How to Bring Your A Game to a Job Interview

How to Bring Your A Game to a Job Interview

Hello, I’m Thom Fox and welcome to personal
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Looking for a job is stressful and standing
out among the crowd can be challenging.
I recently read an article by Angela Lussier,
vice president of BestHire, describing how
to find the perfect employee.
in her article, Angela describes the 0-question
interview which encourages applicants to bring
something that represents them to the interview
and to be prepared to describe why that item
was chosen.
The exercise allows interviewers to gauge
the Canada’s tolerance for risk, problem solving
skills, creativity, initiative, thoughtfulness,
and follow-through.
While you may not come across its interview
style often, you can use the concept in almost
any interview setting.
What’s important to you?
How does that passion apply to the workplace?
What innovative way can emphasize what sets
you apart from other candidates?
All great questions to get your creative juices
Remember, interviews are about getting to
know someone.
Too often, interview is focused on what you’ve
achieved and not the traits you possess.
For instance, Angela describes an interview
with a candidate brought in a pair of muddy
hiking boots.
He explained that his life is about the journey
and not the destination, he continued by offering
life is messy and the most important lessons
we learn are from our failures not our successes.
She hired him on the spot.
I’m not saying to bring in a muddy pair of
boots to your next interview, but it would
encourage you to develop an innovative approach
depicting your strengths and personal philosophy.
There is no better way to stand out then providing
unfiltered insight into your individuality.
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  1. I'm not sure if this video is for job seekers or the businesses doing the hiring. It seems to me it's the companies who need to see this video. They're the ones who too often seem unsure of what they're really looking for in a candidate. Most would simply say "wow, what a whack job" and not think twice about rejecting the guy who brought the hiking boots to an interview.

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