How My Life Has Changed Since I Quit Playing Video Games

How My Life Has Changed Since I Quit Playing Video Games

Hey what’s up guys Cam here and today I’m
coming at you from Vancouver B.C. Today’s
question is about how my life has changed
since I’ve quit playing video games, and
the question comes from a comment that was
left on my channel earlier today by Samuel,
so thanks for that man. Before I tell you
how my life has changed since I’ve quit
playing video games, first I want to share
with you where my life was at when I decided
to quit. To be totally honest, it was a complete
mess. I battled depression, had low self-esteem,
and struggled with feeling good enough. I
didn’t have very many friends, the ones
I did have were gamers, and I certainly didn’t
know how to make new friends which came from
a lot of the bullying I experienced growing
up especially in the eighth grade, not just
only at school but also on my hockey teams.
I lacked confidence in general, especially
with women, was constantly put in the dreaded
friend zone, and I didn’t feel attractive
as a man. I had little education, had dropped
out of high school twice, had no desire to
go back or to ever go to college. I was in
and out of jobs all the time, I lasted two
days as a landscaper, about a week stocking
shelves at Walmart, disappeared from my jobs
at Papa Johns and Booster Juice, and worst
of all to avoid getting another job I deceived
my parents by pretending to have jobs at restaurants
and internet cafes. The one highlight of my
life was gaming and I came to realize that
although gaming wasn’t the problem, it was
the crutch, it was the bandaid that allowed
me to not have to deal with the situation.
It’s kind of a long story behind the moment
when I decided to quit and that has to do
with me starting to see a counselor and just
realizing that I had a new opportunity to
really create a new life for myself. And if
you want to learn more about that watch my
two TEDx talks where I go more into that story,
but when I decided to quit my focus was really
on improving my social skills, and living
life to the fullest. It certainly hasn’t
been easy but it’s been worth it and over
the years a lot of little changes have snowballed
into big improvements and my life has never
been the same. So here are a few highlights
of how my life has changed since I’ve quit
playing games. And just right before I go
into that I really want to say that I don’t
say this to brag, I don’t say this to impress
you, I say it to show you what’s possible.
If you’re watching this you and I have a
lot in common. I’ve experienced bullying
when I was younger, I went through many years
of depression, I struggled with my social
skills, confidence, self-esteem, and I really
didn’t know where to start. So I hope my
story just shows you that there are real improvements
you can make if you focus on using what you
don’t know as an advantage, because it allows
you to focus on what you need to learn to
get to where you need to be, instead of just
expecting all of it to happen for you. So
here are a few highlights of how my life has
changed. I realized that I didn’t really
like to work a normal job, so I decided to
learn how to start my own business, and I’ve
had that for the past seven years. This gives
me the freedom and flexibility I want to set
my own schedule, and to not have to answer
to anybody. I get to do what I want when I
want where I want. I’ve also traveled all
around the world, I’ve been to over twenty
countries and as you’ve seen in these videos
I’ve been to some pretty cool spots. To
be able to travel it’s not just a matter
of getting on a plane and landing in a new
place. There’s a lot of confidence you need
in yourself to be able to do it and that’s
one of the things I’m most proud of. I’ve
been able to give two TEDx talks which was
a dream I’ve always had. But not only that
the talks have been really well received and
that really means a lot to me. I also learned
how to DJ and even had the opportunity to
perform in Prague when I was there. When I
quit playing games I was worried I would never
find another passion, but DJing is definitely
something I’m more passionate about than
I was with gaming. I’ve also surrounded
by a great group of friends, in fact many
of my friends are world class people, they
are people who inspire me, who make me better,
and who are there to mentor me forward. Soon
I’m going to start introducing you to some
of my friends through a new video series,
so definitely look out for that. The situation
is a lot different than when I was gaming
and all of my friends either played games,
held me back or just didn’t really treat
me all that well. I have a lot more confidence
with women, I go on more dates and I don’t
feel like I have to settle. Most importantly,
I’m happier than I’ve ever been, I’m
able to live life in the present moment, I’m
proud of who I am, and how I show up every
day, and I wake up every day excited to be
alive and to live life to the fullest. Each
of these things was something I dreamed of
when I decided to quit playing games, and
even though it was really hard at first, like
I said earlier, it’s been totally worth
it, but all of these things have happened
because I focused on learning what I needed
to learn to get to where I want to be. I read
a lot of books and I took action to implement
what I was learning. If you’re watching
this, you’re not a victim of your situation.
Your situation might suck, it might be difficult,
it might be hard, and you might not know how
to move forward, but real progress is possible
but it starts with you taking responsibility
for where you’re at and learning how to
grow from that point to where you want to
be. Quitting video games is the beginning
of a new journey, it’s the beginning of
a new chapter in your life that you get to
decide for yourself. And my promise to you
is that I will always be a positive example
of what’s possible if you decide to make
that commitment. So I hope that helps and
remember, you don’t need more inspiration,
you don’t need more motivation, you need
to look yourself in the mirror and commit
to yourself that this is something that you
want to do, and you’re doing it for yourself.
Not for anybody else, not for me, not for
your friends, not for your parents, you’re
doing it for you because you want to do it.
So I hope that helps and if it does, make
sure that you leave a comment, make sure that
you hit thumbs up, and if you haven’t already
subscribed, make sure you to do that as well.
I also wanted to give a couple shoutouts to
some friends this week, so shoutout to my
friend Ginger, check her out on the travelers
mindset, shoutout to my buddy Locke we did
a cool podcast together which you can check
out on the channel, shoutout to my friend
Burcu, can’t wait to hang out with you in
the fall, and shoutout to Ed from fifty two
in fifty two weeks, it’s a really cool project
where he’s reading one book a week and leaving
a review so check him out and if you want
a shoutout in the next video hit me up on
twitter. I really appreciate each of you for
watching this and I hope you guys have a great
day! I’ll talk to you soon, alright peace.
“Looking’ good.” Thanks.

