How to Butcher and Cook Wild Rabbit

How to Butcher and Cook Wild Rabbit

100 thoughts on “How to Butcher and Cook Wild Rabbit”

  1. In the thumbnail you have a dead rabbit sitting on the kitchen table. . No Wonder You're approaching 2000 thumbs down…lol…

  2. Imagine if u thought u killed the rabbit but only knocked it out and it woke up while you were removing it’s skin from it’s asshole. LOL.

  3. Well I guess that's one way to skin a rabbit… a lot of people don't realize that you don't even need a knife to do it, it's that easy.

  4. Good vid slightly ruined by too loud background music and jerky camera work.
    Other than that though, enjoyable.

  5. North European Fomunda, sitting on a gold mine! (well actually a cheeze mine but Parm is pricey so it could be construed)…
    Great presentation, Thanks.

  6. shit you killed it and you don't use all of it? I don't mind you hunt but you have to use all of it. not just the fillet. idiot

  7. The editing of the actual skinning/butchering could have been done better. It was choppy, rushed and poorly narrated. Give me more details!

  8. "now basically, cut off the asshole"
    that is one thing I'd never expect to hear from a cooking video.

  9. Same dude calling people pussies, touting the "guns" in their kitchen. That's a pellet rifle bro. That's like snorting pixie sticks and bragging how hard you party. Lol calm down hard ass

  10. Here's how we catch rabbits. Hopefully be taking my young boys this winter. Please watch my videos. But don't if you don't want to see rabbits being killed.

  11. In Texas, we just skin the rabbit and cook it over the fire along with some rattlesnake. If we're lucky we'll have some beans, chili and tortillas.

  12. I see all these great cooking videos . But I don’t own any of these fire grills they be having I need a way to cook in the kitchen

  13. These pseudo-survivalist queers are pissing me off. Next they'll claim you can forage for Starbucks and vape pens.

  14. and your wife lets you play with her vagina still, after fisting that rabbit with all that shit stuck up in your finger nails n shit? gross

  15. This dude really made a mess of skinning that bunny. He was on the right track lopping the legs off but it all went downhill from there.

  16. This guy seems like a prick. I really don’t care about the rabbit but this guy is just so pretentious about his manly school of foraging and stuff , only to use stuff from the market and do a sloppy job cleaning the rabbit.

  17. Why do all…ALL! Chefs say stuff like.: “now, with this particular meat(any & every meat) we’re just gonna add ‘salt & pepper’ “…!?
    As if that’s not self evident and completely UNORIGINAL!
    Why not showing/trying something a little less “tame”…ESPECIALLY with “wild” meats⁉️ 🤷🏿‍♂️

  18. That to me looks like undercooked rabbit. I don't know about you, but any wild rabbit, bear, etc. has to be cooked to prevent disease.

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