a damn thing.
Motherfucker’s in there.
– Give me them.
– This should be
a piece of cake.
♪ Smoking out and making them
♪ Statements bitch
that’s all I’m
– Swirl walk into the
house, gonna get that nigga.
– [Alex] What we gonna do
when we get in there though?
– Well, I don’t want
to handle it with all
that old kicking
and karate shit.
You know how I handle fire.
♪ Make no mistake about it
♪ Can’t get worse
– You, crazy.
So look, how many you
think is gonna be in there?
– When Swirl walks in, it
should be about three more.
♪ It’d be best if you evacuate
♪ ‘Cause it’s a done
deal when we calculate
♪ Understand this shit is
more fatal than Norman Bates
♪ In his deforming state
♪ The Children of the Corn
can’t imitate or demonstrate
– There go Swirl!
Let’s get these motherfuckers!
(cell phone ringing)
– [Alex] Hello.
Quit fucking with me.
– Who the hell is this
calling you right now?
– Man, she done had the baby.
– Who Shannon?
– Yeah.
– Damn, what hospital she at?
– She at St. Luke.
– That’s just right
up the street man,
handle this business
with me, and I’ll get
you right there.
– I don’t know man.
– Come on man.
I been scoping these
niggas out too long not
to hit them right now.
Handle this with me man,
I’ll get you to the hospital.
And we both can see
my God daughter.
Come on man.
Come on man.
– Alright let’s mix
with it, alright?
– My motherfucking man,
let’s rock these niggas.
One, two, three.
– [Alex] Freeze!
– [Dennis] Get down
motherfucker, come here,
come here nigga, get over here.
Take that
motherfucking hood off!
You got any motherfucking
guns on you?
– I ain’t got no guns man.
– [Dennis] You sure?
– [Man In Hoody] Nah.
– [Dennis] Any dope on you?
– [Man In Hoody] I
ain’t got no dope man.
– What the fuck you
doing up in here?
Get on your knees, get down.
Where the fuck is Swirl at?
– I don’t know man.
– [Dennis] You don’t know?
– [Alex] You don’t know?
What you doing in here?
– I don’t live here man.
– [Alex] Oh, so.
– [Dennis] What you doing here?
You don’t know shit, right?
You know what?
Didn’t we just see
Swirl come up in here?
– We just saw Swirl
come up in here.
– We just saw that
motherfucker come up in here.
– We just saw him.
– Open your motherfucking
mouth, nigga.
Open your mouth nigga!
(dramatic music)
This ain’t no
motherfucking game.
– [Alex] Come on man.
We ain’t got to do all that man.
– Come on now
partner, back me up.
– We ain’t got to do all that.
– Help me out in this partner.
The man don’t know, man!
– Don’t know shit?
– Come on man, the
man don’t know,
we ain’t got to do it like this!
– I’m gonna ask you one
more time motherfucker.
– Would you please
answer the question!
– Where the fuck’s Swirl?
– Answer the question man!
– You don’t know shit.
– Come on Den.
Den you can’t keep
doing this shit man!
– Alex, if you
gonna be my partner,
I need you to stand
behind my decisions,
I told you, this badge
and gun is power.
Let that be known, I
got to get you out your
rookie habits man.
These motherfuckers is
out here making big money.
And ain’t nothing wrong
with them sharing it
with the motherfuckers
who protect they rights!
All the tax payers got to pay,
so why the fuck shouldn’t they?
– [Swirl] Easy.
– Den, shit, Den, shit!
– [Dennis] Be cool,
nigga, be cool!
Be cool.
– [Swirl] Pussy ass cops, you
motherfuckers make me sick.
– Let him go.
– [Swirl] Fuck you!
– Shoot this motherfucker.
– Drop your fucking
gun, or I’m a blow his
fucking head off!
– [Alex] Man, let him go!
– What you waiting on?
– [Swirl] Nigga
shut the fuck up!
Drop your fucking
gun, put it down!
– [Dennis] Don’t drop your gun.
– [Swirl] Man, shut the fuck up!
– [Alex] Let him go.
– [Swirl] Drop the fucking gun!
– [Alex] Alright, alright,
– [Swirl] Hurry, up nigga!
– [Alex] Alright,
I’ll put it down.
– [Swirl] Put that shit down!
– [Alex] I’m putting it
down, just don’t shoot me.
– [Dennis] Don’t do it Alex.
– [Swirl] Shut the fuck up!
– Pick it up and shoot
this motherfucker!
– [Alex] Just don’t shoot.
– [Dennis] Alex, don’t do it.
– Just don’t shoot.
– [Swirl] Now kick
that shit over to me.
– [Dennis] Don’t kick shit.
– [Swirl] Shut the fuck up!
Kick it over here.
– [Dennis] Pick it up and
shoot this motherfucker.
You just killed
your partner man.
– [Swirl] Kiss
this nigga goodbye.
– [Dennis] No!
(dramatic music)
– Awe, yeah we got your
ass now, I reported
your ass thirty
minutes late, brother.
– I as only five minutes.
– Thirty minutes.
Mr. Gordy wants to see you pal.
– Where he at?
– In the office.
He gonna stick it to your ass.
You fucked today, you
should of bring your
ass here on time, pimp,
ah, you going home early.
♪ Move on
♪ You got to move
– Hey Mr. Gordy, you
wanted to see me?
– Yes, I did now, Alex
I brought you in here
to let you know that today
is gonna be your last day.
– What?
For being a few minutes late?
– Being late got noting
to do with it though,
it’s just that,
I got to make some cutbacks,
the mall is not doing to
well, since you’ve only
been here for about
a month, and I think
it’s just better to let you go.
– Mr. Gordy, I really need
this money I got a daughter
to take care of.
– Alex, I’ve got two
maintenance guys around here.
I really only have
enough work for one.
– Well then lay him off,
I mean I’ve been here
longer than he has.