100 thoughts on “How My Life Has Changed Since I Quit Playing Video Games”

  1. You are saying that gaming is like alcohol. Then you just can't control yourself. Don't blame a product for your lack of control with it. There are many successful people who also play video games. You haven't defeated your weakness because you completely gave it up. If you can play casually and know when to stop and when not to play; that's when you know it's not your problem anymore. There are some things you should completely stop doing; Drugs, Smoking, and Gambling. Games are nothing compared to those 3. Making a big deal about gaming is like making a mountain out of a molehill.

  2. To be honest with you I would never want to completely quit video games, they have given me inspiration for doing my own animations and illustration comics. I love video games but I would never get addicted into it like 5-6 hours addicted a day, I've always been careful about that. I usually play 1-3 hours a day and mostly miss days in a week so I'm happy the way my life is heading. That's just from my point of view

  3. I’m 15 years old and I had an extreme video game addiction. I would play gta 5 everyday, I would skip homework to play video games, I would tell me myself I can get it done in school before class. But I never did and got a zero on it. I would never study for tests and just wasn’t doing good in school. I moved to another town and started doing better in school. I changed my schedule to doing my homework and then playing video games instead of playing video games and then doing homework. But I found myself not doing all my homework so that I can play video games. This was ruining my life. I knew I had to start taking things more seriously. I joined the gym and started going every single day to build my body and free my mind mentally. I felt so good and so much better than playing video games. Then I got a job. Now I was even happier because I was making my own money now. I was playing less video games now. Then I got banned from PlayStation for “harassment” apparently. Now I’m limited to cs go, American truck simulator, and forza horizon 3. But now that I barely have any video games. I’m even happier. I honestly think if I never started going to the gym, never got banned from PlayStation, and never got a job at 15. I would be living in my parents basement. Playing video games, job at a convenient store and most of all, a disappointment. Don’t let video games ruin your life because trust me. They can

  4. I quit video games 2 years ago. Life is still the same. Only my hobbies changed (working out, music and reading). No girl. Very few friends.

