How Pulp Fiction Should Have Ended

How Pulp Fiction Should Have Ended

How Pulp Fiction Should Have Ended
Ok, you’re giving her a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart.
She’s got this breast plate so you’ve gotta pierce through that.
So what you gotta do is…
You gotta bring the needle down in a stabbing motion
Okay, okay. Here we go!
What are you doing, man?
That’s not where we talked about at all.
I stabbed Mia Wallace in the face.
Ahhhhh! I’m so high.
Tonight’s the night, Butchy boy.
Better pack your bag for when you leave the country.
Hmm.. should I pack this most precious
watch of mine now?
Or should I entrust my ditzy girlfriend to
do it for me while I’m throwing my boxing match?
I want to eat blueberry pancakes
and grow a potbelly.
I mean what if she forgot it and I had to go back for it the next day?
What’s the worst that could happen?
Yeah I’m packing this myself.
In fact.. humph.
I’m continuing the tradition, baby!
And you will know…
my name is the Lord
when I lay my vengeance upon thee
Wooo!! I’m alive! Haha!
Marvin lives! Yeah!!
I’m gonna take this glowing briefcase.. straight the pawn shop.
Nobody ever robs restaurants.
I bet you’d cut down on the hero factor in a place like this.
I’m ready, let’s do it. Right now, right
Just like last time.
I love you, pumpkin.
I love you, hunny bunny.
Everyone be cool. This is a robbery.
Any of you—
(throat clearing)
So much for the hero factor.
You know what they call a subscribe button in Paris?
What do they call it?
Subscribe with cheese
Subscribe with cheese?
That– That doesn’t sound right.
What do they call a like button?
Like button’s a like button.
But they call it le like button.
Le like button?
I think you’re making this up.

100 thoughts on “How Pulp Fiction Should Have Ended”

  1. Lol I cant watch this because of an age restriction…but I'm 18 and other age restricted videos are working too wtf?!

  2. No one is ever going to read this but it shouldn’t have been how pulp fiction should have ended but how it should have begun. 😂

  3. I actually felt bad for them at the end. How bad does your Karma have to be to try to hold up a café that just happens to have Batman AND Superman in it?

  4. The monologue is probably the best scene ever in this movie. Path of the righteous man

    There is an easter egg in Captain America: Winter Soldier, that scene at the graveyard where Nick Fury faked his death 🙂

  5. Да! Мы сделали это! Мы знали, что бетмен и с супермен сидят в этом кафе!!!!!

  6. "Ehahem! ……………hi."
    Sigh… "So much for the hero factor."

    I just… fragging… died… over… and over…. XD

  7. Still can’t believe Bruce Willis wouldn’t have packed his most valued possession personally and probably first

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