– I’m sorry man, give
me the keys please.
♪ Move on
♪ You got to move
– Look I want you
to finish out today,
it’s only about three more
hours before closing time.
That okay?
– Yeah I guess it’s
gonna have to be.
– Good to show, take
care of yourself.
– [Alex] How you doing, sir?
– I’m fine thank you.
– [Alex] Might want to hurry
up, the mall’s closing.
Don’t want to get locked in.
– A man my age ain’t
regular no more,
so when it’s time, it’s time.
– I hear you, I hear you.
(phone ringing)
(dramatic music)
(answering machine message)
– [Woman] I’ve been trying
to reach you all day,
it’s got to be done
tonight, you hear me?
– I want to thank you for
letting me use the facilities.
– [Alex] No problem sir.
– You a real nice youngin’.
– [Alex] Thank you.
– A lot of young people today
don’t have no consideration
for people always out rushing.
Trying to get things done.
You know I’m from
the old school.
Back in the day our people
cared about other people.
Our people respected our people.
Our people had a purpose.
– Is that right.
– And today don’t nobody
give a damn about nothing.
All about themselves.
We used to spend
money with each other.
Today, give it to all
the Koreans, and Arabs,
and it’s a terrible thing,
it’s a terrible thing.
– Sure is.
Sure is.
– Okay young man I ain’t
gonna bug your ears off.
I’m leaving now, but before I go
I need to tell you
one more thing.
– [Alex] What’s that?
– You need to face your
fears, you got to stop hiding.
You were meant to do
bigger things in life.
Remember your partner
always has his eye on you.
– Partner?
– Yeah, the man upstairs, Jesus.
– Right.
Right, take care of yourself.
– [Older Man] Alright.
– Yeah, alright, bigger things.
Bigger shit.
– [Denise] Hey daddy!
– Hey, baby!
Happy birthday.
– Guess what.
– [Alex] What?
– I’m the best chess
player on my team, daddy.
– That’s good, got any homework?
– I did it already, I knew
I was coming to see you
so I did everything.
– [ Alex] That’s
good, you ready to go?
– Yes.
– [Alex] Okay.
– [Denise] Here Shannon,
take care of my backpack.
– [Shannon] Wait over there,
I need to talk to your daddy.
Well, well if it
ain’t Mr. Rookie.
– [Alex] Don’t start that.
– What Alex?
You act like she
don’t exist until her birthday.
Or should I say your
partners death day?
You know what, run me
that child support.
– [Alex] Always taxing.
– She is on the chess
team, did you know that?
– Yeah I knew that,
and if you didn’t know
I’m the one who taught
her how to play chess.
And I do see my baby more
than on her birthday.
– Nah nigga, I’m
gonna stalk you.
Ever since Dennis died,
you just went downhill.
You quit the force, you
quit me, from the way
I see it, you done quit life.
You ain’t shit, you
were a weak cop then,
and you a weak person now.
What are you now
anyway, a janitor?
Cleaning toilets, and
shit, I told your ass
back then Dennis had it right.
Fuck them thugs.
But nah, you wanted
to play Mr. Good Cop,
and look where you
end up, nowhere.
The wrong nigga
got shot that day.
– Fuck you! Fuck you Shannon!
Your ass broke,
you on Section 8.
welfare, and you want
to talk about me?
I’m the one who pay child
support to my daughter.
I pay child support
to my daughter.
And I ain’t got to hear
this shit from you.
– Nah, you gonna hear my shit,
– Denise!
– especially since
all you doing is
– Baby you ready?
– cleaning up shit anyway.
– [Denise] I’m ready daddy.
– [Shannon] Nigga.
You exactly what you clean up,
with your old broke rookie ass.
– [Alex] Come on baby.
– [Shannon] I’ll be in the car.
– [Alex] You probably going
to spend my damn money.
– [Shannon] And, if I was?
– [Denise] You and Shannon
hate each other don’t you?
– No I don’t hate your mother,
but I do think she hates me.
We just get into arguments
sometimes and it just get
out of hand, you know?
– I see how she treats you,
that’s why I don’t call her
mommy, I call her Shannon.
– You do much better than me.
Sometimes I can’t
even say her name.
But you know you got to
respect your mom, right?
– Yeah.
– So, what happened
in chess club today?
– Today in chess club,
I end up winning,
and calling checkmate,
in five moves.
– Five moves?
That’s my girl, let me
straighten you out here.
– Hey, dad, I got
a question for you.
– What’s that?
– What’s your
favorite chess piece?
– Hmm.
I think I like the knight.
– Why?
– Because, that’s
a good question.
Because I guess, the knight’s
an underdog piece to me.
And dad loves an underdog.
You know, and it also protects
the king by any means necessary.
– Will it sacrifice
for the queen also?
– You bet it will, and you’re
my little queen, right?
– Yeah.
– That’s my girl.
– Well, did you go see him?
– Did I go see who?
– Dennis, you always go
see him on my birthday.
– Yeah, I went to go see him.
You know, that was the worst,
and the best day of my life?
– Why was it the worst?
– ‘Cause I lost my
partner that day, Denise.
– So is that why you quit
being a police officer?
– Yeah, that had
something to do with it.
You know, dad just
got tired of seeing
all the violence and
killing, and I didn’t
want to be involved
in that anymore.
– So why was it the
best day of your life?
– ‘Cause I got you.
You know this already,
but why you always
having me tell you this story?
– Because I like the story,
you lost your friend,
and God gave you me.
– He sure give me you.
He sure did, so what do you
want to do for your birthday?
– Okay, dad, there’s this
cool shirt in the mall,
and I got to get it.
– You got to get it.
It’s a cool shirt in the
mall you got to get it, huh?
– [Denise] Mm, hmm.
– Okay, well what about
dinner and a movie?
– But we still can
do it, it will be
real quick, I promise.
