Hotel Employees Reveal Secrets About Hotels

Hotel Employees Reveal Secrets About Hotels

– Hmm, I don’t want to get in trouble
(laughs) with this one.
– How can you get things for free?
Upgraded room or a comped room?
I definitely recommend that you just ask,
or complain about the view, size,
or if the room’s dirty,
your neighbors are loud,
whatever the case may be.
– Be cool.
Don’t make stuff up.
Nobody cares about your anniversary.
The only anniversary I care about
is the one where you’re handing me a $20.
– It depends on the occupancy,
depends on the person,
depends on the guest.
– Don’t book off the discount sites,
cause we know how little you paid for it,
so when it comes to upgrades,
back of the line.
– I have had people who have
not wanted to pay for the room,
and actually have come
up with nefarious ways
to get things for free.
They said that there
was a rat in the room.
The security team went to investigate,
and there was a little rat in the room,
but in the trash can there
was a receipt from PetSmart.
Well, the person and their new pet rat
got kicked out of the
hotel, with no refund.
– Well, there’s always
the used condom excuse.
That’s a classic.
We found a used condom under the pillow.
Dude, no you didn’t,
unless that was yours.
What’s the dirtiest thing in the room?
– All things fabric.
Couches, chairs, the weird blanket
that they put on top for the color accent.
Discard it.
– Probably the TV remote.
It’s electronic, so you can’t really just
spray it down with chemicals.
I think it just kind a
gets put back on the desk,
and that’s about it.
– People use the bathroom,
don’t wash their hands.
Then they touch the remote
after relieving themselves,
in or out of the bathroom.
Have I had any weird celebrity encounters,
and the answer to that
is too many to remember.
– I’ve seen many celebrities
in their underwear.
Nobody that you actually
want to see, though.
– I had someone call
me from their bathroom,
and ask me to come assist ’em in the tub,
and then she would do things to me,
if I would do that for her.
– Sometimes celebrities will check in
under a different name.
I had somebody stay at a hotel one time,
and somebody asked me,
“Was that this person?”
I was like, “No, we don’t have anybody
“staying in the hotel by that name.”
One of the most awkward moments,
and I’m not gonna name
drop any celebrities,
for example, if say Kim
Kardashian was in front of me,
and I didn’t know who she was,
okay, what’s the last
name for the reservation?
(fingers snapping) Instant insult.
They just get really offended, like…
Have you witnessed any porn shoots?
– I actually helped the guys bring up
their phone equipment,
and they tipped me with a sweatshirt
that had the porn company logo on it.
– I mean, it’s a good
view, it’s a nice room,
the beds are beautiful.
I don’t blame them.
– They kind of have the attitude of like,
“Yeah, we paid for this room,
“we’re gonna do whatever
the hell we want in it.”
– Do employees know when you book a room
to have a one night stand?
Yes, we do.
Usually, it’s a bunch
of giggling, snuggling,
making out on said couch
in front of employees,
and then we’re just standing there like,
“Right, so could you kindly insert
“your credit card for incidentals?”
– Not only do we know that you’re
there for a one night stand,
but we also knew who your wife is,
cause you checked in with her
an hour ago on a different floor.
When you call down and
ask us to deliver condoms,
we also know that you’re
not really a magnum, dude.
Can you replace items from the minibar
without getting in trouble?
You can try, but it’s really hard,
because you got to find a pony sized
bottle of diet cherry Coke
and a can of M and M’s.
Know how hard it is to
find a can of M and M’s?
– Everything in that minibar is
inventoried and everything.
We’ll probably be able to tell
if it’s not something
we’ve already bought.
– If you don’t want to pay for
the $7 bottles of water from the minibar,
you can just go refill your same bottle
down at the fitness center.
By law, they have to
have water for you there.
– Why are people not allowed
to smoke in hotel rooms?
Do you know how long it takes
to actually clean a room that’s
had a smoke owner in it?
It’s a health hazard, number one.
Number two, it knocks
out the room for a week.
I’m not gonna have
somebody smoke in a room,
and then when a teenage kids
goes to lay down on a pillow,
“Hmm, mommy, it smells like Camel.”
Do I know when people are
smoking weed in the room?
Yes, I’ve had to go and inquire.
They’re like, “No, we’re not smoking.”
(blows air)
– Do we say anything?
That all depends, man, you sharin’?
Weed, nobody cares about,
because we know that they’re not
gonna be causing any trouble after.
They’re just gonna be sitting around
and watching movies and
raiding the minibar.
That’s the clientele we want.
– So, just be a nice person,
treat everybody well,
enjoy yourself, make our lives easier,
and we’ll make your stay incredible.
(country style music)

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  1. OMG so the hotel cleaning lady has found used protection under the pillow? Nasty! One more reason to not want to work there.