  5. Dude they bully in video game itself forcing you to play it or improve at it, then you end up being depressed, spending much more time than you should and ruin your life this way.

  6. Dear Cam, I absolutely love your channel and website. You are very inspiring. I was never a gamer or an addict, but I had suffered through a personality disorder all of my life. Coming out of that I now want to be a 'creator' as you have said in one of your videos, and I want to have people as a main part of creating and help them. I understand so much of what you are saying in this video! You are amazing with how you are helping people to ultimately contribute to them creating a life they love.

  7. Let's stop pouring our money away to these video game makers and get on with our lives and find something better to do

  8. It is too late , i am 16 already , i want to learn violin but it is too late , i want to get into college but i dont even know what the teachers are talking about . I want to start saving money for myself to study abroad but i have only one year left and the amount of money required is gigantic.I have no clue what i am doing with my life anymore . My life is a dead end 🙂

  9. Most of things that made your life "bad", were not made up by gaming. Bullying and other stuff. It's like blaming video games for school shootings

  10. video games did huge damage on my life. As a kid I got a terrible video game addiction that I FORGOT about life. Yup, I literally forgot to live life. I never learned how to take care of myself like brushing my teeth, showers, haircuts.. And I was still shitting myself at age 13. I took 2 minute showers to play games. I didn't care about ANYTHING. Video games can do some serious damage to a kid, as a parent you should watch your kids game time. I played so many games that life didn't feel normal, it always felt strange and wierd.

  11. Well its too bad that reality is a computer game simulation, and you are a character in it. Video games are reality, and reality is a video game. YOUTUBE – FLAT EARTH ADDICT 05.

  12. How are you guys enjoying life without playing games? It sounds extremely eccentric to me. Life literally sucks especially If you born in a third world country. You perhaps born in the world's best country and you guys have a lot of social and economic
    facilities and chances that I will never be able to achieve. If I were a Canadian, my life would turn into a good shape after quitting game process, however, in reality when I don't play video games, or temporarily stop playing, nothing is going well… On top of that, I'm not addicted at all, gaming is just drawing better worlds than I currently see and live. Life is pretty sick, chaotic, unbearable out there. And there is the only way to not to get crazy is to playing games. So, quitting gaming can never be a "Success" for those who have nothing to do better than "playing games" and enjoy the life as a 3rd world citizen. I found this video extremely selfish and thoughtless. Please don't get me wrong, but you had supposed to know the life is not same for everybody in the world. I don't like the way that you are trying to encourage people as gaming such a bad habit and must be given up thing. It's completely ok for you and maybe your neighbours in terms of activities, travelling the world, discovering new passions etc. But what If you hadn't a chance to commit these things? What If your future is stolen from the country managers? What would you do? Would you still be leaving games? I don't think so tbh. I do play games for not as an escape purpose as it written below the comments section but for tasting life and make it meaningful. Because when I go outside, I never see a good, well-developed city like Vancouver or the good news on the TV. When I go outside I see the poverty and beggars and then I feel I'm lucky enough to not exposed to that kind of situation. But I feel guilty afterwards. Some thoughts whisper to me, as like why there are poor people and not me? In addition to that, in my country, we are always on a knife-edge, about to enter the conflict in the middle east. I'm expecting a big 3rd world war really soon. And that makes me $hit out of here. When you watch you see a bunch of idiot politics clashing to themselves and trying to fire a spark to launch the world end war. And we are in obvious threat. That's not all I concern for sure, there are like 100+ facts that I can count right now, but don't wanna convert it into a wall writing. For short, life is not as good as your view of aspect for everyone. I'd prefer living in a video game rather than a life slaps into your face with it's all reality. That's why I will be playing video games till I die. Without it, life looks so empty and boring also a bit pointless. Even If you are addicted to video games, this is a better habit than smoke and alcohol indeed!