– Real quick, promise?
– [Denise] I know where
the store is, yes.
– Oh, you already know
the store is, huh?
Okay, come on.
(upbeat music)
– Boy, I swear on my mama they
got a chain up here so sick.
Ms. Lady, how much is this?
– [Jewelry Clerk] That
right there that’s 1500.
– 1500?
Come on that ain’t nothing,
I got that in my
pocket right now.
That’s cigarette money.
– The mall closes
in five minutes!
Miss, excuse me the mall will
be closed in five minutes.
If you’d like to make
your selection please.
Thank you.
Yo pimp,
we getting ready to close man.
– [Male Customer]
Man, I’m shopping.
– I don’t give a fuck
about you shopping,
we getting ready to close.
– [Male Customer] Man,
find you a bag of business.
– Find me shit
man, you better get
your punk ass up out of here.
– Man, I’ll pay you
to get out my face.
– [Security Guard] Nah,
you ain’t paying me shit.
– Straight up.
– [Security] Meet
me at the door then.
– Hey, Ms. Lady, you say
1500 with tax included.
If I get two of ’em
can I get two for 25?
I know I’m good for it.
– Hey how are you doing today?
– [Alex] Alright
how you feeling?
– Fine thank you.
– This is it dad,
this is the shirt.
– Alright, alright, alright,
you got this in a small?
– Yeah, a small size
should be no problem.
I’ll go and check for you.
– [Alex] Yeah, please,
please, please.
– Okay I’ll be right back out.
– [Alex] You didn’t
like this one?
– Mm hmm.
(speaking foreign language)
– Sir I’ll get a small size
for you, just a minute.
– What’s the matter
with him daddy?
– I don’t know, people crazy.
– I got to use the bathroom.
– You can’t hold it?
– I got to use it now.
– Come on he’ll be right
back with the shirt.
– I got to use it now.
– Okay, come on.
– I got the size for you sir.
– Okay, could you
hold it for me?
She got to use the washroom.
– Are you sure sir, what
do you want me to do?
Hold it for you?
– [Alex] Yeah, just
hold it out the counter
we’ll be right back for it.
– [Employee] For sure?
– Yeah, for sure.
– [Employee] Alright,
then I’ll hold it for you.
– Alright, man,
thanks a lot, alright.
– Man how long is y’all gonna
take to come get me man,
I’m off and it’s closed,
security guard acting
all funny and stuff, taking
his job too serious, man,
y’all need to hurry up.
Straight up.
Hold on for a
minute, what up boo?
What’s that thing do?
– Oh, no you did not just
put your hands on me.
If you want that hand I suggest
you keep it to yourself.
– Turn me on, I guess
you don’t want no thug
in your life, huh boo?
– Whatever.
Can you tell me if the
bus is running late?
I’ve been outside already
for, forty minutes.
– Do I look like the
bus driver to you?
I’m the mall security.
I don’t know what’s
going on out there.
– Okay, can you tell me
where the bathrooms are?
– Nope, no bathroom, got
washroom, don’t want no folks
taking baths up in here.
– How ’bout this, can you
tell me where the washroom is?
– I think so, go down
here, take a right.
To the washroom.
– [Shannon] I got it.
– If you want to wash
your ass, go home.
– Okay, okay, goodness.
– No, no, no, no, no.
– What?
– I want to go in
the woman’s today.
– Oh you think you grown huh?
Okay go on ahead.
Little grown self.
Excuse me.
– What can I do for you?
– I’m not trying
to disturb you but,
it’s my daughter’s
birthday today,
and she wants to be a
grown woman or whatever,
and she’s in the
bathroom, I was wondering
if you could kind of keep
an eye on her for me?
– Sure.
– Thanks a lot.
She’s the one in
the school uniform.
(dramatic music)
– We closed, man, we closed!
– [Number Five] Alright.
(dramatic music)
– [Lobos] Everybody
get the fuck down!
Everybody get down.
Don’t move!
– You get your
stupid ass out here!
Come on, come on!
Turn around, don’t
move, don’t move!
Don’t move come here,
get your stupid
ass out of there.
Come on get out.
What you talking for?
(dramatic music)
Get your stupid
ass out of there.
(dramatic music)
– Where’s my daughter?
Where’s my daughter?
– I told you I would watch
your daughter for
you, what’s going on?
– The mall’s been taken
over by men with guns,
where is she?
– What the hell
you talking about?
– [Denise] Dad!
– Denise, hurry up,
get my daughter.
– What the hell is going on?
(dramatic music)
– [Lobos] Yo, you check the
men’s I’ll check the women’s.
– Alright, no problem.
– Come on, come on, come on.
I just saw them.
– Okay, what is going on.
– Let’s go, in the
stall, in the stall,
in the stall, in the
stall, come on baby.
Come on baby get on the top.
– What are you doing?
– Get up on here.
Get up here on the
lid, get up on here.
– Okay what is going
on, you need to tell me
what is going on.
– Shh, be quiet.
– But.
(dramatic music)
– Hey Lobos, leave that
man, come on, it’s time.
(dramatic music)
– Wee.
– [Shannon] What the
hell is going on?
– They’re taking over the mall.
– Who’s taking over the mall?
– I don’t know.
– [Shannon] Shit, I can not
be here, I’m calling the cops.
– But dad, you’re a cop.
– No I’m not.
– You’re a cop?
– No I’m not a cop.
– Yes you are.
– No I’m not, you
get through yet?
– [Shannon] No battery.
– Damn, come on baby.
Look, do whatever
you got to do lady,
hide, do something,
’cause I’m getting
out of here with my baby.
(fast paced music)
– [Denise] What about Shannon?
– Let’s find a way out
then we can get help.
– Wait, where are
you guys going?
– Try and find a
way out of here.
– [Shannon] Wait.
– [Denise] Dad.
– [Alex] Wait a minute, stand
over here on the side of me.
