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How to Basketball – Basketball Basics how to basketball – what’s up guys Jesse Muench here with get handles, and today I’m going to show you basically how to play
basketball, some of the main things so this is something for beginners but also
for advanced players i’m gonna give you guys some some links to some videos to
help you take your game to the next level and you know just give you some
more detailed tips and secrets as far as improving your game giving you a quick
overview of some of the rules of basketball and you know finding ways to
take you know whether you’re a beginner or advanced some of those secrets that
will help you improve your game a lot more quickly yeah alright let’s get into a rundown of some
of the rules this is one of the questions I get asked most often in my
videos is what’s that what’s a carry and i’ll double dribble and all that stuff
so a Terry is when when you’re dribbling the basketball it’s your hand comes more
than halfway under the ball so right about here you’re probably oh ok you
come this far under that’s a carry ok if your hand same thing on the other
side you come over halfway on that side that’s a carry ok so you can move your
hand all about to there and there there there you know all that as long as it’s
not over halfway under the basketball you’re good to go it’s not a carry now the other thing is if you happen to
have enormous hands and can palm the basketball you’re palming it and holding
it on each trouble in between that’s also a carry ok as long as you’re not doing those two
things though pretty much anything you can think of to do with the dribble move
it you’re good to go it’s not a carry one other thing i want to talk about
with drilling as far as the rules goals is when you are dribbling a lot of
people think you can’t take a certain amount of steps like you can’t do that
you can take as many steps as you want as long as you’re not carrying the
basketball that’s not a travel your steps don’t count while you’re driveling
that’s one big misconception that a lot of players have a ball about dribbling
but it’s when you do this it’s called a stutter step and it’s been around for
years and it’s going to help you you know given to give you another option
for things you can do with the dribble but it’s completely legal now if you
guys want some more tips as far as how to get handles like the pros click right here that’s my video on
youtube or dribble like a pro that’s going to give you a lot of the details
that you need to know as far as how to improve your handles and then also click
this next link right here that’s going to show you the domain moves that you
need to have down to be a good ball-handler the moves that you want to
you know put a lot of time into practicing because you can get these
nine moves down in this video right here that’s going to help you take your ball
handling to the next level ok next thing let’s talk about layups
basically and your steps on your layouts your steps all that you can take two
steps after picking up the dribble so an example would be if I’m coming in for
a layup I pick up the basketball 12 steps and then I jump ok now some things to keep in mind is
your pivot foot so when you pick up your dribble it this is my first step you can
jump and lift this foot up but if you don’t if you if you try to like do
something else on that list this first step up that’s a travel ok so that first step if
you want to continue to move around and stuff you have to keep that first step
down that would be your favorite foot ok so
one step keep that first step down you can move around pivot all that as long
as you keeping this foot down now one other thing that you can do to give
yourself more options is to land with both feet on the ground at the same time
it’s called the pro hop jump stop there’s a lot of different name sport
but basically you’re landing with both feet at the same time what that does is
it gives you more options because now you can pick with your two feet you want
to be your pivot foot but once you’ve picked one to be your pivot foot so if I
decide I’m gonna have this foot be my pivot but now i have to keep that one
down ok but it gives you a lot of extra
options as far as that goes so a lot of key tips right there to help
you a lot keeping in mind you don’t your pivot
foot and all that I if you guys want more tips as far as hard to prove your
lips click this link right here that’s my video on how to make a layup some
tips to make it better the things you need to know to be
effective added and you know do the legally so just click that link right
there and I also show you some ways to practice it to get better at it so check
that link out right there that’ll help you a lot if you haven’t seen that one
yet alright the next rule you want to make
sure you’re aware of is the double dribble basically you cannot dribble the
basketball pick it up and then dribble again that’s a double dribble ok so you
know kind of comes back to carrying like hearing your kind of picking up the
basketball but doing it with one hand wears a double dribble you’re doing it
with two hands and then if you were to dribble again again that’s a double
dribble the name double dribble you know you dribble stop dribble so you’re
dribbling twice after picking you know the basketball in between you can’t that now you can dribble after you
picked up the basketball from like a pass and catch a rebound you can
definitely dribble from that you just can’t dribble pick up the ball and then