  13. "I am a gamer not because I don't have a real life, but because I choose to have many." I proud to be a gamer. And if you are here worrying about your life due to to video games,think about the fact that If you give up video games, you could only do a limited amount of stuffs related to real life. however, by playing games you can be guest to many lives. =)

  14. I wouldn't quit but reduce my time to 30 minutes per day, an hour at most. It's all about less time on entertainment more time on learning. 12 hours a day on games while living off mom is crippling. Alot of games you can't stay on top of the other players if you don't invest all of your time. Wanting to be at the top of a leaderboard. But 30 minutes per day beats never play any games again ever. I have too much nostalgia to completely quit.

  15. I swear to god I have most of the same things he used to suffer. I just can’t quit. It’s like a drug… Help please…

  16. It's a beautiful day and everyone wants to sit inside and play stupid fucking games… Drives me insane!!! I can not justify staring at a screen while I am in my prime… Go outside, find a girlfriend, travel the world, grow bud, DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!! GET OFF THE COUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep telling yourself gaming is teaching you stuff… Unless you get your hands dirty you ain't learning shit. Guitar hero ain't teaching you shit about guitar, and you can't drive better because you can operate a joy stick… Get real.

  17. Also, there's a difference between a GAMER, and people who play games.. I played games, my friends played games. People over 25 who define their lives under the title of GAMER are losers, Simple as that. Unfit to live in the real world. Oh, your car breaks down in the desert? What do you do? Hit R1 R2 and Square? No your gonna die because gaming didn't really teach your shit. Rant is over, cyaaaa.

  18. I totally respect your opinion about video games, but man from what I've gathered from this video is that (again dear 45 year old's that's my opinion) YOU are the problem not video-games. Like seriously you LIED to your parents about having a job just for video-games. That's just bad time management. Look at me for example or any other person who plays video games, we don't sit infront of a screen all day doing nothing with our lives. We manage our time, lile for example from X o'clock to X o'clock study or work from X o'clock to X o'clock gaming…etc.. You get what I'm saying. And also I've been snooping arojnd the comments to see what people think and I noticed this one guy insulting people and calling them ten year old's just for saying they like video games, without any valid arguments other than "it's a waste of time" it really is not. I play sooooo many video games, yet I always find time to talk to other people and travel, and I wouldn't call myself socially akward. Only in certain events where I know like no-one there and it's full of strangers, but I get over it. Also I have seen this one comment saying "come on just go out live life, get in trouble, get arrested and get high" I think it was sarcastic but you know I mentioned it just in-case. You can't tell if people on the Internet are idiots or sarcastic these days. As I said I do respect your opinion and I hope you enjoy doing all your hobbies. I just wanted to get this off my chest and play video games peacefully. Have a great day and thx for reading. EDIT:don't mind my spelling mistakes I didn't check before i sent this comment

  19. I play a lot of video games but I got a time limit. So video games are not unhealthy unless you got a good fair timelimit

  20. Very good for you man ………. too bad I have not seen this video earlier …… you know kinda late for me, "gamer for life", please continue with your happy life, rooting for you.

  21. I mean, I'm a huge gamer, but when I must do something outside of it I do it, I'm smart, my grades are pretty good. My charm is terrible but I don't give a damn my popularity is terrible but I like it that way, my social life is good, I always go outside with friends when they ask to go out, and you know, we look around shops and talk about different topics. And I'm probably the only guy in my class which doesn't have a phone which means going outside means no internet, games or pretty much even knowing the time until I get home, a phone is yet to be expected though. Gaming is not so bad, just try not to take it more importantly than some subjects in your life, like school, family and friends, and helping out people and being I nice guy, the rest like Fishing, reading Newspapers, and some like that can go to hell in my opinion. If you agree, then just agree, I don't want likes 🙂

  22. Um if your reading this, well I play fortnite alot but I'm am trying to quit phone games, I'm gonna be a junior for high school, so my goal is, how can I prepare my self to focus more on school then being on games

  23. Honestly quiting gaming is pretty easy. All you have to do is reseg your stats and you'll never play again.

  24. So he replaced gaming with DJing. As for work you can game and be self employment. You can also be passionate about game making, streaming, traveling to do game competitions. just look at angry Joe show.