– Dad!
Dad, dad,
dad, look doors.
– Okay, okay, come
on, come on, come on.
Denise, sweetheart,
I need you to listen.
Daddy needs you to
be strong now, okay?
Daddy needs you to be strong.
What’s you name,
what’s your name?
– Shannon.
– Baby, I need you to
stay with her, okay?
I’m going to go over
here and try to find us
a way out of here, okay?
Okay, watch my daughter.
Watch my daughter.
Denise, I’ll be back.
– I know.
– Oh God, we’re gonna die,
I don’t want to die today.
I just came in here
to use the bathroom.
I’m just, I’m just.
– You’re just panicking.
– Right.
– Don’t worry, my dad
will get us out of here.
(soft music)
– I sure hope so.
– Good evening, I want
everybody to listen up,
this will be simple,
if you cooperate,
and do as you’re told, you’ll
all go home to your families.
Shut that bitch up.
– [Enforcer] Shut up.
– Now if any of you
have called the police,
I will not hesitate to kill
every motherfucker in here.
All we want, is
what we came for.
When we get it,
then we’ll leave.
And this shit can
go two ways, easy,
heavy, it’s up to you.
(dramatic music)
– [Number Five] What the fuck
are you two doing back here?
Get up, now, up!
Move it this way, come on.
– Don’t hurt us please.
– [Number Five] This way.
(dramatic music)
hurry up, move it,
hurry up.
Hurry up.
– Where the hell
did you find them?
– Hiding out in the
back, get on the floor.
– How the fuck were
they in the back?
– The Lady has to sit
down with the rest.
Hey, don’t touch
the little girl.
– Where’s the owner?
Richard Gordy, father of
three beautiful children.
The owner of three Cadillac
trucks, and a 2003 Hummer.
Will the real Richard
Gordy please stand up.
Please stand up.
Nigga I said please.
– [Lobos] Shut up! Shut up!
Shut up!
– [Number Five] Get
out there to him man.
– Mr. Gordy.
Let’s take a walk to
your office Mr. Gordy.
You wouldn’t be related
to Barry Gordy, would you?
Got a little nephew,
can sing is ass off.
Nice vest man.
Come on, this will
be painless baby.
Looking good Richard,
you working out man?
Come on, let’s go.
What you taking Viagra huh?
Rich I like what you
did with the place man.
All you got to do
is just stay cool.
No problems, alright.
Have a seat.
Hey, check on them safes.
Long time no see Richard.
– I don’t know you.
– You don’t know me right?
I can see how you can forget.
But do you know why I’m here?
– For money?
– Yes, for money is correct.
Now the next question
should be simple too.
Is the money in
the fucking safe?
– The money was shipped out
by federal truck, earlier.
– Oh really?
In other words, we
missed the money.
– In other words yes.
– Damn, ain’t that a bitch.
I mean we done came down
here with all this shit,
and we can’t get no money.
Huh Rich?
Fuck it, I guess we should
just pack up, huh Rich?
Alright Rich, I’ll
tell you what,
I’m sorry for the
inconvenience, we’re gonna
get out the rest of your hair.
I just got one
question before I go.
You think I’m
stupid motherfucker!
This nigga done made me
hurt my motherfucking hand.
Go get Enforcer.
– [Number Five] Alright, you
done fucked up now my man.
– We’d like to thank you
for your cooperation,
please continue to cooperate.
And stay quiet, we will not
hesitate to shoot your ass.
– Number one wants
you in the office.
– [Enforcer] Watch ’em.
– [Number Five]
Yeah man, I got you.
– Shut up!
Hey bro,
I’m gonna check the back.
– [Number Five] I got this.
(singing in foreign language)
(fast paced music)
– Damn!
(singing in foreign language)
(singing in foreign language)
– Who back here?
(dramatic music)
I’m gonna get your ass.
I’m gonna get your ass.
(speaking in foreign language)
Who the fuck back here, now?
I’m gonna get your ass.
I’m gonna get your
ass, I’m a blast you.
Woo hoo!
Where you at?
(dramatic music)
I see your punk ass.
Bring your bitch ass
out here, maricon.
For I start blasting your ass.
– [Alex] Alright.
– [Lobos] Move!
– [Alex] Alright!
– I said move now!
No, don’t pick it up.
Get up!
Get your bitch ass up, maricon.
Slowly, turn around,
turn around!
Now put your hands
behind your neck!
That’s right.
I found another one.
(dramatic music)
Bitch, motherfucker,
right now, right now.
– I told you Rich, every
time my man hears bullshit,
he’s gonna hit you.
Now the combination, Mr. Gordy.
– I told you, I
don’t have any money.
I already took
everything to the bank.
– You still trying to
bullshit me Richie?
– [Richard] No!
– [Leader] Huh?
– No I’m telling you the
truth, I don’t have no money.
It don’t have nothing in it.
– Well give me the
fucking combination!
So I can see for myself.
I’m gonna tell you
something Richard,
this nigga is a monster.
He likes this shit, I
personally think it’s sick.
Me myself, I’m more civilized.
I hate to see you like this.
I’m gonna give you a little
bit of advice right now, man.
This is a good time for
you to stop bullshitting.
– You said bullshit.
– Right, come on Rich.
You prolonging this shit man.
This is supposed to be quick.
We come in, we get the
money, and we leave.
But you don’t want to corporate.
I’m a tell you something.
I know how you operate.
I know you keep the money
here on the weekends.
Then on Monday you take
that shit to the bank.
So understand this.
I’m getting in that safe,
with or without you.
Don’t lose your life
over this fucking money.
You’re more valuable to
your family alive, right?
Right, Rich?
Or maybe not, maybe you
got an insurance policy,
that’s worth more than what
you got in that safe, huh?
Maybe this ain’t a robbery
to get money, Rich?
Maybe it’s a murder for money.
– Who put you up to this?