dribble again that’s what a double dribble would be now one other thing you
guys want to keep in mind is I you know a lot of my videos and some of my
tutorials like for the most part i do fundamental legal stuff on my channel
but I also do some street ball moves and freestyle basketball tricks now some of
that stuff is not legal and i’ll usually trying to say something in the beginning
of the video but some things you want to keep in mind I top of that you can’t do
is for something like freestyle and $OPERAND streetball moves off throw the
ball in the air and catch it you can’t do that the only time you can throw the
ball in the air and catch it is if you’re going to you know catch it in the
air and shoot that’s one way you can actually do it that is legal even then though you might get some rest
calling you for a double dribble or a self pass will call it so that’s one
other thing you can’t do as far as that goes that you want to keep in mind one
thing to keep in mind though is you can’t dribble with two hands and then
pick the ball with two hands normal you can’t dribble like if you’re
dribbling the basketball you can’t do multiple generals with two hands like
that that’s also technically a double dribble but what you can do is you just
wonderful like that okay and basically a lot of times post players will do this
if they have their back-to-the-basket they’ll turn will take one dribble like
that with both hands counting it down hard and picking up with both hands you
can do one dribble like that but again you can’t dribble dribble dribble pick
the ball up and then do that you can only do it after you caught a pass
called a rebound whatever the case may be and you get one simple where you can
do that and that’s it ok finally let’s talk shooting basically
we’re shooting someone give you some quick tips for your jump shot because
there’s really no way you can kind of break the rules on your shooting as long
as you’re not you know breaking the rules I gave you before it starts
traveling double dribbling all that so just a couple things do things you want
to keep in mind i’m a lefty so i’m gonna show you left-handed but if you’re ready
just flip everything around but generally you want to line up everything
on your shooting hand side so your elbow your wrist your shoulder your hip your
toe on the shooting sidefoot ok you want
those lined up a lot of coaches tend to teach all toes pointed straight to the
basket but if you watch the best shooters is usually a slight turn with
the shooting side foot slightly forward ok so you want to really focus on this
side of the body your shooting hand side making sure all that is lined up ok the other thing you want to focus on
is this other hand your guide hand okay that you don’t want to actually be
pushing the balls of the basket it’s just it’s called your guide hand
for a reason is there to guide the basketball up into shooting position and
then the actual shot flicking your wrist elbow extension all that should happen
with just the shooting arm ok so just like that now if you want more in-depth tips on
shooting make sure you click this link right here that’s going to take you to
one of my youtube videos where i show you some more secrets as far as to take
a shot to the next level some ways to get rid of bad habits and ways them
preacher shooting range or percentage all that so you could be a much better
and more effective shooter so make sure you check that all right so look if you
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drills move breakdowns all the stuff I’m coming with you guys to help you take
your game to the next level and if you haven’t yet click this link right here
that’s five fatal basketball mistakes that most players are making that they
don’t even realize and it’s taking away a bunch of points we came from your
scoring average especially for you guys that are beginners and as well as
advanced players I mean these are things that a lot of
players are doing again that they don’t even realize but if you’re if you’re a
beginner if you can kind of get in the habit of getting rid of these things
begin with it’ll make everything a lot easier for
you but even for you guys that a little more advanced it’s going to help you
uncover some things that you probably didn’t realize you were doing that can
again help you increase that shooting percentage you can click that link
though otherwise it’s the top link in the description down below just click that i will leave it up to
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tips and breakdowns and giving you these are you know the rules helped out and
you know if there’s anything else you want to see from the channel let me know
in the comments down below I get a lot of ideas from you guys in the comments
so that’s the place let me know what else you want to see and if you haven’t
yet share this video with a friend you know maybe have a friend that’s trying
to get started basketball maybe you know that has employed for a while and you know there might be
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you guys can you know use this video kind of as a guideline is things that
you can work out with each other and really help you take your game to the
next level heading a training partner is one of the best ways to take your game
to the next level as always thanks for watching stay tuned for more and get
after your goals today How To Basketball – Basketball Basics

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