How To BOOST FPS in ALL Games! (2018) 🎮 Make Your PC FASTER!

How To BOOST FPS in ALL Games! (2018) 🎮 Make Your PC FASTER!

You watch good guys. I’m the Epic Guy welcome to a new video and guys I hope you enjoyed that cool intro right there And if you want more intros like that be sure to hit that like button down below so that apart, today’s video topic is how to increase or boost your FPS on a Medium spec PC yes guys you heard it right medium Spec PC. If you’re trying to run games on low settings, and you think your PC can handle it pretty well and Your PC is still not giving you proper frames This is this video is going to help you So guys support this video by leaving a like down below and support this channel by subscribing It really helps me a lot and with that being said let’s begin with the cool tutorial So guys let’s begin with this video now There are a few ways which you can increase your FPS and first of all I’m going to start with installing third-party applications So you can install CCleaner from the link in the description below and just install it and run it and this is pretty Useful you know I just cleaned two gigabytes of junk files from my PC It just cleans your junk files which can be helpful in gaming now I am going to minimize this and the third-party applications. There are two third-party applications, which I’m going to show at the end and Now just to be sure that if CC cleaner doesn’t clean your you know Recycle, bin you can go to your recycle bin right click it and click on empty recycle bin So once you have deleted all the files and now you can go ahead and proceed to the next step now go to file manager Click on this PC and right click on local disk C or wherever your Windows is installed Right click it click on properties, and you will see this option right here Which says disk cleanup just click on disk cleanup And you will see all the temporary / junk files from your computer Well, we don’t have that much files because we just used the CC cleaner and we emptied the recycle recycle bin as well so we have just junk files of like 69 MB And I’m just going to click on ok to clean these files so this can take up to few seconds or few hours if you have a lot of junk files and Yeah, just can see this cleanup is pretty much done and now we’re going to make changes to Windows now go to your control panel or right-click on this PC click on properties and This window will open now you see your windows settings and all the information right here on the left hand side you will see Advanced system settings click on that now you will see performance you know visual effects Processor scheduling memory usage and virtual memory just click on settings and you will see four options Now set it on adjust for best performance if you don’t care about about how the windows looks and guys This method for old PC really works I have I like my PC is like six seven months old and I used this and it just Boosted my FPS now we have all the points covered up, and these are just the basic points You know you see these or these points all in other videos, but today I’m going to show you another basic point or a advanced point which is locking your framerate at a particular frame Now let’s say you want to play at 60fps, and you know your PC can play at 60fps So you don’t know how you can get it to fix or what so there are third-party applications which can help you to do that so one of them is grave at you know server and This helps you to fix your framerate at a particular frame, and I’m just gonna download it really quickly So guys I have install driver tuner server and now this is how it looks so you can just adjust where you want the framerate to be and Here’s the option where you can lock the frame it So I’m you can just select 50 you can even select 30 frame rate if you want to you can select 55 45 whatever you want to but just don’t make it like 100 Because if your PC is not able to handle that frame rate your PC will overheat, and this is bad So just make it like 60 or 75 or at at least 144 not more than that if your PC can handle it so the second program Which does the same thing is the DX story now install DX story all the links will be given in the description below? I’m just gonna install it pretty quickly as you can see here Just click on OK except this Next create a desktop I can install So it’s gonna be done in a few minutes or seconds depending on the speed of your computer so guys I have installed the X Torre And I’m just going to open it so you will be proceeded to this window when you open the software But what you need to do you need to go to this motherboard icon? Which says advanced or whatever this stands for and you will see the other options under the other option? You will see limit video fps click that and just set it to like 45 60 as you know whatever So that’s about this video guys I hope you enjoyed and let’s benchmark a few games right now and also guys if you enjoy the benchmark So guys that’s about this video. I hope you enjoyed this was a pretty quick tutorial, and if you want a benchmark So thanks for watching guys so – thanks for so thanks for watching this video guys I hope you enjoyed a lot and if you enjoyed be sure to smash that like button and also subscribe to my channel for more amazing videos like this and I’m the epic guy, and I’m signing on yea OMG I did it all again Had to prove it to myself this time took a shot and got another win better than anyone else with mine Not a wanna do it like me who the shit his life. He we booming. Yeah, rumors are flying everyone assuming Yes, I’ll just a game of truth, or dare luckily. I got it all covered ooh boy. You should see the projection

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  1. once upon a time, this guy was sitting right next to me and we both were trying to run GTA 5 on my old PC….

    I suggested to run CCleaner first and he suggested not doing it, I is not going to make a difference…..


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