What do you know about
my insurance policy?
– I told you, I know
everything about you.
What you think we just took
a chance and robbed a nobody?
Nigga, this shit was planned!
It was paid for.
The only question is,
are you gonna pay?
– Whatever they’re paying
you I’ll double it!
– I’m supposed to believe that?
– [Richard] Yes I will, I’ll
pay you anything you want!
– Oh you will, huh?
Well I asked you for the
combination eight times
motherfucker and you
still ain’t gave it to me!
This nigga’s bullshitting!
– [Richard] I’ll tell
you, I will tell you!
– I told you dog, this
nigga want to play,
I’m gonna kill this
motherfucker, and take the safe.
– You know what you’re right,
kill this piece of shit.
– No, no, wait, no,
I’ll open the safe.
– [] Why?
– I’ll open it.
– Why Rich, you said there’s
no money in it right?
– I just put it in there.
– I know you did.
– We can, and we can
– We can, shut the fuck up!
I knew you did nigga,
15 minutes ago.
(dramatic music)
– I’m gonna fuck you up bitch!
(dramatic music)
What motherfucker.
Let’s go!
Motherfucker, I’m about
to get you ass now, bitch.
(dramatic music)
– Go to sleep.
Go to sleep,
go to sleep.
Go to sleep.
(dramatic music)
– Excuse me, excuse me.
– What the fuck you want?
How long is this gonna take?
I got a date tonight.
– [Number Five] Lay your
bitch ass down, it’ll take
as long as it takes.
– You sure do look
good in them pants.
– [Number Five] Stop
that staring at me,
man I ain’t no fag!
– Can I look at Mr. Handsome
over here with this purple on?
– Hell nah, don’t look over
here either, I ain’t no faggot!
– Both of y’all
motherfuckers shut up!
(dramatic music)
– I got to go to the washroom.
– Hey old man, pee on yourself.
– Look, we’re not going
to give any of you
any information,
we’re not letting you
go to the washroom,
you all are to just
sit here until
this shit is over.
All of you!
(dramatic music)
– I still got your
shirt for you.
– What?
– The small size, I found it.
– Shh.
– [Number Five] What the
fuck is going on over here?
– Nothing.
– Shut up.
Who was talking over here?
– I’m talking to
the little girl,
– About what?
– They came into
my store earlier
trying to buy a shirt,
and I found her size.
– You think she and her mama’s
worried about a damn
shirt right about now?
I want quiet!
And I mean quiet.
– Man I’m hungry.
– Awe boy, fucker
pissed all on his self,
and this shit getting all on me.
– [Number Four] Lay your
ass right there in it.
– Man that shit ain’t right,
get your pretty ass down here.
– Shut the fuck up!
(dramatic music)
– Who are you?
– You want to know who I am?
I’ll tell you who I am.
I’m the motherfucker that your
crack fiend daughter
buys her drugs from.
Yeah, yeah.
See Mr. Gordy, I know
every nook and cranny
of this motherfucking mall.
I know the when, the
where, and the what time
you do every
motherfucking thing!
And I know you a cheap
skate motherfucker too.
He like to use people
man, nigga hire
people for a couple of months,
then he turn around
and fire they ass,
so he can hire
somebody else cheaper.
Ain’t that right?
You so caught up in
your own shit nigga,
I’m a let you know something,
I got to know your
family behind your back.
And they don’t like
your ass neither man.
They think you a
piece of shit, Rich.
And I do too.
Oh, and that lovely
daughter of yours.
She been sucking my man’s
dick for about six months now.
And licks his asshole.
– Oh.
– Oh, and your wife,
your loving wife.
She know you fucking that
21 year old bank teller.
Yeah, so when I suggested
about your death Rich,
she didn’t have to think long
and hard on this shit man.
No, no.
She was with it, right away.
And you know what Mr. Gordy?
I had my man watch and
track all your moves.
You see, the way I put
this shit together,
it’s genius.
– Is this about a robbery or
about my insurance policy?
– It’s always been about
your insurance policy, nigga.
I just robbed this fucking
mall to make it interesting.
– You’re a liar, my
wife wouldn’t kill me!
– Shut the fuck up.
– Who said your wife?
You do have kids, right?
– [Richard] My kids love me, I
give them whatever they want!
– You sure about that, Richard?
– [Richard] Who?
– I’ll tell you what’s
so lovely about this
whole thing, that after
your wife and kids
do collect that insurance money,
we coming after your wife,
to make the kids pay.
– No, please.
– Get your fucking hands
off me, motherfucker.
– [Richard] No, don’t do that.
Don’t kill me, the money
means nothing to me.
I’ll open the safe.
– [Leader] I know you will.
– Ill open the safes.
I’ll open the safe!
– Richard relax, we’ll
open it ourselves.
Get this piece of
shit out of my sight.
– No,
– Hey Lobos, Lobos come in.
Lobos ain’t answering us on
his radio, I’m gonna go see
what is happening in the back.
– [Number Four] Okay.
Okay, keep you radio on.
– [Number Five] No problem.
– I have a loaded
weapon everybody,
I will not hesitate
to fuck you up.
– I hate pie.
(dramatic music)
– Shit,
damn, fuck this shit.
– Hold it right there,
put your hand up.
Get up, man put your iron down.
Put the iron down
before I shoot you dead.
Put the iron down.
Come down stairs, come down.
Come on down stairs, now
what the bomba clot you doing
up there boy?
Leave it, go down, go down.
(fast paced music)
(speaking foreign language)
(fast paced music)
Hold on, bud we need
a fucking weed break.
– Yeah, I’ll kick
your ass in a minute.
(breathing hard)
– You got lucky, you got lucky.
Not the weed!
– Look at this nigga,
you scared bitch?
Huh, you scared?
Did you see God?
I gave you life nigga, again.
I’m not gonna kill you
nigga I’m giving you life.