  2. Ok so one time me and my family went to a hotel because me and my mom have birthdays three days apart and it was someone elses birthday to so we didn't sleep the best but the hot tub there was nice besides the fact we found a chunk of hair and it made me cough LOL

  3. My mom used to supervise the housekeepers so she would go after and check how well they cleaned the rooms anyways most of the time they don’t even clean the bathrooms or rooms at that, if they cleaned the bathroom they didn’t do it well. Moral of story bring your own cleaning supplies or at least a can of Lysol

  4. My parents stayed at a hotel while Steph Curry was there with his wife after they lost the playoffs. The waiter had no idea who they were and she was "like can I get a last name?" The exact thing he said not to say lol.

  5. In the Conrad st James in London I found white undies in the back of the top shelf in the closet … I forgot to complain but I wonder if I could have gotten anything for free

  6. I travel a lot. I ffing hate couches and that blanket on top of a blanket on a bed. Sometimes they put fresh towels on that thing. Hideous!
    Carpets are a big no-no for me. Carpets are disgusting.

  7. “and when you call down and ask us to deliver condoms, we also know you’re not a magnum dude.” AHHH 😂😂

  8. I’m cursed to find the weirdos everytime I go to a hotel

    Like one time I found a guy butt naked raping a yoga ball in the fitness room

  9. It doesn’t take a week to rid the smoke smell. Unless they chain smoked in there for like 4 days, but there will be a large fine

  10. My question is what hotel are they working at? As a General Manager I’m cringing with the thought that there are people out there like this 😂

  11. I worked in a hotel and guess what, if you don’t eat the chocolate they leave on the bed or nightstand it stays there for the next guest.. I wonder for how long some of them stay there 🤢

  12. my father once talked to the manager of the hotel and asked him very friendly to upgrade our hotel room to the best suite in the hotel and we got it! just ask, it won‘t harm anybody

  13. the guy in suit works at a pretty decent maybe fancy hotel the other guy probably like your local super 8

  14. Im not a native english speaker, but did she admit being raped (or sexually abused) by a celebrity at 1:43 ?

  15. I work at a hotel. We hate people that book on online travel sites. We love the sites cause the amount of bookings we get but we actually hate it when people book through there. (I’m coming from the sales manager perspective)

  16. I've met so many celebrities in the year I've worked at my hotel I couldn't count them… Most of them are dicks. The only one that stands out from the rest is Gary Busey and that's because he kissed me twice and tried to talk me out of getting married. Dudes a mess. All the other ones just walk around with their security and entourage and doesn't say a word or even look at you when you hold the door and greet them. Brendan Urie asked me for directions and that was probably the best moment of my life. Lmao.

  17. My dad has worked at a hotel for so many years. So I been knew these tricks and stuff, plus the discounts we get for and at hotels bc my dad is an employee for a hotel under the same owners is great

  18. Hi if you�re reading this, Just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don't get so worked up about things

  19. Hey guys! im a channel that wants to grow big, so if you could help me out that would be amazing! i post edits , tik toks and more stuff and i would be so happy if you could check it out! Thank you so much >:)

  20. These videos are the reason why my job is so much harder, complain and get a free upgrade 🤦‍♀️ Ughhh…those are the worst guest. Or the ones that think you make minimum wage and talk down to you. Just a heads up neither one of those ars a way to get get discounts nor upgrades for free, that gets you the last door of the floor with no view or smoking!

  21. My mom would always do thisbl thing where she would complain about the neighbors "having sex" and then say that I was scared cause i heard the girl screaming and we 9/10 chances would get our room upgraded

  22. "Weed nobody cares about".. Man, I wish I didn't care about it. On my recent trip to Vegas, I was staying at the LINQ and I actually reported someone who was smoking weed in their room. They had their door ajar to let the smell out, which is a great idea in theory. What ended up happening was the smell got into the hallway and into my room. Everything in my room smelled to strong of weed that they had to come in and clean it up and do an oxygen treatment or something like that. The other people got evicted and, yeah, I do feel a little bad, but the smell made me so sick..

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