  25. I respect this and understand it's a problem with people blocking them from their lives but imo if it makes you happy n your doing what you need too or want too that's all the matters.

  26. I've got into university studying Tourism Management. I've traveled extensively with my family, at no point did gaming hold me back. I've even met people through gaming online so I guess your experience differs from my own. Which is 100% fine I'm not starting beef but I felt that you partially implying that gaming is a restriction. Some comments here are definitely discriminating against gamers calling us sad no-life nerds. Even saw one comment saying to go out and get in trouble and arrested to experience life rather than be shut in? Like what? Anyway I just don't see how a lot of people watching this are just so dead set against games😑

  27. Great message I'm glad you've found ways to make improvements in your life. It's important to see what is holding you back from your potential. I used to be addicted to them but now I play sparingly.

  28. Not everyone can quit video games that easy you know, for example: some one depressed may find happiness on in video games, making them quit is like making them quit happiness. But everyone has there on opinion, people may think videos games are a waste and some people don’t, keep that in mind video game quiters

  29. Just balance life. Gaming is extraordinary and excellent part of life. Enjoy gaming and other things according to your nature.

  30. You meant don't play gadget right? And also I think in the future will have so lot of gadget just think about it,it has a lot of light and have many robot and also… I like past better then A future but I don't hate future.

  31. just manage ur time. not any need to stop playing games . Thank god this guy doesn't blame 100 percent video games but u just deen to takr ur responcibillities. my father had a healthy marrage and was aming since I was born and still play for 20 yeears. I love gaming and I have been productive and seccesfull just try smth called time management

  32. Gaming is a hobby and not an addiction. That is my opinion. No offense though but this is THE worst channel I have ever seen

  33. I don’t know what y’all talkin about “quitting video games changed my life” I haven’t played since 2013 and since then I’ve only used drugs to cope with things I think it was better with games to be honest but this is just my experience

  34. I stopped playing video games when I was 24 and I started playing when I was 11. Video games made me ignore my parents and be in my room all day and lost all my friends. Now I'm almost 30 enjoying my life without them…

  35. In my opinion playing a game for example Tetris or flappy bird is fine for like 30 mins but games which involve progression and levelling up your character is just straight up unhealthy. Why waste all that time improving your character when u can improve urself and make the most out of life.

  36. isnt video game addicting as much as being on mobile all the time.

    i hate that in a gathering many people are now always using their phones and not interacting, isnt THAT ADDICTION TOO. hypocrites. atleast gamers accept

  37. If I play games I think for them everywhere in school too.I started playing games 4 years old and now I am 14.I think its time to quit.

  38. I used to be obsessed with, you can even say addicted to, videogames from 6th grade up until sophomore year of high school, and the best thing that every happened to me was the day my xbox got the red ring of death. To put this into perspective, I had 50 days played on MW3 (literally 24 hours* 52 days = 1248 hours, or nearly 2 months of my life), and when Block Ops 2 came out I had just as much played on that. That doesn't include all the time I had played on MW2, BO1, Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Forza, Dead Island, and a few others here and there. In total, I would say I wasted close to 6 months or more of my life sitting and staring at a screen playing videogames. After my Xbox broke I never bothered to get a new system and decided to put my focus more into school and guitar. And I have to say, that was the best decision I ever made. I now graduated from college with a construction engineering degree making $110k out of school ($80k salary, $30k in benefits), I've dedicated all of the hours I would have spent playing videogames into my music, my work, and my other hobbies and have gotten really good at my crafts, and my social life has gone up significantly. While part of me wishes I had a gaming system to play on every now and then, I've found myself getting more joy out of my career, my art, and in other hobbies such as backapcking, rockclimbing, and fly fishing. Videogames are literally a waste of life, they provide you with zero applicable skills and desensitize you from the real environment around you. Everyone I know who games religiously has a hard time maintaining a conversation and are just awkward, just how I used to be when I still played videogames. You can hate on this comment if you want. I'm not saying you're a bad person if you game, but in my experience I had a hard time limiting myself to how much I played which I was I never want to own a gaming system again. Spend a week in the outdoors, go hike Yosemite, RMNP, Moab, other other national parks and I can promise you that you'll be hooked on the beautiful environment around you that you've missed out on while sitting in front of a screen for hours a day.