– Motherfucker,
you motherfucker!
(dramatic music)
– [Number Five] No.
– Fuck you motherfucker.
– Everybody shut the fuck up!
– Put this nigga in
the back, come on.
– Move!
– [Number Four]
Shut the fuck up!
– What the fuck is
going on, who shooting?
– Bravo five went to the
back to look for bravo three,
now neither one’s
responding on their radio.
– And they still ain’t back yet?
Watch the mains okay.
Okay, some motherfucker
trying to be a hero.
Enforcer, get back there and
handle this motherfucker, man!
Stay here with them, keep
an eye on ’em, be cool.
I’m a get back there and
get this motherfucker
to open the safe,
let’s go Mr. Gordy.
(dramatic music)
Let’s go.
– Knight takes rook.
(dramatic music)
– Shit.
(dramatic music)
– Fucking rat.
– You got me.
– So you’re the
motherfucker back here
causing us all these problems.
– I just want my daughter.
– That’s all I want, you got me.
– Yeah, I got you.
– At least give me a
chance, man I’m ready.
You a big guy, give me a
chance, that’s all I’m asking.
– Man to man.
– [Alex] Man to man,
that’s all I ask.
(fast paced music)
♪ They the pop collars
♪ They the shot callers
♪ They got dollars
♪ You know my name
♪ They is the pop collars
♪ They is the shot callers
♪ They got dollars
♪ You know my name
♪ They is the pop collars
♪ They is the shot callers
♪ They got dollars
♪ You know my name
♪ They is the pop collars
♪ They is the shot callers
♪ They got dollars
♪ You know my name
♪ They is the pop collars
♪ They is the shot callers
♪ They got dollars
♪ You know my name
♪ They is the pop collars
♪ They is the shot callers
♪ They got dollars
♪ You now my name
– The fuck in here, get
the fuck here motherfucker,
and stuff up down.
Don’t say a fucking word!
Montell, come in nigga,
what the fuck is up
with these safes man?
– You better hold on to your
man, bring your man in here.
This shit’s not gonna work.
– What the fuck do you mean,
the combinations ain’t working?
– You guys gave me
the wrong specs.
– What am I paying
you for Montell?
Rich, you better start
acting like you remember
these fucking numbers!
(fast paced music)
– I’m gonna put this
foot in your ass, bitch!
Get up, get up.
(fast paced music)
shit, you rats,
come here.
What the fuck?
Nigga you still a bitch,
and you a dead bitch.
– Bravo 4 to Enforcer.
Come in.
Bravo 4 to Enforcer,
are you there?
Bravo 4 to Enforcer, come in.
Bravo 4 to Enforcer,
are you there?
(dramatic music)
Bravo 4 to leader come in.
– What’s up baby girl?
– Enforcer’s not back
here, and I hear some
noises in the back, I want
permission to check it out.
– No that’s a bad
idea, you stay put.
Who’s gonna watch your post?
I’ll be there in a minute.
All you had to do was give
me the fucking combination!
Get the fuck up.
Get up!
Nigga get up now nigga,
get the fuck out of here.
(soft music)
(soft music)
– Anybody call?
– No!
– Let me get back there
so I can start blasting!
– Just be cool, I’ll
check it out, you keep
an eye on them, and
watch this piece of shit.
Have a seat Mr. Gordy.
– Okay, people this is
gonna be longer than
we expected, it seems
on of you is back there
fucking up the program.
– That goddamn rookie.
– What?
– Rookie back there
fucking up the program.
– You know who’s back there?
Then shut up!
(dramatic music)
– Man,
you were a fucking soldier,
scared of rats though.
– What’s the deal?
– Killed Enforcer, look
whoever this nigga is,
I know he badly hurt, alright?
‘Cause Enforcer ain’t
going out like that.
– Fucker! Who the
fuck is back there?
– I don’t know.
I don’t think it’s the
police ’cause they’d
a scooped on us by now.
But all I know is whoever
the fuck is back there,
we got to get this motherfucker.
Just keep an eye on the
people for me, alright?
– [Number Four] When you were
back there, who was with you?
– Nobody.
– Bitch don’t lie to
me, who the fuck was
back there with you?
– Nobody.
– Is it your husband, or
baby daddy back there?
– I’m not married and
I don’t have any kids.
– She’s not your daughter?
– No.
– She’s not your mother?
– No.
– Then who are you here with?
– None of your business.
– What the fuck?
Who are you here with?
– It sure ain’t you.
– I know who’s back there.
– Shut your fucking mouth.
– I know who’s back there too.
– Both of y’all
shut the hell up.
– Look, I don’t
want to die because
he’s back there
messing up their plan.
– Well tell them, shoot, I
don’t want to die either!
– Who the fuck is back there.
– It’s a man.
– What man?
– It’s her father,
he came into my store
trying to buy a shirt
for his daughter.
And he’s the only
one not on the floor.
– He’s the damn janitor here.
– What?
– He’s the damn janitor, and
he’s gonna get us all killed.
– I don’t fucking believe this.
Three of our men killed
by the fucking janitor!
Let me go back there and
find this motherfucker.
– I got a better
idea, get the girl.
– No! No!
– [Leader] Shut the fuck up.
– [Number Four] Don’t make
me fucking shoot you, get up.
Get up.
– [Leader] Okay,
play time is over,
I don’t know who you are,
but I know who you love,
if you don’t have your ass
out here in two minutes, your
daughters gonna die in three.
Say what’s up to daddy.
– [Denise] Dad!
(soft music)
– Your daughter is waiting,
she loves her father,
and knows you wouldn’t
dream of letting her die.
What if he’s dead already?
– Then his daughter, and his
baby mama, gonna join his ass.
– Why I got to die, I know
that nigga ain’t shit?
He the fuck up not me.
– Bitch shut the fuck
up, you’re gonna die
because you’re
associated with him.
