How to collect Mad Skeleton and Butchers Mask in Free Fire|| Clashy Point

How to collect Mad Skeleton and Butchers Mask in Free Fire|| Clashy Point

Intro intro so hello freids welcome to this
video in this today video I am going to tell you that how you can play this new event rwhich
is Rampage token Exchange so after telling about this video if your new to this channel
so the subscribe this channel and press the bell icon to get notified so plz do this so
let’s talk about this event so here in event you can check a event on rampage and here
event who’s name is Rampage token Exchange so here you can see mad skeleton mask so let
it go at first we will talk about its timing the timing of this event for 10 to 18 June
at you can see how many skeleton mask and Butchers Mask you need to get this all this
and first is like pine tree and second which name is butcher mask you can collect it how
you can collect you know in the end of video so keep watching so when you get 6 butchers
mask you will get gun loot box when you do am again 6 mask you will get again gun box
and here repeated box we have in this event which is nonsense and why you aegiving one
this again& again so when you do 20 skeleton mask then you get surf board and when you
15 mad skeleton and 30 butchers mask and the you get.emote which is of cut off so now let’s
see how to collect this mad skeleton and butchers mask so here is when you kill a person in
any match and check killed person loot crate and then you get mad skeleton mask and butchers
will be available on 15. June and on 15 June you will get butchers mask in loot crate so
this the today video and I will see you in next video and bye subscribe and press bell

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  2. Bhai simple me 26 kill kiye or 26 skeleton mask mile kese har loot crate me Mile ga nahi ki kuch kuch mile gayi

  3. 01:43 Bhai yeh Garena walo ki pagal panti nahi hai. Unhone hume Spas 12, MP5 aur Golden M60 ki skin de rakhi hai…


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