How Anthem Failed, Bioware Responds, Snapchat Gaming?! | Weekly Roundup

How Anthem Failed, Bioware Responds, Snapchat Gaming?! | Weekly Roundup

What went wrong during Anthem’s Development?
An investigative article sheds some light into that rabbit hole
and Snapchat is getting into gaming.
I’m Demothy Tien and THIS — Is the Weekly Roundup.
So we FINALLY have some answers to the question
A Kotaku article from Jason Schreier sheds
a lot of light into what went wrong during
the games development cycle — and I HIGHLY
recommend reading the whole thing after this
video because it explains A LOT but if you
don’t have time to read it — since it IS
quite long — I’m gonna do my best to give
you sort of a cliffnoted version.
Let’s just start out with the name.
The game wasn’t actually supposed to be
called Anthem.
It was SUPPOSED to be called Beyond.
But because of various trademarking issues
the company ended up settling for the name
Anthem just ONE week before the game was announced
at E3 2017.
Now this may not sound like that big of an
issue — but the developers have noted that
the name Anthem didn’t mean much to them
nor did it really represent what the game
was supposed to be about.
And the article notes how this particular
event really represents the sort of last minute
practice that ended up happening throughout
Anthem’s entire development cycle.
In fact — the game spent most of its years
in pre-production and most of the game’s
features weren’t finalized until the last
few months of its development.
A lot of the people who worked on the project
didn’t even know what kind of game it was
gonna be until the E3 demo.
Essentially — the entire development of Anthem
was plagued with quote “indecision and mismanagement”
horrible understaffing of departments and
a resentful relationship between two studios.
Narrative reboots that resulted in the game
not entering full production until just EIGHTEEN
months before the game’s launch.
And this is all just the tip of the iceburg.
Anthem’s failed release is a rabbithole
of issues piled on top of each other that
created arguably one of the most disappointing
releases of the year.
After Schreier’s detailed investigation
was brought to light — BioWare decided to
comment on the issue with a blog post that
a lot of people are calling pretty dismissive
of the overarching issue.
The blog post states quote “we wholeheartedly
stand behind every current and former member
of our team that worked on the game, including
It takes a massive amount of effort, energy
and dedication to make any game, and making
Anthem would not have been possible without
every single one of their efforts.
We chose not to comment or participate in
this story because we felt there was an unfair
focus on specific team members and leaders,
who did their absolute best to bring this
totally new idea to fans.
We didn’t want to be part of something that
was attempting to bring them down as individuals.
We respect them all, and we built this game
as a team.”
The post goes on to mention how the criticisms
that the article raises did not come up during
their internal postmortems and concludes by
saying quote “We don’t see the value in
tearing down one another, or one another’s
We don’t believe articles that do that are
making our industry and craft better.”
But what’s particularly odd about this blog
post is the fact that it went up just minutes
after Schreier’s piece went live.
Schreier even noted how they sent a bullet
pointed summary of the piece to Bioware and
they didn’t get a chance to read the article
before publishing the blog post — which is
Again I definitely suggest reading Schreier’s
piece when you get the chance and go ahead
and drop your own thoughts on it in the comments
Now here’s an interesting one — Snapchat
is launching their OWN gaming service.
They’re unsurprisingly calling it Snap Games
and it’s going to be built right into the
Snapchat App.
Now here’s what’s a little strange.
Their main selling point is the ability to
play with friends in real time.
But that’s not exactly new so it’d be
interesting to see what it does to really
set itself apart.
So far all it has going for it is its lineup
of exclusives like Bitmoji Party which apparently
is inspired by Mario Party and their simplified
version of a Battle Royale called Tiny Royale.
My question is — what’s their goal with
Nothing here is particularly revolutionary
and according to this article by Techradar
— you’ll have to sit through ads during
your play sessions which is not exactly the
most well regarded feature within mobile gaming.
What do you think?
Is it worth it for Snapchat to jump into the
gaming space like this?
Let us know in the comments and if you like
our stuff, get subscribed and follow us on
Facebook and Twitter.
That’s all for now and I’ll catch you
guys next time.

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