(soft music)
– I hope this janitor
breaks us out of here.
– Shit, he’ll be
smarter if he don’t.
All they gonna do is kill dude
and his daughter anyway.
– Minute and a half.
You don’t love
your daughter, huh?
What kind of a father are you?
If you let me put
one hand on the head
of this precious child.
– That’s your daughter
and you act like
you don’t even give a fuck.
– Bitch fuck you.
– No, fuck you.
– [Number Four] Both of
you shut the fuck up!
– I’m hungry.
(dramatic music)
– Let her go.
– Put the gun down, put it down.
– This motherfucker
just tried to shoot me.
– He missed now put
your gun down, look,
be smart man, you don’t want
your daughter to
die here alright.
Now put your gun
down, put it down!
– [Denise] Daddy!
– Put it down.
You ain’t stop
shit motherfucker!
No fuck that, you know me?
Look at me!
Do I know you motherfucker?
– [Alex] No.
– Was it worth it?
All of this shit.
– [Denise] Daddy!
– Put his ass with the rest.
We gonna save you
for last sweetheart.
Oh, and I’m taking
your daughter with me.
We ain’t gonna have no
more of this superman shit.
Nigga I’m superman.
Let’s go, play time
is over, come on!
Get your old ass up, let’s go.
– [Number Four] Don’t ever,
get up.
Get up!
– [Alex] Alright.
– Don’t you ever
raise a gun to me!
I am two seconds away
from putting a bullet
in your motherfucking head.
– Hurry up, come
on man, hurry up.
Yeah, yeah, that’s
what I’m talking about.
See Rich, now we
can move forward.
Understand that’s what
this is all about, baby.
Moving forward.
Alright baby, come on.
– I’m not your baby.
– Alright, whatever,
just get over here
and put this money
in the bag, alright?
Hurry up.
There you go.
See Rich, everything’s
gonna be okay now.
And after this I might actually
let you come work for me.
Good job.
That’s it hurry up come on now.
– Don’t rush me.
– See them big faces?
Your daddy got to work
a long time to make that.
Ain’t that right Rich?
– I did what you
wanted me to do.
You got your money.
– Shut up before I your
motherfucking ass up.
That’s it, hurry up baby.
– I’m not your baby.
– [Leader] Whatever.
– I don’t see why we all
have to die because of him.
– I don’t either I don’t
even know this nigga.
Alex you ain’t shit, this
just proves my point.
All you did was go and
get yourself fucked up.
You weak ass rookie.
– You shut the hell up,
you ain’t doing shit.
At least he’s trying
to save his daughter.
– Bitch shut the fuck up when
you hear a woman talking.
This don’t concern you.
– Right now,
everything concerns me.
– Man y’all said this
shit was gonna be quick,
I got to go to the bathroom.
– [Number Four]
Shut the fuck up!
– Man, fuck that shit I
ain’t finna piss on myself.
Y’all ain’t finna do
me like the old man.
– [Shannon] What do we do now?
– I don’t know I’m out of ideas.
– I know you’re
hurting right now Alex,
but those bastards
have your daughter.
Don’t you even think
about giving up right now.
You’ve already beaten
almost all of them.
Denise needs you.
– Shit I don’t know what
to do, i can’t get loose.
You need to think of something.
– I don’t know what to do.
– You need to
think of something.
– I don’t know.
– You a smart girl,
use your head,
just use your head.
– Excuse me.
– What?
– I have a small question.
– No you can not
go to the bathroom,
understand this, none
of you can do shit.
– I don’t have to
use the bathroom,
well actually I do, I
mean I can wait I’ve been
holding it all this
long, but anyway,
my question to you is,
are you gonna kill us?
– What?
– I mean the chances of
us getting out of here
really depends on you
guys, we have no control
whatsoever, and I really
need to know if I’m
gonna get out of here
alive today because
I got people I need to call?
– Bitch shut the fuck up!
– I knew you was gonna kill us.
– [Number Four] This is
gonna be the last time.
– I knew you was gonna kill us.
– [Number Four] Bitch shut
the fuck up or I’ll cut
your fucking tongue out.
– Why you got to
cut my tongue out?
I mean why it got
to be all like that?
– Damn, you must
got a hard ass head.
– Get the knife, get the knife.
(excited chatter)
– Freedom, get everybody else.
I’m gonna go get my daughter.
(all talking)
– Wait, wait, what about her?
– You can leave
that bitch tied up.
– Ah!
Ah! Thank you Jesus!
– [Hostage Child] She moving.
– [Hostage In Purple] She
getting up, she getting up!
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
– Son of a bitch.
(dramatic music)
– I would like to thank
you for your cooperation.
– Cooperation, you’ll never
get away with it, never.
– Shit I already got
away with it alright,
all I need you to do is
open that fucking door,
and shut the fuck up.
– My daddy.
My daddy will save me.
– Your dad?
Your daddy is out
there hurt, alright,
so I wouldn’t count on that.
But I’ll tell you
what, I won’t hurt you.
Hurry up with that
fucking door Rich.
– [Alex] Stop that door.
– Daddy!
– Richard, don’t
fucking touch that door!
– Daddy, daddy!
– Shut up.
– [Alex] Listen, in
order for you to get
out of her you
better door alone.
– Nigga you still
trying to be hero huh?
– [Alex] This for my daughter.
– Well I’ll just want
my fucking money.
– The money right there,
look man, I ain’t trying
to get involved in none of this.
You want a hostage, take him,
just give me my daughter.
– Fuck him.
If I grab him you’ll
try to save his ass.
– Save him?
He fired me today!
I don’t give two
shits about him.
– Alex, I’m sorry.
You can have your job back.
– [Leader] Shut the fuck up.
– Man look, a hostage
is a hostage man.
All I want is my daughter.
– A hostage ain’t
a hostage nigga.
A hostage got to have value,
and a dead hostage is worthless.