  39. Thank you, I really needed this. I have been two weeks on your 90 days detox and really wanted to play some games this morning but this video will make me close the computer and go paint a little. I'm really happy that I found your channel, keep up the good work 🙂

  40. "There's a world outside every darkened door where blues won't haunt you anymore."

    Video games = mass hypnosis.

  41. Video games aren't real, friends and family are more important, go out, enjoy yourself, socialise, don't be stuck in all day looking at a screen

  42. Hmmm… Sounds positive man. Keep it up!

    For me, I love gaming and it doesn't affect anything else in my life a particularly negative way. I think everyone needs a bit of escapism, which for me, is achieved through gaming.

  43. I‘ve been playing video games for over 20 years. It all started when I was only 4.
    My first game was Virtua cop 2 and the hose of the dead 2 on PC. I really do not have money to get a console back in 20 years ago.
    Now I started making money and I get Xbox, Playstation 2 3 4, 3DS /WiiU and NS comes the next, it all like a revenge.

    However, here is the fun fact: I don't have that much time to play games now! But whatever, I'll just make some time since I'll not give up games.. LOL. I guess I won't let games ruin my life, maybe I'll make more time collecting games rather than play them.

    Whatever. LOL
    I'm 26 years old now. Sometimes I would image the life when I get retired, sit in the chair, tons of collected games around me, maybe even get interviewed by a game website reporter. XD!!!! Just kidding. Guess it's really hard to get rid of games for me..

  44. i still play video games but after ive been enlightened at Church About the Eternity of the Body and Soul. I Learned now that life with Jesus is more than video games in the afterlife. i only play video games when i dont have anything going on important right now. Christianity is What changed my life, So All I Care About in the Afterlife of Heaven Is: People (Relatives, Family, Friends, Historical Figures that died a long time ago that Believe and Follow and Worship Jesus Christ).

  45. I've been a hardcore gamer since birth, I'm now 34. I just dismantled my gaming PC & VR setup and got rid of it. I've only been 'clean' for about a week, and never really knew how addicted I really was. I look forward to quitting gaming, but also feel very lost, since that has been my life.

  46. I'd been a gamer since getting a PS1 for christmas when I was 12. My decision to quit was a multitude of factors-
    a) I'd get emotionally attached and throw fits of anger every time my character died.
    b) A hobby that once brought me enjoyment had become empty and loveless
    c) It was taking up too much time
    d) Tired of questionable business practices and broken promises from developers
    e) Got sick of dealing with toxic dickheads.

    One day I just decided to delete my character and that was it – never looked back

  47. It's hard to find something that gives you more meaning in life than video games. life is all about finding something that gives you meaning so that you have a motive to keep living. And nothing does that better than video games.

  48. So take away is that it is not the games it is YOU!! Video games are just a form of entertainment just like watching a movie or TV or reading a book. Too much time spent on ANY of these things are bad even reading books. I work 40 hour a week full time and only play about two or so hours a day. It is a form of entertainment and if I wasn't on games it would be TV. I come home from work to relax and be alone. It is not the video games fault you lacked the self-control to go to work.

  49. Than you quit gaming it's start getting better more time, more friends less time spent at home 🙂 really great thing 🙂 today was a day than I quit it

  50. eh
    i can't change anything if i quit games
    everybody hates me and i can't do anything about it
    just playing with random people onlline to chill
    nothing is important in my life anyways

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