How to Be a Blackjack Dealer : Controlling Cards When Dealing Blackjack

How to Be a Blackjack Dealer : Controlling Cards When Dealing Blackjack

Hi. My name is Melissa Powell and I’m with
Expert Village. Now we’re going to talk about
as a Dealer, the control of the cards. It’s
very important that you have absolute control
of the cards physically if you want all the
Players to take you seriously. It’s important
that you have your cards in your left hand
if you’re a right handed Dealer. Now if you’re
left handed, it would be the other way. So,
we’ll have our cards in our left hand since
I’m right handed. You want to push the cards
a little bit with your thumb. Also, when you
start dealing, when you push it with your
thumb you also want to have control of your
wrist so that you snap it exactly where you
want it to land, so that all the cards will
land precisely where you want them to. And
when you spin the card, they land more specifically
where they should. And it’s important that
you practice this so that you don’t overshoot
the cards or undershoot. If you overshoot
the card, it’ll go off the table. So it’s
important that you deal short, but clean.
Control of the cards is really important so
that you don’t overshoot and they fall off
the table, or undershoot and no one knows
whose card that’s supposed to be. You want
to make sure it lands very clearly to each
player so they know whose card is who. Remember,
if you overshoot it, it’s going to go right
off the table. Or if it flips, people are
going to see the card and that’s a misdeal.
So you want to be very careful about control
of the cards. Don’t flip it, don’t over, just
really close on the table and snap your wrist
a little bit so that you deal it precisely
where it should go. You want to make sure
it lands directly in front of the player at
all times. So just keep practicing twisting
your wrist exactly the right level so the
cards land where you want them to all the

23 thoughts on “How to Be a Blackjack Dealer : Controlling Cards When Dealing Blackjack”

  1. EstellaBrown65, I agree with you. This kind of dealing, handling is more for poker dealers not BJ dealers. That is probably why she is demonstrating her skills on a poker table. Oh well, I guess it all matters on the casino you're working at and what they allow, and what they enforce.

  2. Some casinos in vegas, as well as some in Atlantic City still use single deck Blackjack. Most do use a 6 or 8 deck shoe, though. Also, shes not holding the deck low enough to the table. A "spotter" would be all over her to tell a friend how to bet.

  3. Hey your method is work better! "hold the card with your forefinger and thumb, then with your middle finger along the edge of the card, give a little flick" Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow. The incompetence is simply staggering.

    0:39: "… so that all the cards will land precisely where you want them to". Drops a card at her fingertips, picks it up, re-deals it.

    1:15: "You want to make sure it lands very clearly to each player…" Separates two hands that are nearly merged together.

    1:35: Deals completely out of order: 4th player, half-way between 4 and 5, 5th player, 3rd, 2nd, 2nd again, 4th, 4.5th, 5th, 5th again, 3rd, 2nd, 4th, … Maybe the first player left in disgust?

  5. Uh, people… you'll see many BJ tables where the dealers use shoes. These tables typically have 6 or 8 decks. A 1 or 2 deck table is typically dealt by hand (it's called "pitch"), and the cards are dealt face down because the cards are obviously much easier to count, with there being only 2 decks.

  6. @Jas0n39er FYI: Blackjack originally was dealt by hand. Today you'll find both shoe and hand dealt games, the later is called "Pitch". Blackjack dealt from a shoe originated in Cuba. She can't deal worth a damn but it's still blackjack. Oh, and the term "Double Down" comes from the fact that when playing "Pitch", where the player's first two cards are face down, if you wish to double your bet you turn your cards face UP, the hit is face down. Get it?

  7. @xmoofiebabyx So do I (two, four, six, and eight decks). This is "Pitch", and is the original way blackjack was dealt. She is a terrible dealer though.

  8. I love how she bends the living hell outta the cards… now they look like a bunch of pringles!

    Maybe next time get an actual dealer that can actually deal.

  9. Not meaning to be picky but if she is a dealer she should be holding the cards in dealers grip were in this video she is holding them in a very poor mechanics grip

  10. hahahaha I've been 2 days in a dealer school and I can make a better of How be a BJ dealer tutorial, this video must be burned and then deleted

  11. I'm a Blackjack Dealer and I can NOT believe this woman! Yes we deal from our hand and pitch with our middle finger. WE DO NOT MOVE our wrist! This lady is stupid and an awful dealer! She has ZERO card protection!

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