– Ain’t nobody dead!
– [Leader] You do now!
– Daddy.
– Dennis, I mean.
– [Leader] Shut the fuck up.
– Calm down baby, calm down.
– Dennis?
Nigga I know where
I know you from.
Put that fucking gun down!
Just like old times huh, baby?
Same routine, you know
what to do, put it down.
Look I’m not playing
with you, I will kill
your fucking daughter
dead right here.
Put it down.
Shut up.
– Okay baby.
– [Swirl] I’ll blow her
fucking head off, put it down.
– Okay, alright.
– Slowly.
– Alright.
– Now kick that shit over
here, nigga kick it over here.
I ain’t fucking with you.
You’s a stupid
motherfucker, you know that?
All this shit you
took me through,
and you think I’m just
gonna let her go that easy?
Checkmate nigga.
– You play chess?
– What?
– Chess, the game, you play?
– Yeah I play.
– Can I ask you a question?
– You want to ask me a
question then go ahead,
ask me a fucking question.
– Why is it that the bishop,
the rook, and the pawn,
sacrifice theirself?
– You got one question
on earth left, and that’s
what you waste it on?
Alright, just say it again.
– Nah,
you okay, okay baby?
Let me look at you.
– [Shannon] Oh my God,
are you okay?
– Yeah we okay, we okay,
what about you, you alright?
– I’m fine, everybody’s
okay, they got out.
– [Alex] We need
to get out of here.
– [Man In Hoody] Yeah,
yeah, we up out this bitch!
– Let me get a 12
piece with mild sauce.
– We been in there for
what, three, four hours?
– I’m just glad it’s over with.
– Alex, I told you you
need to face your fears.
– Thank you.
– The man upstairs is
with you, good luck.
– Thank you sir, alright.
– Hey Alex.
Alex, wait, Alex,
wait, I didn’t mean
any of the things that
I said, I’m sorry.
– Right Shannon,
your ass is sorry.
– Alex, please wait, I’m sorry.
– Get up off of me.
Get your ass on the bus.
– So you just gonna leave
me standing out here?
You fucker, I
don’t believe this.
– Damn, I knew I
should’ve left early.
– What are you talking about?
– I got fired today,
and he asked me to stay
until the mall closed.
– I just went inside
to use the bathroom.
– Hey dad, I’m still
getting that shirt, right?
– Online only, baby.
Online only.
Daddy ain’t going
to know more malls.
– Hey dad, can I be
your little queen,
and Shannon be your big queen?
– That’s something
we have to ask her?
– Okay.
– Well?
– Are you the king?
– I am.
– Guess now we just have
to go buy our kingdom.
(fast paced music)
♪ In desperate situations
♪ You don’t know
what you’re facing
♪ Niggas got the streets hot
♪ Po-Pos chasing every
hustler they track down
♪ Just to lay the clap down
♪ Boy we got hostages and
guns you better back down
♪ In desperate situations
♪ You don’t know
what you’re facing
♪ Niggas got the streets hot
♪ Po-Pos chasing every
hustler they track down
♪ Just to lay the clap down
♪ Boy we got hostages and
guns you better back down
♪ I’m in a desperate
situation man
♪ I don’t know what I’m facing
♪ But when I got hostages
and guns you gonna be shaking
♪ You best to call for
back up if you think
♪ That you gonna crack us
♪ If your partner act tough
♪ He’s kissing black dust
♪ I’m a let the mac bust
♪ Shooting up out
that ‘lac truck
♪ We gonna get down
and dirty with you boys
♪ And burn the back up
♪ Fresh up in your place
♪ I’m working wherever
you reside fool
♪ Taking everything
♪ And say times
money you wise Jew
♪ Hurry up and make it quick
♪ I ain’t got time
to wait for this
♪ Every time you stop and sit
♪ My crew gonna start
to breaking shit
♪ If you don’t feel
this real nigga
♪ They gonna hear you
squeal bigger words
♪ That you ain’t never heard
♪ You’re fucking with
some real killers
♪ It’s an occupation from her
♪ Might not be willing to do
♪ I’m hitting a major lick
♪ On every store not
out here stealing food
♪ It ain’t no damn soap
up in these streets
♪ I can’t be broke and die
♪ Niggas get poked
♪ I’m laid back chilling
smelling poporized
♪ This got going down
♪ You don’t know
what you’re facing
♪ Niggas got the streets
hot po-pos chasing
♪ Every hustler they track
down just to lay the clap down
♪ Boy we got hostages and guns
♪ You better back down
♪ In desperate situations
♪ You don’t know
what you’re facing
♪ Niggas got the streets
hot po-pos chasing
♪ Every hustler just
to lay the clap down
♪ Boy we got hostages and
guns you better back down
♪ There’s a time in
your life when you’ve
♪ Got to sacrifice
♪ They want war you gon’ beast
♪ You gonna starve
♪ They gonna leash
♪ Eaters in the
belly of the beast
♪ Got the murdering tendencies
lying dormant inside of me
♪ Wake up, wake up,
motherfucker man up
♪ Put that war paint on
load them clips and it’s on
♪ Now who want it
♪ Who can get it
♪ Poor nigga to a rich
♪ Every snitch to a bitch
♪ Can get found in a ditch
♪ I’m living over the edge
♪ One bump and I’m dead broke
♪ Starving and gang banging
♪ And yo don’t
want to break bread
♪ That’s the reason right now
♪ Nigga print it on a shirt
♪ Got they dust in the hood
♪ But forgot the hood murk
♪ The hood shortys got punked
♪ Now they running with a punk
♪ That’s the stakes of the game
♪ Now everybody gonna duck
♪ Now who want it
♪ Who can get it in
a chi-town minute
♪ 14 with a pump and
a coroner’s report
♪ Man up

100 thoughts on “Hostile Takedown – Edge of Your Seat Action Movie!”

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